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February 25, 2013

County crews stand ready to clear roads

By Joy Hampton
The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Cleveland County Commissioners are prepared for road maintenance throughout the coming snow event. Commissioners said they have split work crews into shifts and will clear roads around the clock. Major collector streets will be cleared first.

Commissioners discussed the possibility of closing the courthouse in the morning if the roads are bad. That decision will be made with input from Cleveland County Emergency Manager Dan Cary who is finishing out his time before retirement this week.

District 1 County Commissioner Rod Cleveland said his crews will clear Choctaw Road, Harrah-Newalla Road, Anderson Road and 149th Avenue as his top priorities.

“Those are our classified snow routes,” he said.

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation and each municipality also has assigned high priority routes to clear first.

Commissioner Darry Stacy, District 2, said his crews will grade and a lay a sand-salt mixture as needed around the clock.

“The last couple of days, we’ve staged our equipment at predetermined locations,” Stacy said.

That preparation and staging will allow road crews to attack problem areas and major thoroughfares quickly.

D3 Commissioner Rusty Sullivan whose district includes the western corridor of Cleveland County said he has been preparing for winter road work since the summer when he began stockpiling sand, but he’s hoping the worst of the storm will miss Cleveland County.

“Ground temperature is way up, so hopefully, if there is a short event, it will be a non-event,” he said.

Still, he warned that freezing overnight temperatures can create slick spots.

“One of the biggest problems is black ice,” he said.

Sullivan also uses a sand-salt mixture to treat roads.

“Mine is the majority sand,” he said. “I can harvest my sand for free, so I’ll do a lot of sand.”

Sand is also easier on the trucks he said.

Stacy reminded people to fill gas tanks and to keep warm clothing in vehicles if they must be out during the storm.

Joy Hampton



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