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May 26, 2014

real estate transactions

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — The following real estate transactions recently were recorded in the office of the Cleveland County Clerk:

Seller(s): Stephens, Diane C.; Buyer(s): BTRA V LLC; Amount: $106,500; Wildflower Add 04 (Blks 16-20), Lot 5, Block 18

Seller(s): Mikulecky, Kevin and Traci; Buyer(s): Marshall, Kevin A.; Amount: $136,000; Meadow Lake Add 03 Phase 01Blk 8-10 (Replat), Lot 14, Block 8

Seller(s): Hodge, Kenneth C. and Gloria S.; Buyer(s): Kressin, Debbie L.; Amount: $120,000; Turtle Creek Estates Lot 01-44, Lot 35, Block

Seller(s): Sandhu, Allah Ditta and Bibi, Manzooran; Buyer(s): Chadwell, Letch Jonathan and Jillian Gabrieal; Amount: $203,000; Deerfield Addition, Lot 4, Block 2

Seller(s): Royal Park Business Development LLC; Buyer(s): Thirty5 West Apartments LP; Amount: $1,740,000; Royal Rock 03 (Blk 1 Lts 1-4), Lot 4, Block 1

Seller(s): Dechant, Desiree; Buyer(s): Green, James and Genella; Amount: $131,000; Winepark Add 01 Blk 01-04, Lot 3, Block 1

Seller(s): Johnston, Shannon L.; Buyer(s): Gardner, Alma J.; Amount: $120,023; Northmoor Add 01 Blk 01-07, Lot 19, Block 6

Seller(s): Jones, Trentan and Kary; Buyer(s): Griffith, Greg A. and Donna M.; Amount: $146,000

Seller(s): Blue Ribbon Construction LLC; Buyer(s): Francis, John P. and Cindy; Amount: $309,900; Arbor Meadows (Blks 1-4), Lot 16, Block 3

Seller(s): Sheridan LLC, By Westpoint Developers LLC; Buyer(s): Pederson, Timothy and Traci; Amount: $155,000; Alameda Park Add 03 Blk 1-5, Lot 9, Block 4

Seller(s): Kahkesh, Manooch and Vickie; Buyer(s): SAB One Inc.; Amount: $840,000; STR: 22-10N-3W; Bounds: Part; Descript: S S SW

Seller(s): Federal National Mortgage Association; Buyer(s): Wallace, Kenneth E. and Drake, Barbara A.; Amount: $270,000; STR: 20-10N-4W; Bounds: AKA Tract 1 Fawn Hill; Descript: NE

Seller(s): Broadbent, Vincent; Buyer(s): Bigelow, Allison M. and Dunaway, Eric D.; Amount: $116,000; Trailwoods Addition 02 PUD, Lot 9, Block 2

Seller(s): CA McCarty Construction LLC; Buyer(s): Venk, Ryan and Brittany; Amount: $502,000; Arbor Lake Add 05 Blk 1-4, Lot 23, Block 2

Seller(s): McNatt, William Robert and Regena Rae; Buyer(s): Ford, Heather K.; Amount: $162,000; River Oaks 03 Blk 12-14, Lot 12, Block 12

Seller(s): Woodfork, Vanessa R.; Buyer(s): Baumgartner, Christopher M.; Amount: $146,000; East Ridge Add 03 Blk 01-03, Lot 38, Block 1

Seller(s): DeCroo, Dustin Wayne and Jennifer; Buyer(s): Marley, Steven R.; Amount: $148,000; Valley View Add Blk 01-06 (Original and Replat) Norman, Lots 15, 16, Block 4

Seller(s): Sellers, Kathie J.; Buyer(s): Branton, Ross A. and Rachel D.; Amount: $126,500; Rock Creek Polo Club 03 Blk 01-03, Lot 8, Block 2

Seller(s): Walker, Karen R.; Buyer(s): Bledsoe, Anna Kelly; Amount: $153,000; Woodlake Estates 01 Blk 01-02, Lot 22, Block 2

Seller(s): Foster, Morris Wade and Cuccio, Joan Fay; Buyer(s): Richison, R. Randall Revocable Living Trust; Amount: $357,519; Landts 02nd Add Blk 01-10 and (Replat Blk 3), Lot 11, Block 3

Seller(s): Condict, Coleman Nolen; Buyer(s): Lee, David W. and Kathy L.; Amount: $132,000; Quailbrook 01 Blk 01-05, Lot 16, Block 1

Seller(s): McLerran, David A. and Roxanna R.; Buyer(s): Spriggs, Shawn and Melissa; Amount: $115,000; Baers Westmore Add 04 Blk 18-19, Lot 16A, Block 18

Seller(s): Wilkerson, Beverly J.; Buyer(s): Lokie's Legacy II LLC; Amount: $124,000; Shadowlake Village 01 Blk 01-07, Lot 1, Block 4

Seller(s): Loft 401 LP; Buyer(s): Little, Steven L. and Melissa S. Revocable Trust, Dec. 12, 2013; Amount: $200,000; Loft 401 Condo, Lot , Block 308

Seller(s): Patton, Erica M.; Buyer(s): Mourabit, Mohamed; Amount: $148,900; Eastlake Estates Blk 01-03, Lot 2, Block 1

Seller(s): Seven Ed LLC; Buyer(s): Hudzinski, Shannon Lynn; Amount: $146,500; East Ridge Add 19 Blks 1-5, Lot 18, Block 2

Seller(s): Ibanez Living Trust, Aug. 19, 1997; Buyer(s): Martinez, Lydia; Amount: $138,000; Winfield II Sec 07 (Blks 42-47), Lot 15, Block 46

Seller(s): Martin, Donna K.; Buyer(s): Dean, Cory A.; Amount: $124,000; Sand Rock Springs Add Blk 01-04, Lot 5, Block 3

Seller(s): 4 Corners Construction LLC; Buyer(s): Koelsch, Cody Ray and Amanda Christine; Amount: $282,502; Pepperwell Oaks, Lot 7, Block 4

Seller(s): Romero, Daisy, by Attorney In Fact; Buyer(s): Miller, Derick; Amount: $110,500; STR: 26-10N-1W; Bounds: Part; Descript: N

Seller(s): US Bank NA; Buyer(s): Nelson, Christopher and Hoyeon; Amount: $119,320; Woodcrest Estates 07 Blk 01-04, Lot 7, Block 3

Seller(s): Ideal Homes Of Norman LP; Buyer(s): Moody, James A. and Micah S.; Amount: $269,790; Red Canyon Ranch 03 (Blk 1-4), Lot 21, Block 1

Seller(s): MKB Family LP; Buyer(s): Landmark-McCaleb LLC; Amount: $130,000; Heatherwood Add 01 Blk 01-06, Lot 2, Block 6

Seller(s): Mashburn Faires Home LLC; Buyer(s): Llewelyn, Christie; Amount: $325,439; Legacy, The 04 (Blk16-20), Lot 2, Block 20

Seller(s): Vasquez, Edgar A. and Julie L.; Buyer(s): Linway Property Management LLC; Amount: $110,000; Westland Add Blk 01-12, Lot 11, Block 6

Seller(s): King, Brandon and Raegan; Buyer(s): Hagstrom, Edward R.; Amount: $189,900; Stone Meadows South 03, Lot 1, Block 18

Seller(s): Davis, Edward Jr. and Francisa; Buyer(s): Sharp, Lonzo; Amount: $169,000; Wingspread Add 06 Blk 23, Lot 12, Block 23

Seller(s): Katleron Construction; Buyer(s): Webb, Travis W. and Angela J.; Amount: $214,765; Williamson Farms Add 05 (Blks 30-36), Lot 15, Block 34

Seller(s): MTGLQ Investors LP, by Attorney In Fact; Buyer(s): Bottoms, Jeffrey Charles; Amount: $135,000; STR: 15-10N-1W; Bounds: Part; Descript: NE

Seller(s): Decker, Amanda Sue, by Attorney In Fact and Decker, Haydn Guthrie and Monique C.; Buyer(s): Doerfel, John S. and Ken Sue; Amount: $134,900; Northern Hills Addition Blks 01-03, Lot 9, Block 1

Seller(s): Sooner Traditions LLC; Buyer(s): Jackson, Austin Ray; Amount: $209,900; Belmar North 01 (Blk 1-6), Lot 18, Block 3

Seller(s): Green Haven Homes Inc.; Buyer(s): Colcord, Phyllis; Amount: $225,000; Summerhill, Lot 16, Block 1

Seller(s): Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., Trustee; Buyer(s): Rice, Stephanie and Roberts, Colin; Amount: $154,000; Brookwood V Blk 01-04, Lot 9, Block 1

Seller(s): Singhisen, Robert S. and Leigh; Buyer(s): Singhisen, Nicole Evonne; Amount: $160,000; Greenbriar Eastlake Estates 15 Blk 72-73, Lot 8, Block 73

Seller(s): Skyridge Homes Inc.; Buyer(s): Rowlan, Abbyba M.; Amount: $215,900; Summit Lakes Add 08 Blk 1-6 and Correction, Lot 2, Block 5

Seller(s): Green, Sarah M.; Buyer(s): Perry, Jason B. and Emily E.; Amount: $173,000; Cambridge Place 04 Blk01-2andB, Lot 3, Block 1

Seller(s): Flanagan, Charles C. and Theresa D.; Buyer(s): Calfy, Buck E. Jr.; Amount: $220,000; Brookhaven 01 Blk 01-05, Blk A, Lot 9, Block 1

Seller(s): Sparkman, Chance Patrick and French, Kera; Buyer(s): Hart, Timothy M. and Andrea L.; Amount: $248,000; Summit Lake Villas 01 Blk 01-06, Lot 16, Block 1

Seller(s): Barnes, Thayne Kevin and Shannon Leigh; Buyer(s): Ringo, James P. and Robin S.; Amount: $434,900; Brookhaven 35 Blks 01-04, Lot 9, Block 4

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