The Norman Transcript

June 2, 2013

real estate transactions

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Seller(s): First State Bank Noble; Buyer(s): Byrne, Matthew Perry and Amy; Amount: $127,500; Skyridge Blk 01-06 (Replats included); Lot 4; Block5

Seller(s): Stork, Richard John II; Buyer(s): Williams, Tiffany D; Amount: $114,000; Western Flags Add Blk 01-05; Lot 31; Block1

Seller(s): Carper, Jason and Sarah; Buyer(s): Washington, LaWanna I; Amount: $144,000; Washington Square; Lot 14; Block2

Seller(s): Christman, Kent and Cynthia, AKA Phillps, Cynthia M; Buyer(s): Daniels, John Mark and Marion L; Amount: $225,000; Rock Creek Polo Club 00 Blk 04-06 (Replat); Lot 26; Block2

Seller(s): Ihrig, Paul Robert and Mary Kathryn; # Buyer(s): Huang, Ping and Yin, Huihua; Amount: $227,500; Oak Ridge 04 (Moore) Blks 14-19; Lot 6; Block17

Seller(s): Burton, Patrick L; Buyer(s): Mayfair Properties L L C; Amount: $113,550; Edgemere Add 04 Blk 01-08; Lot 10; Block6 and Edgemere Add 04 Blk 01-08; Lot 11; Block6; Bounds: Part

Seller(s): Burton, Christopher and Laura; Buyer(s): Mayfair Properties L L C; Amount: $109,000; Meadow Park 00 Add (Amended and Replat); Lot 1; Block12

Seller(s): Smith, Harry Vernon and Sonya Lou; Buyer(s): Bannister, Nedra J; Amount: $251,000; Hawthorne Place 03 Blk 01-04 and A; Lot 11; Block3

Seller(s): Keyes, Robert C and Sandra L; Buyer(s): Jennings, Jeffrey Todd and Colleen Marie; Amount: $258,000; Highland Village Add 01 (Blks 1-2); Lot 18; Block1

Seller(s): Cole, Dolan, Brown Cole, Sandra Gayle, McDonald, Oscar Truman and Dana Janell Cole, AKA Lucas, Dana Janell; Buyer(s): Dutcher Investment Properties L L C; Amount: $192,000; # Norman O T Blk 01-91; Lot 10; Block72, Norman O T Blk 01-91; Lot 11; Block72, Norman O T Blk 01-91; Lot 12; Block72, Norman O T Blk 01-91; Lot 13; Block72, Norman O T Blk 01-91; Lot 14; Block72, Norman O T Blk 01-91; Lot 15; Block72, Norman O T Blk 01-91; Lot 16; Block72

Seller(s): Allbritton, Jenice; Buyer(s): Heck, Allen R and Judy; Amount: $125,000; Greenbriar East Lake Estates 06 Blk 23-30; Lot 16; Block28

Seller(s): Omega Investments L L C; Buyer(s): Wilson, Andrew Tyler and Cari E; Amount: $127,500; Cross Timbers Add 04 Blk 09-11; Lot 12; Block11

Seller(s): Bryan, Bradley Wayne and Jennifer Marie; Buyer(s): Myers, Marilyn; Amount: $178,000; STR: 24-8N-2W; Descript: W NE NE NW

Seller(s): Martin, Linda S; Buyer(s): Hill, Michael Curtis; Amount: $129,000; Brookside Country Club Blk 01-02; Lot 8; Block1

Seller(s): Foy, Sterling J, by Attorney In Fact and Brittney; Buyer(s): White, Austin M and Ashley K; Amount: $249,000; Apple Estates 04; Lot 9; Block22

Seller(s): Colony Homes L L C, FKA Colony Homes Inc; Buyer(s): Taylor, James; Amount: $170,995; Park Place Add 07 (Blk 1 and 2); Lot 5; Block1

Seller(s): Watkins, Lisa Dawn; Buyer(s): Dewey, Ian T; Amount: $135,500; Eagle Cliff Add 07 Blk 01-05; Lot 11; Block3

Seller(s): McCarty, Fred Lee and Mary Ann; Buyer(s): Avila, Jesus and Rosa Avila; Amount: $141,000; Winfield II Blk 03-08, 12, 15; Lot 12A; Block5

Seller(s): Ideal Homes Of Norman LP; Buyer(s): Torres, Patty S; Amount: $171,944; Greenleaf Trails Add 04 (Blk 1-4); Lot 13; Block3

Seller(s): Cobanks Construction Inc; Buyer(s): Maheshwari, Vishal, Sharma, Sushmakumari S; Amount: $258,000; Legacy, The 03 (Blks 9-15); Lot 1; Block11

Seller(s): Bank Of America NA; Buyer(s): Moore, Samuel J; Amount: $145,000; Gateway Gardens Blk 01-07; Lot 3; Block7, Gateway Gardens Blk 01-07; Lot 4; Block7

Seller(s): Nolen, Patrick A and Joyce C; Buyer(s): Payton Becky J Revocable Trust; Amount: $155,000; Rock Creek Polo Club 00 Blk 01-03; Lot 9; Block6

Seller(s): Lacour, Gerri L; Buyer(s): Gravel, Larry H and Karlinda J; Amount: $104,500; Norman Heights Add; Lot 12; Block8, Norman Heights Add; Lot 13; Block8

Seller(s): Barncord, William Wesley; Buyer(s): Spears, Seven Mayo and Elizabeth Anne; Amount: $205,000; Rolling Hills Estates 02 Blk 05-09; Lot 4; Block5

Seller(s): Lewis, Bobby L and Vicki L; Buyer(s): Harris, Scott S, Moon-Harris, Misti J; Amount: $295,000; Ranchwood Manor 02 Blk 01-07 and Correction; Lot 4; Block5

Seller(s): Kranenburg, Mark and Leslie H, FKA Melton, Leslie H; Buyer(s): Smith, Robert T, Hefty, Christy A; Amount: $110,000; Western Flags Add Blk 01-05; Lot 31; Block4

Seller(s): Cupid Homes L L C; Buyer(s): Arendse, Arthur and Jenny; Amount: $114,900; Wildflower Add 02 Blks 7-11; Lot 1; Block10

Seller(s): Echard, Douglas W and Lana; Buyer(s): Coats, Jason W and Emily D; Amount: $147,500; Westmoor Add 07 Blk.37-39; Lot 15; Block39

Seller(s): Crosby, Cynthia L; Buyer(s): Gatewood, Renissa; Amount: $172,000; Woods, The; Lot 8; Block1

Seller(s): Kobza, Jason and Jaclyn K, FKA Cam, Jaclyn K; Buyer(s): Branecky, Elliott and Samantha L; Amount: $151,900; Eagle Cliff South Add 02; Lot 1; Block3

Seller(s): Hays Harold and Pat Trust November 10, 2005; Buyer(s): Williams, Chad and Amanda; Amount: $237,500; Cascade Est PUD 03 Blk 01-03,C; Lot 5; Block1

Seller(s): Nguyen, Toan X; Buyer(s): Puffett, Brock W and Amanda M; Amount: $121,000; Wildflower Add 02 Blks 7-11; Lot 17; Block7

Seller(s): Holt, Delwin C; Buyer(s): Green Ridge Homes L L C; Amount: $130,000; Heatherwood Add 04 Final Plat; Lot 3; Block3

Seller(s): REB Enterprises L L C; Buyer(s): Baker, Gordon K and Cynthia A; Amount: $113,500; Tulls Add 01 Blk 01-14; Lot 8; Block5