The Norman Transcript

October 20, 2013

real estate transactions

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — The following real estate transactions were recorded in the office of Tammy Belinson, Cleveland County Clerk:

Seller(s): HBT JYC LLC; Buyer(s): Carmichael, James W. and Ashton T.; Amount: $267,990; St James Park 03 (Blks 1-5, Common Areas A-K); Lot 4; Block2

Seller(s): Maynard, Than H. and Sally A. and Maynard, Ronnie D. and Nancy L.; Buyer(s): 1150 W Lindsey LLC; Amount: $245,000; STR: 6-8N-2W; Bounds: Part; Descript: NW NW

Seller(s): Adams, Jeremy and Andrea; Buyer(s): National Reseidential Nominee Services Inc. TX; Amount: $118,755; East Ridge Add 11 Blk 01-04; Lot 5; Block2

Seller(s): National Residential Nominee Services Inc.; Buyer(s): Inselman, Jeremy D. and Rachel T.; Amount: $118,755; East Ridge Add 11 Blk 01-04; Lot 5; Block2

Seller(s): Household Finance Corporation III; Buyer(s): East, George Mathew and Arenda J.; Amount: $152,000; Oak Creek 02 (Moore) Blks 04-07; Lot 15; Block4

Seller(s): Riley, Jennifer Jade; Buyer(s): Skinner, Jeffrey T. and Tracy; Amount: $118,000; Baers Westmore Add 02 Blk 08-11; Lot 18A; Block9

Seller(s): Stephens, Sheryl Jean, AKA Leachman, Sheryl Jean; Buyer(s): Walters, James Bryant and Twyla M.; Amount: $230,000; Wellington Lake Addition (Blks 01-02,A-C); Lot 8; Block1

Seller(s): Harbor Homes Inc; Buyer(s): Offalter, Joe Scott and Karen Kay; Amount: $194,000; Talavera 03; Lot 8; Block24

Seller(s): Barber, Gregory A.; Buyer(s): Keylon, Rian Jade and Rebecca R.; Amount: $140,500; Quail Ridge 04 Blk 01-03 (Amended); Lot 12; Block2

Seller(s): Sowles, Lloyd L.; Buyer(s): RAK Investments Inc.; Amount: $120,000; Meadow Run 3rd Add; Lot 14; Block3

Seller(s): RAK Investments Inc.; Buyer(s): Hitchcock, Bonnie Jean; Amount: $142,000; Meadow Run 3rd Add; Lot 14; Block3

Seller(s): Clifton Living Trust; Buyer(s): Strain, John; Amount: $139,000; Mashburns Gold Medal Add Blk 01-27; Lot 5; Block2

Seller(s): Mashburn Faires Homes LLC; Buyer(s): Blanton, Petita L.; Amount: $214,520; South Lake Manor Sec 02 (Blk 6); Lot 6; Block6

Seller(s): Dyer, Aaron S. and Melissa; Buyer(s): Jaudon, Benjamin C. and Rachel D.; Amount: $129,000; East Ridge Add 00 Blk 01-03; Lot 38; Block3

Seller(s): Colony Homes LLC; Buyer(s): Isom, Amanda; Amount: $188,067; Park Place Add 07 (Blk 1 and 2); Lot 13; Block2

Seller(s): Mike Metcalf Construction LLC; Buyer(s): Bednarz, Joseph V. and Victoria L.; Amount: $330,000; Rockport 04 (Blk 13 and 14); Lot 7; Block12

Seller(s): C&K Investments Of Oklahoma LLC; Buyer(s): Huettner Investors LLC; Amount: $650,000; Huettner Add 03 Blk 01-02; Lot 3B; Block1

Seller(s): Sun Custom Homes LLC, Successor By Name Change Sun Contracting LLC; Buyer(s): Turner, Christopher M. and Keri L.; Amount: $280,695; Southern Preserve The, Phase I; Lot 6; Block10

Seller(s): Abernathy, James G. and Melissa Sue; Buyer(s): Sherfield, Bernitta S.; Amount: $230,000; Vinehaven 02 Blk 03-07; Lot 3; Block6

Seller(s): 89th & Bryant LLC; Buyer(s): Gutierrez, Abel Diaz and Karen Natalie; Amount: $139,174; Bryant Place 01 (Blk 1-6); Lot 4; Block2

Seller(s): Pruett, Carolyn; Buyer(s): Baber, Dirk J. and Cheryl D.; Amount: $190,000; Town and Country Estates 00 Blk 01-04; Lot 6; Block3

Seller(s): Bass, Phillip Dean and Heather R.; Buyer(s): Fielder, Shelby A.; Amount: $209,900; Ranchwood Manor 05 Blk 04, 05, 18; Lot 7; Block18

Seller(s): Baldwin, Andrew and Mollie; Buyer(s): Gilson, Karen Kay; Amount: $125,900; Dublin Bay Add 01; Lot 19; Block1

Seller(s): Pyles, John V. Jr. and Kayla D.; Buyer(s): Davis, Nicholas and Lauren; Amount: $195,000; Meadow Run 4th Add; Lot 13; Block12

Seller(s): McGuire, Eric and Jenny M.; Buyer(s): Farber, Melody Ann; Amount: $175,000; Stone Meadows South 04; Lot 18; Block21

Seller(s): Crain Robert E. and Doris L. Family Trust, May 7, 1991; Buyer(s): Vladovich, Joseph Matthew and Sharon Denise; Amount: $164,900; Brookwood 05 Blk 01-04; Lot 10; Block2

Seller(s): Axton, Shaun Christopher, AKA Axton, Shawn Christopher and Axton, Brigit Marie; Buyer(s): Smyth, Justin B. and Dinah L.; Amount: $175,000; Redbud Estates Blk 01-03 (OKC); Lot 5; Block2

Seller(s): A-List Construction Inc.; Buyer(s): Frederick, Adam and Rhonda; Amount: $227,000; Brentwood Addition; Lot 21; Block1

Seller(s): Stanford, David R. and Rebekah S., FKA Councill, Rebekah S.; Buyer(s): Swint, Justin D. and Chelsea M.; Amount: $113,000; Crestland Est 02 Blk 01-06; Lot 7; Block4

Seller(s): Boyett, Julie A.; Buyer(s): Irvine, Sol N.; Amount: $118,500; Wildflower Add 01 Blk 01-06; Lot 5; Block5

Seller(s): Bladow, Terry L. and Amy; Buyer(s): PJE Alliance LLC; Amount: $143,000; Northridge Industrial Park 03 Blk 05-07; Lot 6A; Block6

Seller(s): HKM LLC; Buyer(s): Allen, Paden R.; Amount: $151,000; Winfield II Sec 07 (Blks 42-47); Lot 6; Block44

Seller(s): Wood, Terrance J. and Summer; Buyer(s): D & D Jets LLC; Amount: $150,000; Normandy Acres 01 Blk 01-07; Lot 7; Block5

Seller(s): Akins, Russell D. and Saundra L., AKA Bradshaw, Saundra .L; Buyer(s): Ragland, Harold Dean and Tawana Kay; Amount: $190,900; STR: 1-9N-1W; Bounds: Aka Tract 5 Franklin Village; Descript: N SW

Seller(s): Holbrook, Charles R. and Mona L.; Buyer(s): Sugg, Carl L.; Amount: $190,000; Town and Country Estates 02 Blk 01-05; Lot 5; Block3

Seller(s): Design Development Services Inc.; Buyer(s): Kindrick, Scott Michael and Mauldin, Stephanie Summer; Amount: $274,235; Rockport 02 (Blks 4-8); Lot 12; Block8

Seller(s): Design Development Services Inc.; Buyer(s): Fisher, Barry G. and Metheney-Fisher, Lisa; Amount: $285,794; Williamson Farms Add 01 PUD (Blk 1-17); Lot 3; Block10

Seller(s): Murphy, Robert D. and Melinda; Buyer(s): Cunningham, Paul and Judy; Amount: $270,000; Rivendell 06 Blk 18-21; Lot 18; Block19

Seller(s): Treat, Jeffrey R. and Margo R.; Buyer(s): Dapper, Blain V.; Amount: $250,000; Legacy, The 03 (Blks 9-15); Lot 8; Block9

Seller(s): Smith, Tony E. and Angela L.; Buyer(s): Davis, Mary Ellen; Amount: $391,800; Whispering Lakes Estates; Lot 15

Seller(s): Farris, James and Brook; Buyer(s): Bair, W. A. and Vickie E.; Amount: $165,000; Lakeside Estates Part 02 Blk 02; Lot 2; Block2

Seller(s): Bicknell, Rainie M.; Buyer(s): Gravitt, Stephanie; Amount: $134,500; Woodslawn 02nd Add Blk 01-10 and (Correction and Replats); Lot 15; Block5

Seller(s): Bedford, Lucile Walden; Buyer(s): Kopta, Joseph A. and Knox, Susan M.; Amount: $225,000; Canadian Trails Add 02 Blk 01-02; Lot 14; Block2

Seller(s): Hubbard, Kent Alan and Debra F.; Buyer(s): Alford, William Michael; Amount: $545,000; Arbor Lake Add 04; Lot 14; Block1

Seller(s): Neer, Andrew E. and Lindsey R., AKA Hackler, Lindsey R., AKA Hackler-Neer, Lindsey R.; Buyer(s): Moore, Monty W. and Janet L.; Amount: $100,000; Sunset Add Blk 01-06 (Norman); Lot 3; Block6

Seller(s): Bruns, Lester A. and Betty L.; Buyer(s): Patton, Nicholas; Amount: $215,000; Rock Creek Polo Club 00 Blk 01-03; Lot 2; Block1

Seller(s): Nguyen, Anh T. and Tran, Minh Ha; Buyer(s): Lan, Yan and Wang, Rong Jiao; Amount: $142,000; Cascade Add Blk 01-06; Lot 2; Block1

Seller(s): Fletcher, Dale Lee; Buyer(s): Ortega, William Allen and Kandis B.; Amount: $143,500; Quail Ridge 02 Blk 01-04 (Replat); Lot 12; Block3

Seller(s): Gramlich Rental LLC; Buyer(s): Hancock, William E. and Rita M.; Amount: $123,500; Faculty Heights Add Blk 01-08; Lot 1; Block1; Faculty Heights Add Blk 01-08; Lot 2; Block1; Bounds: North 1'

Seller(s): Yearout, Jeffery W. and Gina M.; Buyer(s): Thompson, Heather M.; Amount: $129,520; South Harbor Add 05 Blks 16-19; Lot 12; Block17

Seller(s): Young, Jason R. and Angela N.; Buyer(s): Anderson, Sarah Jane; Amount: $176,500; Talavera 02; Lot 9; Block12

Seller(s): R & R Land Development LLC and Cox, Mark R., by Attorney In Fact; Buyer(s): Mashburn Faires Homes LLC; Amount: $158,000; Rock Creek 05 (Blk 8-11); Lot 5, 6, 7, 8; Block3

Seller(s): Marvin Haworth Homes Inc.; Buyer(s): Long, John H. and Alice F.; Amount: $325,000; Willows Addition 04; Lot 4; Block8

Seller(s): Colony Homes LLC, FKA Colony Homes Inc.; Buyer(s): Lloyd, Steven D.; Amount: $125,299; Apple Valley 08 (Blk 14-17); Lot 52; Block14

Seller(s): Farzaneh Properties LLC, Successor Farzaneh Properties Inc.; Buyer(s): Roane, James Boyd and Jane E.; Amount: $160,000; Deerfield Addition 06; Lot 1; Block1

Seller(s): Rasolkhani Family Trust, March 15, 2012; Buyer(s): Johnson, James R.; Amount: $105,000; Queenston Heights 02 Blk 05-09; Lot 1; Block8

Seller(s): Brinkley, Michael Jeffrey and Donley, Lynda L.; Buyer(s): St. Johns Episcopal Church; Amount: $215,000; Larshs University Add Blk 01-05; Lot 9, 10; Block5; Larshs D L 01st Add Blk 02-08, 10-12, 69-70(andReplat); Lot 3; Block5; Bounds: W 10 ft; Larshs D L 01st Add Blk 02-08, 10-12, 69-70(andReplat); Lot 4; Block5

Seller(s): Hays, Toby; Buyer(s): Kunz, Lawrence and Maria; Amount: $188,000; Cambridge Add 04th Blk 01-02, A and B; Lot 7; Block2

Seller(s): Home First Inc.; Buyer(s): Viravong-Portis, Kristy B. and Portis, Dennis L. III; Amount: $363,090; Turtle Lake 02 (Blks 4-5); Lot 14; Block5

Seller(s): C & C Builders Inc.; Buyer(s): Schultz, Scott A.; Amount: $213,900; Monterey 01; Lot 5; Block3

Seller(s): Ideal Homes Of Norman LP; Buyer(s): Byars, Timothy and Burnett, Michelle; Amount: $176,059; Country Place Add 10 (Blk 32-34); Lot 6; Block34

Seller(s): Nickel, David and Townsend-Proctor, Kimberly A.; Buyer(s): Woods, John N. and Carol A., DBA Woods United Homes; Amount: $118,000; Southwinds 01 Blk 34-35; Lot 1A; Block34

Seller(s): Weir, Cynthia Gaye; Buyer(s): Bettes, Jay W. and Karen S.; Amount: $187,950; Greenbriar Eastlake Estates 18 Blk 82-88; Lot 14; Block87

Seller(s): Wilkos-Wright, Laura M., AKA Wilkos, Laura M. and Wright, Anthony Michael; Buyer(s): Beach, Gary L. and Shannon M.; Amount: $154,900; Quail Ridge 07 Blk 01-02; Lot 8; Block1

Seller(s): Shumway, Bryant C. and Tonya S.; Buyer(s): Holley, Kurt and Tracy; Amount: $248,000; STR: 3-8N-2W; Bounds: Part Tract 10 Lindsey Heights; Descript: NE

Seller(s): Reid, Lance D.; Buyer(s): Shumway, Bryant and Tonya; Amount: $145,000; Marian Add Blk 01-03; Lot 16; Block1

Seller(s): Bison Archeological Consulting Services Inc., AKA Briscoe Szarka Consulting Inc., AKA Briscoe Szarka Consulting Services Inc.; Buyer(s): Campbell, Keith L. and Carol A.; Amount: $184,900; Redbud Estates Blk 01-05 (Nm); Lot 8; Block1

Seller(s): Vu, Thao; Buyer(s): Carmichael, Terri May; Amount: $152,000;Cascade Add Blk 01-06; Lot 5; Block5

Seller(s): Henderson, Troy A. and Kasey; Buyer(s): Nguyen, Lamvan Thi; Amount: $176,000; Lake Woods Sec. 03 (Blks 8-9); Lot 18; Block9

Seller(s): Sinor, Ronnie Lee and Beverly; Buyer(s): Butler, Hughie Elton and Krystal Leigh; Amount: $240,000; STR: 27-10N-1E; Bounds: Tract 2 Hickory Hills Est II; Descript: NW

Seller(s): Wells, Darren L. and McGaughey, Sarah L.; Buyer(s): Bryan, Phillip K. and Bryan, Gina M.; Amount: $185,000; South Lake Add 05 Blk 01; Lot 1; Block7

Seller(s): Jordan, Richard and Barbara; Buyer(s): Castro, Ivette Marie and Apontesegui, Jose Luis; Amount: $193,000; Brookwood Village 04 Blk 23-29; Lot 16; Block25

Seller(s): Parsons, Chase and Esther; Buyer(s): Teran, Isidro and Antonia; Amount: $139,500; South Glen Add 02 Blk 01, 04-09; Lot 11; Block5

Seller(s): McCallick, Mikel Ann, AKA Chaffin, Mikel Ann; Buyer(s): Kelley, Nicholas; Amount: $125,000; Regency Park 02 Blk 13-22(pt.Blk13); Lot 9; Block17

Seller(s): Goodspeed, Micah W. and T. Stormi; Buyer(s): Hilliard, Rita J.; Amount: $224,900; St James Park 01 Add Blk 01-05; Lot 6; Block5

Seller(s): Kunz, Larry, AKA Kunz, Lawrence M. and Maria; Buyer(s): Dzialo, Linda G.; Amount: $537,500; Vineyard Phase II PUD Blks 3-7, D-F; Lot 6; Block6

Seller(s): Rockport Inc.; Buyer(s): Metcalf Mike Construction LLC; Amount: $252,000; Rockport 04 (Blk 13 and 14); Lot 3, 4, 11, 15; Block12; Rockport 04 (Blk 13 and 14); Lot 6; Block13

Seller(s): RBO Inc.; Buyer(s): Leonard, Todd M. and Kim M.; Amount: $108,000; Rivendell 12; Lot 8; Block34

Seller(s): Melton, James A. and Donna M. and Catilus, Craig A. and Alison; Buyer(s): Anderson, Walter Lee and Amber; Amount: $223,000; Rock Creek 03 Final Plat; Lot 8; Block10

Seller(s): Bednarz, Joseph V. and Victoria L.; Buyer(s): Bell, Morris J.; Amount: $403,000; Cascata Lakes 03 (Blks 11-14); Lot 14; Block14

Seller(s): Hall, Mary Kathryn; Buyer(s): Kersey, Tim and Norma J. and Stoepker, Joseph D. Jr. and Cheryl R.; Amount: $135,000; Woody Bryant Add Blk 01-02; Lot 25; Block1

Seller(s): Buzbee, Brittany; Buyer(s): Dickerson, Clayton; Amount: $159,615; Prairie Field Estates; Lot 3; Block2

Seller(s): Purser, Jana and Portell, Todd; Buyer(s): Barton, Nancy E.; Amount: $210,000; Talavera 02; Lot 8; Block12

Seller(s): Armstrong, Aaron D. and Bobbi; Buyer(s): Raprich, Chrystal; Amount: $141,800; Stone Meadows Est 06 Blk 16-19 and Common Lots C-D; Lot 16; Block19

Seller(s): Bristol, Christopher S. and Monique La'aira; Buyer(s): Bruce, Richard A. and Cheri A.; Amount: $307,500; Vintage Farms 02; Lot 2; Block7

Seller(s): STK Construction LLC; Buyer(s): Gates, Phyllis K.; Amount: $227,500; Brentwood Addition; Lot 35; Block1

Seller(s): Watts, Adam and Erika; Buyer(s): Hart, April R.; Amount: $107,000; Mashburns Gold Medal Add Blk 01-27; Lot 25; Block15

Seller(s): Hallbrooke Development Group HP LLC; Buyer(s): Boehm Living Trust, April 26, 2013; Amount: $113,360; Hallbrooke Add Sec 03 PUD; Lot 8, 9; Block1

Seller(s): Carson, Evelyn Dianne; Buyer(s): Johansson, Alan Sumner and La Velle Dyer; Amount: $173,000; Oakridge Estates 01 Blk 01-02; Lot 2; Block2

Seller(s): Bible, Kellen and Stephanie; Buyer(s): Hopper, Kimberly D.; Amount: $157,000; Trailwoods Addition 03 PUD; Lot 7; Block1

Seller(s): Carter, William F. and Mamie L. White; Buyer(s): Saunders, Riley K.; Amount: $119,500; Hollywood Add Blk 01-03, A; Lot 3; Block1

Seller(s): Thompson, Brent T.; Buyer(s): Payne, Alvin G.; Amount: $118,900; Crestland Est 02 Blk 01-06; Lot 8; Block2

Seller(s): Affinity Development Group LLC; Buyer(s): Vintage Custom Homes LLC; Amount: $192,500; Siena Ridge 01; Lot 1, 8, 11; Block1; Siena Ridge 01; Lot 1; Block5

Seller(s): Short, Luke Alan and Christina; Buyer(s): Barton, Dustin J.; Amount: $120,000; Baers Westmore Add 04 Blk 18-19; Lot 13B; Block18

Seller(s): Barnes, Benjamin and Amber; Buyer(s): Greb, Christine; Amount: $136,000; Apple Village 02; Lot 12; Block1

Seller(s): Oklahoma Warren Theatres LLC; Buyer(s): Sleep Studio Properties LLC; Amount: $1,060,000; Riverwalk North; Lot 1; Block2; Bounds: Part

Seller(s): Wortman, Grant Michael and Rachel Marie; Buyer(s): Whitson, Nicholas W.; Amount: $348,250; Highland Village Add 03 (Blks 1-4); Lot 3; Block2

Seller(s): Lyon, Patrick and Kristen E., FKA Medley, Kristen E.; Buyer(s): Chancellor, Joseph and Kimberly; Amount: $169,900; Creeks At Wimberley Add 02; Lot 8; Block8

Seller(s): TLP Custom Homes LLC; Buyer(s): Hopmann, Jon Terry Jr. and Amy Rachelle; Amount: $363,090; Vintage Farms 03; Lot 14; Block2

Seller(s): MMT Capital Group LP; Buyer(s): Cyborg Enterprises Inc.; Amount: $325,000; Westport Professional Park 07 Blk 20-21; Lot 12; Block20; Westport Professional Park 07 Blk 20-21; Lot 11; Block20; Bounds: N 28 '

Seller(s): MMT Capital Group LP; Buyer(s): Cyborg Enterprises Inc.; Amount: $191,250; Westport Professional Park 07 Blk 20-21; Lot 8, 9; Block20

Seller(s): Dowell, Richard S. III; Buyer(s): Isom, Bradley M. and Lacy D.; Amount: $129,500; Lydicks 02nd Blk 01-05; Lot 37; Block2

Seller(s): Mitchell, Brian L. and Karla D.; Buyer(s): Shortt, Mark A. and Maura S.; Amount: $129,200; Quail Ridge 03 Blk 02, 04, 05-06; Lot 11; Block5

Seller(s): Meeks, Christian T. and Kristie M.; Buyer(s): Sangirardi, Kristen R.; Amount: $172,900; Park Place Add 05 Blk 01-04; Lot 13; Block1

Seller(s): Dewey, Wynema D.; Buyer(s): Cass, Trevor G. and Emily T.; Amount: $111,152; Shadowlake Village 01 Blk 01-07; Lot 5; Block4

Seller(s): Sangirardi, Kristen and Musgrave, Levi; Buyer(s): Welke, Marshall J. and Miller, Ashley M.; Amount: $115,620; Faculty Heights Add Blk 01-08; Lot 11; Block5

Seller(s): Tate, Dustin J. and Jill M.; Buyer(s): Barnes, Amber Michelle and Sadler, Michael L.; Amount: $209,000; Cambridge Add 03rd Blk 01-03; Lot 9; Block3

Seller(s): Waller Homes LLC; Buyer(s): Pitts, Lori A.; Amount: $164,500; Lake Woods Sec. 06 (Blk 16-19); Lot 12; Block19

Seller(s): Haworth Homes LLC; Buyer(s): Williams, Willie J. Jr. and Paulette; Amount: $219,030; Seiter Farms Add 02 (Blk 4 and 5); Lot 3; Block4

Seller(s): Miller, James C. and Cynthia L.; Buyer(s): Franconia Real Estate Services Inc.; Amount: $333,500; Brookhaven 32 Blk 01-05; Lot 9; Block1

Seller(s): Franconia Real Estate Services Inc.; Buyer(s): Austin, Aaron and Jamie; Amount: $333,500; Brookhaven 32 Blk 01-05; Lot 9; Block1

Seller(s): Highlands LLC; Buyer(s): Panta, Saurav; Amount: $259,790; St James Park 04 (Blks 1-5 Common Areas A-B); Lot 1; Block2

Seller(s): Loos, Jacqueline S.; Buyer(s): Rose Rock Investments LLC; Amount: $2,240,000; Parkwood Add Blk 01-02; Lot 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10; Block1; Parkwood Add Blk 01-02; Lot 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13; Block2

Seller(s): Lan, Yan and Wang, Rongjiao; Buyer(s): Thacker, Dwight L. and Jenny; Amount: $375,000; Fountain Gate Add Blk 01; Lot 16; Block1

Seller(s): Citibank NA, Trustee; Buyer(s): Lighthouse Investments LLC; Amount: $127,007; Hardie-Rucker Add Blk 01-08 and (Amended Blk 1 and 2); Lot 23, 24, 25, 26; Block2; Bounds: W 61'

Seller(s): Cooper, George Benton and Payne, Lloyd Clarence; Buyer(s): Webb, Christopher Wayne; Amount: $158,000; Cedar Creek (Nm); Lot 11; Block1

Seller(s): Sooner Traditions LLC; Buyer(s): Flint, Steven W. and Trishayne S.; Amount: $208,760; Belmar North 01 (Blk 1-6); Lot 1; Block4

Seller(s): Harbor Homes Inc.; Buyer(s): DeGroote, Jerome P. and Nancy J.; Amount: $222,219; Talavera Section 4 (Blk 28-33); Lot 18; Block29

Seller(s): Marr, Steven P.; Buyer(s): Milam Joe M. 2004 Revocable Trust, March 29, 2004; Amount: $282,700; Rio De Bella Add 01; Lot 2; Block1

Seller(s): Ryan, Carmel A.; Buyer(s): Bailey, Joshua E. and Ryan-Bailey, Alexis D.; Amount: $100,000; Pecan Creek South; Lot 99

Seller(s): Forh, Ian M. and Lucimara; Buyer(s): Stewart, Judith; Amount: $121,000; Cedar Brook 02 Blk 01-02; Lot 9; Block1; Bounds: E/2; Cedar Brook 02 Blk 01-02; Lot 10, 11; Block1

Seller(s): Mashburn Faires Homes LLC; Buyer(s): Galindo, Marty and Michelle; Amount: $297,500; Legacy, The 04 (Blk16-20); Lot 13; Block17

Seller(s): David Williams Contracting Inc.; Buyer(s): Barrett, Anthony M. and Lacy A.; Amount: $117,500; Brookhaven 43 Blk 1; Lot 6; Block1

Seller(s): Goodman, Wendell and Wanda; Buyer(s): Harris, Hannah L.; Amount: $140,000; East Hills Add 01 Blk 01-05, A-B and (Correction); Lot 9; Block7

Seller(s): Lynch, Justin E.; Buyer(s): Frazier, Darrell W. and Denise L.; Amount: $327,000; STR: 4-10N-4W; Bounds: Part AKA Tract 11 Prairie Creek Estates; Descript: NW

Seller(s): Ideal Homes Of Norman LP; Buyer(s): Turley, Cory and Deidra; Amount: $190,500; Greenleaf Trails Add 04 (Blk 1-4); Lot 4; Block3

Seller(s): Colony Homes LLC, AKA Colony Homes Inc.; Buyer(s): Davis, Richard S. and Sara K.; Amount: $151,977; Apple Valley 08 (Blk 14-17); Lot 13; Block15

Seller(s): Million, Andrew T. and Jillian; Buyer(s): Peasel, Terrence Joesph, AKA Peasel, Terrence Joseph; Amount: $101,462; Spring Brook Add 02 Blk 01-06; Lot 3; Block6

Seller(s): Custom Builders Of Oklahoma LLC; Buyer(s): Rothfusz, Lans P. and Kathy J.; Amount: $670,529; Vista Springs Estates Addition Section 2 Final; Lot 19; Block2

Seller(s): Flemig, Jo A., AKA Flemig, Jo W.; Buyer(s): Flemig, Michael A., II; Amount: $137,000; Prairie Creek Add 02 Blk 01-10; Lot 21; Block6

Seller(s): Applewood Development LLC; Buyer(s): Norman, Oliver M. and Emily T.; Amount: $262,913; Chardonnay At The Vineyard Phase 1 (PUD); Lot 17; Block1

Seller(s): Sturges, Ken and Delinda; Buyer(s): Jamerson, Warren C. Jr. and Jamerson, Monley T.; Amount: $112,000; J D Estates Blk 01-30; Lot 12; Block17

Seller(s): Chadwell, Gerrod; Buyer(s): Alvarez, Jose A. Fuentes and Fuentes, Jennifer A.; Amount: $138,000; Tecumseh Meadows Addition 02; Lot 20; Block1

Seller(s): Provine, Jeffrey and Oliphant, Courtney; Buyer(s): Simmons, Sandra E.; Amount: $124,000; Meadowood Estates Add Blk 01-07; Lot 5; Block5

Seller(s): Bergen Property Management LLC; Buyer(s): Jackson, Christopher A.; Amount: $235,000; Lincoln Add Lot 01-16; Lot 2; Bounds: Part

Seller(s): Raprich, Chrystal G., FKA Staton, Chrystal G.; Buyer(s): Nievez, Andrew C.; Amount: $108,000; Welchs South Add 00 Blk 01-09, A-E; Lot 38; Block6

Seller(s): Fleshman, Bobby L. and Allison; Buyer(s): Nge, Aung Maung and Tint, San San; Amount: $120,000; Sonoma Park 02 Blk 01-02; Lot 4; Block2

Seller(s): Maynard, Don A. Jr. and Rebakah D.; Buyer(s): Fournier, Candice; Amount: $170,000; Carriage Park 00 Blk 01-05; Lot 8; Block5

Seller(s): Colony Homes LLC, FKA Colony Homes Inc.; Buyer(s): Campbell, Colin F. and Kelsey L.; Amount: $175,000; Apple Valley 08 (Blk 14-17); Lot 2; Block16

Seller(s): Walker, Steven A. and Janice C.; Buyer(s): Pulliam, Tracy Fawn; Amount: $129,900; Pennsylvania South 04 Blk 01-05, 07-10; Lot 3; Block10

Seller(s): Albright Duane and Joann Revocable Trust, July 13, 2010; Buyer(s): Allison, Marsha L.; Amount: $144,000; Santa Fe Villas Blks 1-6, A and B; Lot 2; Block6

Seller(s): Chambers, Lewis R. and Brandy M.; Buyer(s): Bailey, Robert James Jr. and Amanda; Amount: $149,900; Green Valley Estates 04 Blk 15-17; Lot 25; Block15

Seller(s): Couch, Gary and Gina; Buyer(s): Ragland, Christy; Amount: $125,500; Ramblin Oaks 02 Blk 03-09; Lot 18; Block5

Seller(s): Premont, Earl R. and Dina M.; Buyer(s): Hutsell, Tara; Amount: $169,900; Pennsylvania South 06 Blk 01-04; Lot 15; Block