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September 29, 2013

Gas retailers offer fuel options

NORMAN — For many Oklahomans, driving is a way of life — it is the primary way that many families get to work, school, play and home again.

Oklahomans are among the nation’s top consumers of motor gasoline, accounting for more than 500 gallons per capita in 2010, according to U.S. Department of Energy. This can make for a busy lifestyle that requires many people to fuel up often.

Following a nationwide trend, many fueling stations across the state have begun to offer ethanol-blended gasoline in addition to conventional gasoline.

7-Eleven, one of the state’s highest-volume gasoline retailers, is offering information on these fuels to help consumers decide which option is best for them.

“Today, drivers have choices to make, from whether we want to drive a vehicle with a standard engine or a hybrid, to whether we use ethanol-blended or conventional gas,” said Jim Brown, CEO of Oklahoma 7-Eleven stores. “How you choose your fuel doesn’t have to be a complicated decision, as long as consumers understand their options.”

Conventional gasoline, sometimes referred to as “pure” gasoline, is the traditional gas with which most consumers are familiar. It is a petroleum product composed of processed crude oil and other chemicals, and it is available in varieties such as unleaded and premium.

E-10 is the most prevalent ethanol-blended gasoline option in the United States and is available at many Oklahoma fuel retailers. It is a mixture of 90 percent conventional gasoline and 10 percent ethanol, which is an alcohol derived from corn or another starchy grain. Blends of 10 percent ethanol or less are approved by all auto manufacturers for gasoline-powered vehicles, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

The differences in how these forms of gasoline impact driving are negligible and not usually noticeable to vehicle owners, Brown said. Some vehicles may get slightly fewer miles per gallon on E-10, usually about 2 to 4 percent less than conventional gasoline. However, E-10 is often more easily accessible and less expensive, meaning consumers tend to spend less time and money searching for fuel.

7-Eleven Stores in Oklahoma sell conventional and E-10 gasoline varieties; these offerings vary by location.

7-Eleven Stores in Oklahoma are one of the state’s largest independent retailers of gasoline and are a leading purveyor of convenience products.

Since 1953, the company has provided Oklahomans with high-quality gasoline, beverages, baked goods, packaged snacks and more. 7-Eleven Stores is an Oklahoma-owned company.

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