The Norman Transcript

August 12, 2013

real estate transactions

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Seller(s): Timms, Randy W. and Sarah Anne; Buyer(s): O'Toole, Jack and Amber; Amount: $381,000; STR: 8-10N-4W; Bounds: Part; Descript: SW

Seller(s): Landgraf, Elizabeth W.; Buyer(s): Henrikson, Cynthia Lou; Amount: $135,000; Pennsylvania South 04 Blk 01-05, 07-10; Lot 13; Block2

Seller(s): Jackson, Jimmy D. and Terri G.; Buyer(s): Cade, Frank and Alonda; Amount: $249,000; Greenbriar Pointe 01; Lot 22; Block1

Seller(s): Blevins Linda Kaye Revocable Trust, August 5 2005; Buyer(s): Newsom, John R. and Twolla L. Posey; Amount: $330,500; STR: 26-9N-2W; Bounds: Tract 1 Akerman Acres; Descript: N NW SW NW

Seller(s): Rippee Forest E Living Trust, July 25 2011; Buyer(s): Johnson, Ollie; Amount: $145,000; Crystal Gardens at Greenbriar; Lot 37; Block2

Seller(s): Hazen, Dale R. and Roani I.; Buyer(s): Shephardson, Geraldine; Amount: $145,000; Greenbriar Eastlake Estates 19 Blk 89-90; Lot 21; Block90

Seller(s): Lucy, Robert Frederick; Buyer(s): Guerrero, Daniel R. and Trecia R.; Amount: $136,000; Foxfire 03 Blk 09-13; Lot 1; Block9

Seller(s): Vesta Homes Inc.; Buyer(s): Damron, Jeffrey M. and Kathryn L.; Amount: $202,560; Winfield II Sec 09 (Blks 51-54); Lot 14; Block53

Seller(s): Lemons, Johnny L.; Buyer(s): Seales, Dakota Ryan and Esmeralda; Amount: $108,600; Eastmoor Add Blk 01-29, A-C; Lot 19; Block2

Seller(s): 89th & Bryant LLC; Buyer(s): McMillan, Danny R.; Amount: $148,046; Bryant Place 01 (Blk 1-6); Lot 5; Block2

Seller(s): Duong, Kenny Q. and Vivian N.; Buyer(s): Oden, Doyle D. and Donna K.; Amount: $180,000; Kingsridge 07 Blk 08-10; Lot 5; Block9

Seller(s): Hendrix, Jeffrey G. and Debra L.; Buyer(s): Gathright, Mark A. and Julia L.; Amount: $293,000; Vintage Farms 01; Lot 17; Block2

Seller(s): BDC Elite Homes Inc.; Buyer(s): Osborne, Wesley L.; Amount: $233,000; Williamson Farms Add 03 (Blk 22-25); Lot 1; Block25

Seller(s): Brown, Roger Dale; Buyer(s): Andrews, Brody Allen; Amount: $116,500; Cross Timbers Add 04 Blk 09-11; Lot 2; Block10

Seller(s): Brookfield Custom Homes LLC; Buyer(s): Russell, Brian; Amount: $363,049; Broad Acres 02 Blk 02-06; Lot 11; Block3

Seller(s): Ideal Homes Of Norman L P; Buyer(s): Bruesch, Jackie Ray and Jennifer; Amount: $190,500; Greenleaf Trails Add 03; Lot 7; Block3

Seller(s): Harbor Homes Inc.; Buyer(s): Duncan, Trevor D.; Amount: $192,980; Talavera Section 4 (Blk 28-33); Lot 21; Block28

Seller(s): Reimann-Philipp, Ulrich and Iris; Buyer(s): Schlupp, Ingo B. and Andrea; Amount: $162,500; Sherwood Forest 02 Blk 01-03; Lot 11; Block3; Bounds: Less E 2'

Seller(s): Harbor Homes Inc.; Buyer(s): Troxel, James and Brand, Karen M.; Amount: $211,949; Cedar Lane 01; Lot 18; Block3

Seller(s): Offenbacher, Roger Alan and Sue Ann, FKA Hurst, Sue Ann; Buyer(s): Adams, Christopher S. and Julie Ann; Amount: $144,000; Summit Ridge Add 01 (Blks 1-4); Lot 3; Block1

Seller(s): Craig, Albert Jay and Stevi Dawn; Buyer(s): Hutson, Glen and Kimberly; Amount: $499,000; Cedar Lake Est Blk 01-03, Common Area A-B; Lot 6; Block1

Seller(s): Pyle Lowell E Revocable Trust, May 20 1998; Buyer(s): Peepers, Paul J.; Amount: $305,000; STR: 2-9N-2W; Bounds: Tract; Descript: SW

Seller(s): Willmon, Marjorie; Buyer(s): Kenyon, Melvalene; Amount: $160,000; Crystal Gardens at Greenbriar; Lot 19; Block2

Seller(s): Jeffers, Frank Phillip Jr. and Kathy Lynn; Buyer(s): Complete Home Rentals LLC; Amount: $400,000; High School 3rd Add Blk 01-08; Block6; Bounds: E 125 ft/W 125 ft of the E 250 ft/N 60 ft of the E 125 ft/W 125 ft to the E 750 ft/N 60 ft of the W 125 ft of the E 750 ft

Seller(s): Cook, Darren and Shelly; Buyer(s): Hooper Rentals LLC; Amount: $220,000; Ross Add Blk 01-03; Lot 19; Block1

Seller(s): Ice, Stefan; Buyer(s): Logan, Laurie; Amount: $119,000; Meadow Park 02 Blk 01-03 and Corr Copy; Lot 4; Block1; Bounds: S 37'; Meadow Park 02 Blk 01-03 and Corr Copy; Lot 5; Block1; Bounds: N 27'

Seller(s): Bauer, Brian Jacob and Kristin Joy; Buyer(s): Criswell, Cody P. and Ellory B.; Amount: $250,000; River Oaks 01 Blk 01-07; Lot 13; Block1

Seller(s): Swafford, William D. and Joan M.; Buyer(s): Shahbandeh, Borik and Sonja M.; Amount: $172,000; Edgemere Add 00 Blk 01-03; Lot 5; Block3

Seller(s): Dikeman, Kris W. and Bridgett F., AKA Dikeman, Bridget F.; Buyer(s): Hall, Rodney R. and Catherine A.; Amount: $155,500; Fuzzells 02 and Replat Blk 01-09; Lot 10; Block3

Seller(s): Said, Nazir A. M., AKA Said, N. A. M. and Khaiyum, Yasmine I., AKA Izath, K. Yasmine; Buyer(s): Jaques, Matthew R. and Kara L.; Amount: $154,900; Park Place Add 05 Blk 01-04; Lot 5; Block2

Seller(s): Brady, Larry D. and Dannel; Buyer(s): Wiechec, Anthony W.; Amount: $123,000; STR: 23-9N-1W; Bounds: Tract 18 Round Tree; Descript: NW

Seller(s): Cook, Mary E.; Buyer(s): Sergent, Dean and Amy A.; Amount: $177,500; Smoking Oaks South 00 Blk 01-02; Lot 16; Block1

Seller(s): Stacey Richard and Christine Rev Trst; Buyer(s): Fleming Properties LLC OK; Amount: $739,000; Shadowlake Office Park 01; Lot A; Block10101

Seller(s): Sooner Inc..; Buyer(s): Thatcher, James M. and Burleson-Thatcher, Jennifer L.; Amount: $164,000; Hall Park 03 Blk 04-16; Lot 1; Block9

Seller(s): Minei, Elizabeth M.; Buyer(s): Kerr, James; Amount: $148,500; Shadowlake Add 05 C D and E; Lot 20; Block3

Seller(s): Johnson, Jane C.; Buyer(s): Fraizier, Stewart D.; Amount: $135,000; Deerfield Addition 05 Final Plat; Lot 4; Block1

Seller(s): Willingham, Richard and Cassandra; Buyer(s): Chance, Gerald W.; Amount: $140,000; Ranchwood Manor 03 Blk 01-08; Lot 36; Block1

Seller(s): Speer Carolyn A. Liv Rev Trst, 5-4-1995; Buyer(s): Vickers, Stephen H. and Suna C.; Amount: $235,000; Brookhaven 20 Blk 01-06; Lot 3; Block5

Seller(s): Green Hill Builders LLC; Buyer(s): Hanlin, Zachary Daniel and Ashley Elizabeth; Amount: $147,729; Tecumseh Meadows Addition 03 (Final Plat); Lot 1; Block1

Seller(s): Tabb, Wilson Bennett, by Attorney In Fact; Buyer(s): Campbell, Darrell D. III; Amount: $162,000; Eagle Cliff Add 11 Blk 01-05; Lot 12; Block1

Seller(s): Graff, Michael and Heather L.; Buyer(s): Henderson, Jessica K.; Amount: $177,500; Colonial Estates South 02 Blk 01-06; Lot 1; Block4

Seller(s): Paul, Corey and Jammie Hill Lashell; Buyer(s): McCartney, Shirley F.; Amount: $128,000; Quail Ridge 06 Blk 01-03; Lot 16; Block2

Seller(s): Ideal Homes Of Norman L P; Buyer(s): Alca, Jose A. and Lindsay M.; Amount: $189,419; Greenleaf Trails Add 05; Lot 4; Block2

Seller(s): Federal National Mortgage Association; Buyer(s): Whitaker, Zachariah and Whitaker, Brennon; Amount: $133,000; Cobblestone West Blk 1; Lot 17; Block1

Seller(s): Cecil, Mary L.; Buyer(s): Black, Jessica E.; Amount: $129,900; Woodcrest Estates 06 Blk 09-11; Lot 2; Block11

Seller(s): Lohman Investments LLC; Buyer(s): Glenn, Julie Marie; Amount: $114,000; Cottonwood Creek (Lots 1-7); Lot 4

Seller(s): Nunes, Kevin D. and Lisa M.; Buyer(s): Mason, Adam and Nita; Amount: $420,000; Olde Stonebridge Add 03 Replat Blk 01; Lot 2; Block1; Bounds: Part; Olde Stonebridge Add 01 Blk 01-02,Lot A; Lot 3; Block1; Bounds: Part

Seller(s): Nail, Bob L. and Wilma Jean; Buyer(s): Beck, Neal and Nevena; Amount: $120,000; Ranchwood Manor 04 Blk 03-04; Lot 17; Block3

Seller(s): Colony Homes LLC, AKA Colony Homes Inc.; Buyer(s): Gray, Dorian and Casey; Amount: $174,528; Apple Valley 08 (Blk 14-17); Lot 21; Block16

Seller(s): Colony Homes LLC, AKA Colony Homes Inc.; Buyer(s): Wicks, Justin Stanley; Amount: $181,672; Park Place Add 07 (Blk 1 and 2); Lot 21; Block1

Seller(s): Chappell, Eskell and Reba B.; Buyer(s): McElhiney, Carl Vernon and Wanda Sue; Amount: $100,000; STR: 10-9N-1W; Descript: E NE NW NW

Seller(s): COMCO LLC; Buyer(s): Goodwill Industries Of Central Oklahoma Inc.; Amount: $775,250; Murdock Village Add (Replat Part Normandy Acres 1); Lot 2A; Block1

Seller(s): Taylor, Joel; Buyer(s): Cranford, Anita B.; Amount: $237,000; STR: 16-9N-3W; Descript: NW

Seller(s): Clayton, Carl L.; Buyer(s): River Bottom Wholesale Nursery Inc.; Amount: $200,000; STR: 11-10N-4W; Bounds: Part; Descript: SE

Seller(s): Colony Homes LLC, AKA Colony Homes Inc.; Buyer(s): Rodgers, Angela J.; Amount: $162,949; Apple Valley 08 (Blk 14-17); Lot 18; Block16

Seller(s): Burgess, Alan W. and Elizabeth A.; Buyer(s): Johnson, Daniel Ryan and Kyra; Amount: $174,000; Eagle Cliff South Add 01; Lot 11; Block4

Seller(s): Stonewall Homes LLC; Buyer(s): Anderson, Donald Wayne and Melissa Diane; Amount: $307,300; Highland Village Add 06 (Blk 1-5); Lot 1; Block5

Seller(s): Martin, Brandon L. and Lindsey F.; Buyer(s): Nguyen, Kim Hue, Nga Van; Amount: $215,000; Summit Lakes Add 09; Lot 2; Block2

Seller(s): Harbor Homes Inc.; Buyer(s): Alexander, Robert S. and Laronda K.; Amount: $259,982; Summit Lakes Add 09; Lot 17; Block1

Seller(s): Taber Built Homes LLC; Buyer(s): Massucci, Kevin Lee; Amount: $229,790; Rock Creek 06 and (Replat 16 and 17 Blk 8 and 16 Blk 11Rock Creek 5); Lot 14; Block4

Seller(s): Graham Properties Investments LLC; Buyer(s): Golden Four LLC; Amount: $174,400; Dycus Subdivision Blk 01-02; Lot 1; Block2; Bounds: Part; Dycus Subdivision Blk 01-02; Lot 2; Block2; Bounds: Part

Seller(s): GE Capital Franchise Finance Corp; Buyer(s): TJ Holdings L L P; Amount: $1,217,999; City of Moore Center 02 Lot 01-12; Block1; Bounds: Part

Seller(s): BMO Harris Bank, Successor by Merger M I Bank; Buyer(s): Orahood, Charles D. and Sheryl L.; Amount: $120,000; Prairie Creek Add 03 Blk 01-06; Lot 9; Block3

Seller(s): Geffre, Billie Jo, AKA Bellarosa, Juliana G.; Buyer(s): Seda, Roberto L. and Rebecca D.; Amount: $300,500; Fountains The Blk 01-15 Common Lot A-G; Lot 14; Block10

Seller(s): Gatchell, Diana K.; Buyer(s): O'Clair, Garrett; Amount: $152,900; Roka Estates Blk 01-02; ; Lot 1; Block1

Seller(s): Saunders, Jordan and Kasey; Buyer(s): Davis, Joshua G.; Amount: $108,500; Baers Westmore Add 01 Blk 01-07 (Original and Amended); Lot 34A; Block1

Seller(s): Alexander, Otis Glen and Courtney, Vera E.; Buyer(s): Gotta Havit Now LLC; Amount: $181,000; Tuscany Court Addition Blk 1; Lot 8; Block1

Seller(s): Fears, John G. and Judith N.; Buyer(s): Buchanan, Travis W. and Lauretta M.; Amount: $510,000; Hunt Club, The; Lot 11

Seller(s): Minnix, Bradly Kyle and Jessica N.; Buyer(s): Wood, Joshua Richard and Misty Dawn; Amount: $183,000; St James Park 01 Add Blk 01-05; Lot 1; Block3

Seller(s): Musgrove, Nicholas J. and Casey D.; Buyer(s): Switzer, Jon E. and LaDonna A.; Amount: $163,000; Talavera 02; Lot 2; Block15

Seller(s): Swift, Brenton Dewayne; Buyer(s): Brunk, Brian Thomas; Amount: $506,000; Woodland Add 00 Blk 01-03 and (Correction); Lot 2; Block1

Seller(s): Levendoski, Christopher Scott and Raen E.; Buyer(s): Trarbaugh, Robert Kent; Amount: $115,000; Winfield II Sec 01 Blk 16-18; Lot 9; Block17

Seller(s): Cox, Zachariah and Brandy, AKA Foust, Brandy and Bailey, Lucy; Amount: $140,000; Blue Stem Ridge Add 01 Blks 1-2; Lot 5; Block1

Seller(s): W R Moore Brokerage Inc.; Buyer(s): Long, Kenneth E.; Amount: $289,000; Williamson Farms Add 01 PUD (Blk 1-17); Lot 17; Block11

Seller(s): Harbor Homes Inc.; Buyer(s): Sauls, Leonard; Amount: $213,321; Belmar North 01 (Blk 1-6); Lot 2; Block4

Seller(s): Doss, Joshua and Etzel; Buyer(s): Johnson, Frank Leon; Amount: $107,000; Leafcrest Estates Add 00 Blk 01-07; Lot 4; Block4

Seller(s): Mijangos, Eric M. and Tanya N.; Buyer(s): Weaver, Kent E.; Amount: $198,000; Creeks At Wimberley Add 02; Lot 15; Block13

Seller(s): Willa Construction Co Inc.; Buyer(s): Lilke, Robert H.; Amount: $391,998; Cascata Lakes 04 (Blks 15-18); Lot 2; Block16

Seller(s): Sure Safe Homes LLC; Buyer(s): Sellers, Daniel E. and Marianne Elizabeth; Amount: $185,000; Winfield II Sec 09 (Blks 51-54); Lot 17; Block52

Seller(s): Vintage Custom Homes LLC; Buyer(s): Richardson, Ronald Ray and Laura K.; Amount: $273,900; Rock Creek 06 and (Replat 16 and 17 Blk 8 and 16 Blk 11Rock Creek 5); Lot 22; Block4

Seller(s): Mashburn J W Development Inc.; Buyer(s): Brown, Jeffrey D. and Brown, Kenya R.; Amount: $299,193; Legacy, The 06 (Blk 25-29); Lot 5; Block28

Seller(s): Weaver, Kent E. and Angela K.; Buyer(s): Fleming, William H. and Alissa A.; Amount: $265,000; Sterling Canyon Addition; Lot 2; Block5

Seller(s): Parker Living Trust, October 3,1995; Buyer(s): Kronbeck, Andrew C. and Michelle M.; Amount: $168,500; STR: 10-9N-1W; Descript: N SE NE NE

Seller(s): Hymer-Hall #4 LLC; Buyer(s): Hartford Construction LLC; Amount: $280,000; Hymer Add Blk 2; Lot 2; Bounds: Less S 10'

Seller(s): Tatum Custom Homes LLC; Buyer(s): Wilson, Michael K. and Kori S.; Amount: $243,217; Talavera Section 4 (Blk 28-33); Lot 3; Block29

Seller(s): Far Ridge Inc..; Buyer(s): Florida Construction Inc..; Amount: $100,000; Brookhaven 42 Blk 1-2; Lot 1; Block1

Seller(s): Borges, Paul J. and Jessica; Buyer(s): Deasy, Thomas James III and Melinda Sue; Amount: $124,900; Ramblin Oaks 02 Blk 03-09; Lot 6; Block5

Seller(s): Freshour, Joe and Denise E.; Buyer(s): Murphy, Jonathan R. and Keri; Amount: $338,950; STR: 27-10N-2W; Bounds: Part; Descript: SW

Seller(s): Rasnic, Jacqueline R. and Pogue, Michael L.; Buyer(s): Pogue, Michael L. and Rasnic, Jacqueline R.; Amount: $145,000; Cascade Add Blk 01-06; Lot 14; Block2

Seller(s): Austin, Don D. and Delores J.; Buyer(s): Wathen, Whitney J. and Mary; Amount: $130,000; Highland Park 00 Blk 01-06 (Moore); Lot 20; Block5

Seller(s): Bailey, Kimberley D.; Buyer(s): Randall, Frank and JoAnne; Amount: $124,500; Signal Ridge Blk 01-09; Lot 9; Block4

Seller(s): Badger, Carl D. and Denise A.; Buyer(s): Kemp, Clay and Sue; Amount: $108,000; STR: 23-9N-1W; Bounds: Part; Descript: NW

Seller(s): Jackson, Theresa; Buyer(s): Roberts, Jonathan and Celesta; Amount: $154,900; Mayfield Add 02 Blk 06-12; Lot 13; Block11

Seller(s): Ei, Dara and Catina Dang; Buyer(s): Davis, Stacey E. and Davis, Sherlena E.; Amount: $270,000; STR: 20-10N-2W; Bounds: Part/ Tract #5 Stone Creek; Descript: N NW

Seller(s): Loper, Jonathan D. and Cara; Buyer(s): Scott, Jennifer; Amount: $160,000; Stone Meadows South 04; Lot 9; Block22

Seller(s): Sayre, Timothy J. and Julia A.; Buyer(s): Stutzman, Adam and Susan; Amount: $199,999; Oak Ridge 04 (Moore) Blks 14-19; Lot 1; Block14

Seller(s): Seibert, Barbara; Buyer(s): Frampton, Logan T.; Amount: $130,000; STR: 12-10N-3W; Bounds: Part; Descript: SW NW

Seller(s): Baker, John and Vicky L.; Buyer(s): Richards, Jerry; Amount: $121,500; Meadowood Estates Add Blk 01-07; ; Lot 20; Block2

Seller(s): Jensen, Edward E. and Valerie C.; Buyer(s): Parker Livng Trust, October 3 1995; Amount: $175,000; Tecumseh Ridge 01Blk 01-04,A-C; Lot 40; Block4

Seller(s): First Oklahoma Construction Inc.; Buyer(s): Burleson, Billy D. and Beverly A.; Amount: $196,000; Summit Lakes Add 09; Lot 34; Block1

Seller(s): Lawson, John T., AKA and Mariann D., AKA Lawson, John and Mariann; Buyer(s): Lytle Family GST Exempt Trust, October 3 1997; Amount: $305,000; Brookhaven 32 Blk 01-05; Lot 10; Block2

Seller(s): Way, Michael A. and Laurie K.; Buyer(s): Graylock LLC; Amount: $140,000; Hardie-Rucker Add Blk 01-08 and (Amended Blk 1 and 2); Lot 12, 13; Block3

Seller(s): Fore, Taylor R., AKA and Stephanie R. Keller, Stephanie R., AKA; Buyer(s): Performance Properties LLC; Amount: $106,000; Meadow Park 00 Add Blk 01-14; Lot 9; Block6

Seller(s): Robertson Enterprises LLC, AKA Robertson Enterprises LLC Series A; Buyer(s): Mitchell, James R. and Cleek-Mitchell, Serena B.; Amount: $115,000; Oakhurst Add 06 (and Replat) Blk 18-21; Lot 4; Block18

Seller(s): Bowlan, Gregory Joe and Susan and Covington, Dwayne and Sharon Kaye; Buyer(s): Zitterkob, Samuel Phillip and Colby Lynn; Amount: $194,500; Quailbrook 06 Blk 01-04; Lot 12; Block3

Seller(s): Hendrix, David Brent and Jennifer Page; Buyer(s): Lindblad, Michael E. and Carol; Amount: $324,950; Smoking Oaks South 02 Blk 01-04; Lot 2; Block3

Seller(s): Richardson, Ronald Ray and Laura; Buyer(s): Voss, Robert and Jennifer; Amount: $197,900; Creeks At Wimberley Add 01 Final Plat; Lot 13; Block3

Seller(s): Holsapple Edward Family Revocable Living Trust, November 4 1993; Buyer(s): Fullingim, Kami; Amount: $168,000; Ranchwood Manor 07 Blk 05-06, 14-17; Lot 20; Block17

Seller(s): Russ, Millard Jr.; Buyer(s): McNatt, William G. and Amanda L.; Amount: $142,000; Hall Park (Blk 08); Lot 10; Block3

Seller(s): Sheridian LLC; Buyer(s): Griffith Kris Allen Revocable Trust, February 19 2004; Amount: $165,935; Alameda Park Add 03 Blk 1-5; Lot 38; Block1

Seller(s): Jenne, Timothy Stuart and Natalie J.; Buyer(s): Red Elk, Adam K.; Amount: $149,900; Quail Ridge 02 Blk 01-04 (Replat); Lot 4; Block1

Seller(s): Simpson, Christine D.; Buyer(s): Dean, Alisha N.; Amount: $133,000; East Hills Add 05 Blk 01-08; Lot 5; Block7

Seller(s): Neese Investments LLC; Buyer(s): Mayes, Lane R.; Amount: $115,000; Southridge Blk 01-10(OKC); Lot 31; Block7

Seller(s): Jones, Steven H. and Brenda K.; Buyer(s): Bruneau, David E. H.; Amount: $195,000; Maple Ridge Blk 01-02; Lot 9; Block1

Seller(s): Rodriguez, Miguel R.; Buyer(s): Hernandez, Susan Christine; Amount: $184,500; Cascade Est PUD 04 Blk 1-4,E; Lot 5; Block2

Seller(s): R & R Dream Homes LLC; Buyer(s): Psych Ward LLC; Amount: $259,900; Rock Creek 05 (Blk 8-11); Lot 20; Block9

Seller(s): Nicholson, Charles Roy and Linda Marie; Buyer(s): Moen, Eric A. and Carly; Amount: $325,000; Whispering Pines Add Blk 01-02; Lot 6; Block2

Seller(s): Potter, Allan R. and Linda; Buyer(s): Weatherholt, Michael Aubrey and Lauren Ann; Amount: $135,000; College Manor Add Blk 01-13; Lot 10; Block3

Seller(s): Harmon, Bill and Melissa; Buyer(s): Carey, Lee Tyler and Jami R.; Amount: $350,000; Turtle Lake 01 (Blks 1-3 Common Lot A); Lot 1; Block1

Seller(s): Barnett, Adam Lewis and Andrea .L; Buyer(s): Lesley, Kevin Dewayne; Amount: $171,000; Autumn Oaks Garden Homes 01 Replat Blks 01-02; Lot 8; Block1

Seller(s): Jack, Jerry H. and Marsha A.; Buyer(s): Lawson, John T. and Mariann D.; Amount: $193,000; Smoking Oaks Villas Condos; Lot 5; Block3208

Seller(s): Needham, Jennifer Rae; Buyer(s): Lewis, Lowell G. and Roberta R.; Amount: $137,000; Royal Oaks Add 04 Blk 01-02 (Replat); Lot 11; Block2

Seller(s): Montgomery, Charles W. IV and Kesha and Montgomery, Charles W. III and Verna Lee; Buyer(s): Henson, Nolon Ray and Sue; Amount: $159,000; Woodcreek Add 00 Blk 01-04; Lot 2; Block3

Seller(s): AJMJ Oklahoma Holdings LLC; Buyer(s): T and CH Investments LLC; Amount: $140,000; Hideaway Acres 02 Lot 25-97; Lots 31, 32, 96, 97

Seller(s): Mallett, Lawrence R. and Dana R.; Buyer(s): January, Cris A. Jr. and Sally M.; Amount: $400,000; Hallbrooke Add Sec 02; Lot 6; Block13

Seller(s): Da Vinci Enterprises Inc.; Buyer(s): Burgess, Edward F.; Amount: $204,000; Monterey 01; Lot 5; Block1

Seller(s): Buchanan Foods Inc.; Buyer(s): JR Bowers Jr. Construction Co.; Amount: $222,000; Meadowlake Farms 06 (Replat Blk 1 Of Meadowlake Farms 04); Lots 15, 16, 28, 29, 30; Block12