The Norman Transcript

January 12, 2013

Late incident mars North victory

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — The final moments of Norman North’s 49-38 victory were marred by an incident that could have repercussions for Edmond Memorial’s Andee Decker.

Inside the final minute, when Memorial was content to send the Timberwolves to the foul line, three Bulldogs surrounded North point guard Bri Kuestersteffen, who twisted and turned trying to maintain possession of the ball. A foul was called and about two seconds later, Decker found Kuestersteffen, got in her face and said, according to Kuestersteffen, “If you mess with my sister, I’ll come after you.”

Kasey Decker is also a Memorial player. Several on press row, maybe 10 feet away, watched Andee Decker confront Kuestersteffen, though nobody heard what was said.

As the game ended, Kuestersteffen said, Andee Decker, from behind, swung around Kuestersteffen’s head with a punch to her right eye. Kuestersteffen said she asked one of the referees, “Did you see that?,” only to have the official say, “’The game’s over.’”

As the two teams went through the handshake line. Kuestersteffen was one of the last T-Wolves to shake hands with Memorial coach Dandy Peeler. Kuestersteffen said Peeler said to her, “’I’m so sorry. I’ll deal with it.’”

— Clay Horning

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