The Norman Transcript

August 11, 2013

real estate transactions

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Seller(s): Le, Ly and Nguyen, Phuong T.; Buyer(s): Adams, Jack R. and Carole M.; Amount: $151,000; Briarwood Creek 05 Blk 11-13; Lot 4; Block13

Seller(s): Rey, David Isaac and Susanna; Buyer(s): Pearson, Nadine L.; Amount: $182,000; Creeks At Wimberley Add 01 Final Plat; Lot 3; Block1

Seller(s): Conner, Doyle W. and Markeitta Ann; Buyer(s): Breeden, Gary D. and Deborah; Amount: $120,000; Baers Westmore Add 05 Blk 20-26; Lot 3A; Block23

Seller(s): Alexander, Robert Scott and Laronda; Buyer(s): Davies, Lindsey and Culpepper, Jerri L.; Amount: $158,000; STR: 13-8N-1E; Descript: E NE SW

Seller(s): Smith, Charles Norman AKA Charles N, DBA and Rebecca Ann Smith; Buyer(s): Griffin, Patrick S.; Amount: $225,000; College Manor Add Blk 01-13; Lot 10; Block12

Seller(s): Goodwin, William H., AKA and Melinda, Goodwin, William, AKA; Buyer(s): Howard, Timothy David; Amount: $118,000; Parkside 01 Add Blk 01-02; Lot 1; Block2

Seller(s): Bookout, Jeremiah Stephen, AKA and Lindsey, Bookout, Jerry, AKA, Bookout, Jerry Gene, II AKA; Buyer(s): Smith, Patsy Y.; Amount: $114,000; Meadow Lake Add 03 Phase 02 (Replat Blk 8,10,11,12); Lot 26; Block11

Seller(s): Chase Homes Ltd.; Buyer(s): Stansberry, Randall A. and Diane C.; Amount: $274,000; Cascade Est PUD 07; Lot 10; Block1

Seller(s): Kinder, Jennifer K., AKA Kinder-Taylor, Jennifer K., AKA Taylor, Curtis; Buyer(s): Lord, Thomas W. and Jeanette K.; Amount: $164,000; Stone Meadows South 04; Lot 10; Block26

Seller(s): Mancini Vincent and Doral J. Revocable Trust, August 19 2011, Mancini, Vincent and Doral J.; Buyer(s): R & R Land Development LLC; Amount: $589,960; STR: 30-10N-2W; Bounds: Part; Descript: NE

Seller(s): Colony Homes LLC, FKA Colony Homes Inc.; Buyer(s): Vardasebi, Ali M.; Amount: $135,990; Apple Valley 08 (Blk 14-17); Lot 12; Block15

Seller(s): Baker, Anthony P. and Paulette; Buyer(s): Creveling, David F. II and Dolph, Julie A.; Amount: $155,000; Indian Hills Estates 00 Blk 01-05; Lot 4; Block3

Seller(s): Harvest Homes Properties LLC; Buyer(s): Murphy, Casey and Lindsi; Amount: $189,900; Brentwood Addition; Lot 16; Block1

Seller(s): Farzaneh Properties LLC, FKA Farzaneh Properties Inc.; Buyer(s): Jangha, Gladys; Amount: $149,157; Deerfield Addition 06; Lot 3; Block1

Seller(s): Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association, AKA by Attorney In Fact; Buyer(s): Watkins, Kevin E.; Amount: $355,000; Arbor Lake Add 03; Lot 5; Block2

Seller(s): Teague, Shawn A. and Heidi E.; Buyer(s): Walker, Mark K. and Susan; Amount: $131,700; Ranchwood Manor 03 Blk 01-08; Lot 7; Block2; Bounds: Part; Ranchwood Manor 03 Blk 01-08; Lot 8; Block2; Bounds: Part

Seller(s): Jeffries, Matlock; Buyer(s): Hembree, Michael P.; Amount: $125,000; Regency Park 02 Blk 13-22(pt.Blk13); Lot 2; Block16

Seller(s): Runolfsson, Thordur and Xue, Yuzhen; Buyer(s): Deberry, James Vincent and Kym B.; Amount: $279,900; West Add Blk 01, A; Lot 2; Block1

Seller(s): 89th & Bryant LLC; Buyer(s): James, Stacey; Amount: $150,047; Bryant Place 01 (Blk 1-6); Lot 7; Block2

Seller(s): 89th & Bryant LLC; Buyer(s): Miller, Matthew L.; Amount: $144,257; Bryant Place 01 (Blk 1-6); Lot 9; Block4

Seller(s): Everett, Brent R. and Dana L.; Buyer(s): Moses, Amos N. Jr; Amount: $117,000; Morningside Add Blk 01-09 (Norman); Lot 9; Block3

Seller(s): Flores, Austin L. and Jennifer L.; Buyer(s): Cummns, Patricia L.; Amount: $162,500; Greenleaf Trails Add 02 (Blk 1-4); Lot 6; Block1

Seller(s): Olde World Homes Inc.; Buyer(s): Siano, Joseph Nicholoas and Tompkins-Siano, Lynne; Amount: $136,000; Bungalows At Woods Row; Lot 2; Block1

Seller(s): Diamond Homes Inc.; Buyer(s): Nichol, Jonathan and Andrea; Amount: $226,900; Summit Lakes Add 10; Lot 13; Block1

Seller(s): A-List Construction Inc.; Buyer(s): Decher, Matthew R.; Amount: $197,000; Brentwood Addition; Lot 23; Block1

Seller(s): Baer Hall Homes Corp; Buyer(s): Brazier, Paul D.; Amount: $279,500; Talavera Section 4 (Blk 28-33); Lot 7; Block30

Seller(s): Brummal, Lacy Desiree; Buyer(s): Paul, Tabitha K.; Amount: $194,000; Rock Creek 02; Lot 10; Block5

Seller(s): Jackson, Phillip W. and Judith; Buyer(s): Carrillo, Huetzin Gerardo Rodriguez and Brosam, Mandeline E.; Amount: $210,000; Lakeridge Run 02 Blk 01-05; Lot 25; Block2

Seller(s): Cunningham, Vance and Monica J., FKA and Burris-Harding, Monica J.; Buyer(s): SC Holdings Series LLC-Series X; Amount: $158,500; Country Place Add 05 (Blks 15-21); Lot 4; Block21

Seller(s): Couger, Tyrel S. and Brandi; Buyer(s): Prewitt, Kyler Z. and Jessie N.; Amount: $123,000; South Harbor Add 05 Blks 16-19; Lot 6; Block18

Seller(s): Jones, Jordan T. and Darcy J.; Buyer(s): Beam, Phillip; Amount: $159,000; Apple Valley 07; Lot 20; Block1

Seller(s): Chlouber, Keith V. and Shannon M.; Buyer(s): Gasaway, Courtney; Amount: $205,000; Village Green Blk 01-12; Lot 23; Block11

Seller(s): McKenzie, Michael S. and Amanda R.; Buyer(s): Cordell, Wesley J.; Amount: $170,000; Meadow Run 3rd Add; Lot 5; Block11

Seller(s): Sollenberger Family Trust; Buyer(s): Leonard, Mark A.; Amount: $146,500; Wingspread Add 04 Blk 18-20; Lot 11; Block18

Seller(s): Harris, Gerald D. and Beverly K.; Buyer(s): Bloss, Kyle A. and Olivia M. and Bloss, Kevin S. and Kristin; Amount: $137,000; High Meadows Add 04 Blk 11-17; Lot 1; Block15

Seller(s): Lackey, Heather M.; Buyer(s): Lamb, Devlin Ray; Amount: $135,000; Stone Meadows Est 01 Blk 01-08, A; Lot 2; Block4

Seller(s): Pritchard, Jim and Jeannie; Buyer(s): Mulugeta, Abiyou and Temesgen, Betelehem; Amount: $122,000; Colonial Estates 15 PUD; Lot 15; Block2

Seller(s): Tatum Custom Homes LLC; Buyer(s): Leon, Christopher P. and Michelle D.; Amount: $230,152; Talavera Section 4 (Blk 28-33); Lot 14; Block28

Seller(s): Farzaneh Properties LLC, Successor Farzaneh Properites Inc.; Buyer(s): Orum, Pamela L.; Amount: $133,355; Deerfield Addition 06; Lot 7; Block4

Seller(s): Sooner Traditions LLC; Buyer(s): Crook, Jordan L.; Amount: $196,224; Belmar North 01 (Blk 1-6); Lot 1; Block2

Seller(s): Ideal Homes Of Norman L P; Buyer(s): Simon, Jarred and Sidney E.; Amount: $199,071; Greenleaf Trails Add 04 (Blk 1-4); Lot 7; Block3

Seller(s): Yates, Stuart and Natasha Mane; Buyer(s): Ortiz, Jocelyn K.; Amount: $130,000; Baers Westmore Add 05 Blk 20-26; Lot 6A; Block21

Seller(s): STK Financials LLC; Buyer(s): Fox, Jon and Amber Annette; Amount: $237,990; Rio Toscano 02 (Blk 8-12); Lot 23; Block10

Seller(s): Highlands LLC; Buyer(s): Doescher, Cassidy Beeman; Amount: $272,000; St James Park 03 (Blks 1-5, Common Areas A-K); Lot 4; Block1

Seller(s): Westpoint Group LLC; Buyer(s): Mahmudi, Hamed; Amount: $299,500; Cascade Est PUD 07; Lot 15; Block3

Seller(s): Scarbrough, Judith; Buyer(s): Gallup, Robert and J. Sue; Amount: $136,000; Deerfield Addition 06; Lot 7; Block2

Seller(s): Gossard, Andrea; Buyer(s): Hart, Matthew Ryan; Amount: $175,000; Lake Woods Sec. 04 (Blks 10-13); Lot 9; Block10

Seller(s): Roy, Johnny R., AKA and Sandy L., Roy, Johnny B., AKA; Buyer(s): Walker, Aja A.; Amount: $424,000; Waggoners, TR Add 01st; Lot 1; Block22; Bounds: N/2; Waggoners, TR Add 01st; Lot 2; Block22; Bounds: N/2; Waggoners, TR Add 01st; Lot 3; Block22; Bounds: N/2

Seller(s): Johnson, Kyle Steven and Wendy G.; Buyer(s): Woods, Jerry LeRoy and Linda Kay; Amount: $149,500; Woodlake Estates 01 Blk 01-02; Lot 11; Block2

Seller(s): Remien, Gregory Scott and Stephanie Rempe, AKA Rempe, Stephanie, AKA; Buyer(s): Colbert, Matthew R.; Amount: $182,000; Summit Lakes Add 03 Blks 1-2, A-F; Lot 5; Block1

Seller(s): Godwin, Judy A.; Buyer(s): Marcum, Monty Glenn; Amount: $122,500; Hollywood Add Blk 01-03, A; Lot 26; Block2

Seller(s): Delacluyse, Anthony R. and Leanne W.; Buyer(s): Delacluyse, Gray R.; Amount: $120,000; Westland Add Blk 01-12; Lot 11; Block4; Bounds: Less west 4 ft

Seller(s): Jordan, Albert Edward and Kathryn M.; Buyer(s): 2465 Smalley Circle LLC; Amount: $108,385; Meadowood Estates Add Blk 01-07; Lot 17; Block2

Seller(s): Scott Willie Lee Trust, April 5 2000; Buyer(s): Cornelius, Terry L. and Melanie A.; Amount: $141,000; Fiddlers Green at The Trails 01Blk 01 (A-F); Lot 18; Block1

Seller(s): Benner, Mark R.; Buyer(s): Rose, Richard Allen; Amount: $157,500; Prairie Creek Add 03 Blk 01-06; Lot 19; Block3

Seller(s): Phillips, Deanna T.; Buyer(s): Kernaghan Eugene R. and Dorothy Y. M. Revocable Trust, Inter Vivos; Amount: $117,500; Green Valley Estates 03 Blk 08-14; Lot 12; Block12

Seller(s): Secretary Of Housing and Urban Development; Buyer(s): Freshour, Joseph and Denise; Amount: $272,013; Turtle Lake 01 (Blks 1-3 Common Lot A); Lot 9; Block1

Seller(s): Parks, David Grant and Kristy; Buyer(s): McGinley, Michael Lee and Ashley Nicole; Amount: $159,000; Katie Ridge Add 02 Blks 1-3; Lot 4; Block2

Seller(s): McElroy, Sean; Buyer(s): Harness, Brad and Amanda; Amount: $211,000; Katie Ridge Add 03; Lot 21; Block3

Seller(s): Cedarland Homes LLC; Buyer(s): Le, Jacqueline A.; Amount: $180,000; Williamson Farms Add 02 (Blk 18-21); Lot 17; Block18

Seller(s): Staner, Melanie Ann; Buyer(s): Klimkoski, Crystal L.; Amount: $169,750; Lake Woods Sec. 06 (Blk 16-19); Lot 10; Block19

Seller(s): Colony Homes LLC, FKA Colony Homes Inc.; Buyer(s): Zacharias, Thomas; Amount: $187,922; Park Place Add 06 (Blks 5-8); Lot 9; Block5

Seller(s): Babbitt, Leah M.; Buyer(s): Sluder, Ricky L. and Billie J.; Amount: $120,000; Greenbriar Eastlake Estates 11 Blk 55-60; Lot 21; Block55

Seller(s): Harbor Homes Inc.; Buyer(s): Jones, Mark and Kari E.; Amount: $224,910; Talavera Section 4 (Blk 28-33); Lot 24; Block31

Seller(s): Broom, Christene; Buyer(s): Sharp, Bobby and Anna; Amount: $129,000; Sonoma Park 04 Blk 01-02; Lot 29; Block2

Seller(s): Ideal Homes Of Norman L P; Buyer(s): Frederickson, Eric and Robin J.; Amount: $239,820; Red Canyon Ranch 03 (Blk 1-4); Lot 4; Block1

Seller(s): CC & C LLC; Buyer(s): Tarbutton, Amy Jo and Rhodes, Shannon Dale; Amount: $115,000; Hilltop Heights Lot 01-59; Lot 7; Block9

Seller(s): Bank Of America NA; Buyer(s): Anderson, Robrt and Denise; Amount: $105,000; Gateway Gardens Blk 01-07; Lot 7; Block5

Seller(s): Sooner Traditions LLC; Buyer(s): Hales, Alan K. and Tama L.; Amount: $201,500; Cedar Lane 01; Lot 11; Block2

Seller(s): Winkler, David; Buyer(s): Stephens, Jerry; Amount: $103,000; Meadow Lake Add 03 Phase 02 (Replat Blk 8,10,11,12); Lot 20; Block12

Seller(s): Yoder, Bradley K. and Erin M., AKA Scoggins, Erin M.; Buyer(s): White, Lonnie R.; Amount: $107,000; Mountain Ash Add Blk 01-03; Lot 1; Block3

Seller(s): Porch, Brian Gregory and Michener-Porch, Angela Dawn; Buyer(s): Wynn, Brock D. and Amanda R.; Amount: $241,000; Brookhaven 02 Blk 04-06, 09-11, 13-15, 18-19; Lot 4; Block19; Bounds: Less w 11'

Seller(s): Fox, Matthew Robert and Lindsy A.; Buyer(s): Bramlett, Colby R. and Kristin R.; Amount: $178,500; Woodslawn 02nd Add Blk 01-10 and (Correction and Replats); Lot 16; Block9

Seller(s): Shaver, Timothy A. and Lafonda; Buyer(s): Allison, Lori Ann; Amount: $109,000; Colonial Estates 11th Blk 01 (Original and Replat); Lot 17; Block1

Seller(s): Winn, Arthur W. and Nancy J.; Buyer(s): Shaver, Tim A. and Lafonda; Amount: $218,500; Skyridge Blk 01-06 (Replats included); Lot 15; Block4

Seller(s): Cordell, David Sidney; Buyer(s): Straka, James L. and Sally; Amount: $198,000; Summit Lakes Add 05 Blks 1-3; Lot 18; Block2

Seller(s): Brown, Jeffrey D. and Kenya R.; Buyer(s): Whittington, Richard S.; Amount: $165,000; Greenbriar Kingspark 00 Blk 01-04, 06, 08, 09; Lot 14; Block6

Seller(s): Chickasha Bank & Trust Co; Buyer(s): Biesiadecki, James and Brandi; Amount: $124,000; Mayfield Add 01 Blk 01-07; Lot 44; Block4

Seller(s): Miller, Joshua Kyle and Lori Kathleen; Buyer(s): Strickland, Jason M. and Elizabeth L.; Amount: $171,000; Lake Woods Sec. 04 (Blks 10-13); Lot 16; Block10

Seller(s): Young, DiAnna N.; Buyer(s): Southard, Sarah D.; Amount: $133,500; Southwinds 05 (Blk 44-45); Lot 21B; Block45

Seller(s): Proctor, Scooter Scott and Karen Lynn; Buyer(s): Outland OK Residential LLC; Amount: $141,000; Rolling Hills Estates 02 Blk 05-09; Lot 15; Block8

Seller(s): Rex, Gregory W. and Dana M.; Buyer(s): Vickery, Betty Sue and Bebout, Roxanna; Amount: $400,000; Carrington Place Add 04 Final Plat; Lot 7; Block2

Seller(s): Cates, Gordon T. and Pamela; Buyer(s): Walske, Mark J.; Amount: $259,500; Highland Village Add 03 (Blks 1-4); Lot 5; Block3

Seller(s): Mendez, Johnnatan A. and Yohanna Carolina; Buyer(s): Rideaux, Rodney L.; Amount: $255,000; Carrington Place Add 04 Final Plat; Lot 3A; Block2

Seller(s): Krisa, Edward and Gertrude; Buyer(s): O'Neal, Gary L. and Karen F.; Amount: $132,000; Woodslawn 02nd Add Blk 01-10 and (Correction and Replats); Lot 23; Block10

Seller(s): Malarski, Henry A. and Donna G.; Buyer(s): Byrd, Mark Alan; Amount: $210,000; Summit Lakes Add 02 Blk 01-04,L,M; Lot 8; Block3

Seller(s): Baer, Hester D. and Long, Ryan F.; Buyer(s): Swift, Brenton; Amount: $194,620; Lincoln Add Lot 01-16; Lot 4; Bounds: S 80ft of W/2

Seller(s): Sharpe, Joshua E. and Andrea D.; Buyer(s): Thatcher, Daniel Keith and Randi Lyn; Amount: $215,000; Talavera 03; Lot 5; Block24

Seller(s): Liu, Xifan and Zhou, Jingling; Buyer(s): Haughton-Schmidt, Susan E.; Amount: $180,000; Cambridge Add 05th Blk 01-02 (Blk A-B Open Space); Lot 11; Block1

Seller(s): Bennett Homes LLC; Buyer(s): Miller, Aaron and Samantha A.; Amount: $185,000; Lake Woods Sec. 06 (Blk 16-19); Lot 10; Block17

Seller(s): Green Hill Builders LLC; Buyer(s): Treadway, Jacob Keith and Brooks, Chelisa S.; Amount: $148,059; Tecumseh Meadows Addition 03 (Final Plat); Lot 12; Block1

Seller(s): McLaurin, Kenneth Dujuan Ray and Kristi; Buyer(s): Caskey, Steven and Kelly; Amount: $197,900; Falls, The Sec 02 (Blk 3-6); Lot 18; Block3

Seller(s): Home First Inc.; Buyer(s): Buettner, Ricky D. and Cami S.; Amount: $503,866; Turtle Lake 02 (Blks 4-5); Lot 3; Block4