The Norman Transcript

July 6, 2013

real estate transactions

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Seller(s): Schuff, James M.; Buyer(s): Fleming, Oney and Brenda; Amount: $220,986; Williamson Farms Add 03 (Blk 22-25); Lot 5; Block24

Seller(s): Vesta Homes Inc; Buyer(s): Mascorro, Jose C. and Faires, Amy M.; Amount: $169,600; Williamson Farms Add 02 (Blk 18-21); Lot 3; Block21

Seller(s): Chasse, John F. and Marylee; Buyer(s): Simons, Patti R.; Amount: $129,000; Briarwood Creek 03 Blk 05, 06, 08, 10; Lot 13; Block10

Seller(s): 4 Corners Construction LLC; Buyer(s): Knight, Robert W.; Amount: $256,818; Pepperwell Oaks; Lot 25; Block6

Seller(s): Campbell, Timothy and Erin R.; Buyer(s): Rausch, Kyle and Leigh Ann; Amount: $155,000; Pilots Haven Add 02 Blk 03-04; Lot 7; Block3

Seller(s): Stanton Jane Elizabeth Revocable Trust; Buyer(s): Fried, Jack B. and Valerie J.; Amount: $268,000; Highland Village Add 05 (Blks 1-4); Lot 5; Block2; Highland Village Add 05 (Blks 1-4); Lot 4; Block2 Bounds: Part

Seller(s): Polymathic Properties Inc; Buyer(s): Davis, Jennifer L.; Amount: $135,000; Kensington Place Sec 02 (Blks 4-7); Lot 7; Block7

Seller(s): Marks, Thomas R. and Amy A.; Buyer(s): Bradford, Kevin D. and Rebecca Ann; Amount: $131,000; Royal Oaks Add 00 Blk 01-07and(Replat); Lot 5; Block6

Seller(s): Hatley, Joshua A. and Sarah J.; Buyer(s): Collins, Rodney and Kylie; Amount: $119,500; Americana Estates Add 00 Blk 01-02; Lot 1; Block1

Seller(s): Johnson, C. R. and Teresa A.; Buyer(s): Harris, Dennis Wayne and Gay; Amount: $322,610; Cascata Lakes 01 Blks 1-4; Lot 4; Block1

Seller(s): Robertson, John T. and Robberson-Redding, Amber N.; Buyer(s): Fipps, Allin Ray and Chelsea Megan; Amount: $127,000; Parkwoods Add 00 Blk 01-03; Lot 9; Block1

Seller(s): Muirfield Inc.; Buyer(s): McGuire, Joann M.; Amount: $317,536; St James Park 03 (Blks 1-5, Common Areas A-K); Lot 8; Block4

Seller(s): Marks, Bryan J. and Lisa Reichard; Buyer(s): Pangburn, Joshua N. and Martha A.; Amount: $178,000; Oak Creek 03 (Moore) Blks 8-10; Lot 6; Block9

Seller(s): J. W. Mashburn Development Inc; Buyer(s): Jonson, Donnie Joe; Amount: $278,652; Legacy, The 06 (Blk 25-29); Lot 17; Block27

Seller(s): McDonald Bryan W. and Faith A. Rev Liv Trt, Sept 4 2009; Buyer(s): Gibran Properties LLC; Amount: $142,500; Grover Addition Blk 01-02; Lot 10; Block2 Bounds: E 10 feet; Grover Addition Blk 01-02; Lot 11; Block2

Seller(s): Haworth Homes LLC; Buyer(s): Brophy, Erin T. and Sara L.; Amount: $233,705; Seiter Farms Add 02 (Blk 4 and 5); Lot 10; Block5

Seller(s): Diamond Homes Inc; Buyer(s): Knight, Christine Louise; Amount: $213,000; Summit Valley Addition; Lot 5; Block2 Seller(s): STK Construction L L C; Buyer(s): Ferris, Chris C.; Amount: $192,000; Brentwood Addition; Lot 25; Block1

Seller(s): Telley, Murlene Worth; Buyer(s): Beach, Scott Robert; Amount: $169,000; Westland Add Blk 01-12; Lot 14; Block7

Seller(s): Harvest Homes Properties L L C; Buyer(s): Harris, Calvin E. and Terrisha; Amount: $204,500; Brentwood Addition; Lot 19; Block1

Seller(s): Evans Stephen and Candace Living Trust; Buyer(s): Urosevic, John; Amount: $110,000; Shadowlake Village 04 Blk 19-22; Lot 6; Block19

Seller(s): Pitts Lori Ann Revocable Trust, April 1 2010; Buyer(s): Knowles, Russell A. and Nicole R.; Amount: $345,000; Church Hill Estates; Lot 37

Seller(s): Turner, Michael E.; Buyer(s): Nunn Paul B. Revocable Living Trust, May 11 2007; Amount: $110,000; Cross Timbers Add 04 Blk 09-11; Lot 10; Block11

Seller(s): Red Dragon L L C; Buyer(s): Hooper Rental L L C; Amount: $120,000; Edgemere Add 02 Blk 01-03; Lot 10; Block1

Seller(s): Rapp, Phillip Scott and Carrie; Buyer(s): Oldaker, Andrew J.; Amount: $170,000; Bel-Aire Add 03 Blk 01-05, A; Lot 7; Block2

Seller(s): Riese, Scott Andrew and Ashley; Buyer(s): Ray, Alan G. and Valerie D.; Amount: $145,000; Brookwood Village 02 Blk 05-18; Lot 22; Block14

Seller(s): Curtis, Micah L. and Susan Marie; Buyer(s): Elios 2011 L L C; Amount: $168,000; Meadow Ridge Estates 01 Blk 01-02; Lot 6; Block1

Seller(s): Taylor, Christopher M.; Buyer(s): Orr, Tommy L. and Carolyn J.; Amount: $119,900; Greenbriar East Lake Estates 04 Blk 07-09, 11-16, 18, C; Lot 3; Block14

Seller(s): Brown, Joseph B. and Kimberly A.; Buyer(s): Smith, Jared R. and Rachel L.; Amount: $350,000; Highland Hills 02 Blk 01-03; Lot 6; Block3

Seller(s): Townsend, Andy and Kayla; Buyer(s): Justice, Carol G., Justice, Shirley A., and Justice, Susan G.; Amount: $116,900; Parkside 02 Add Blk 01-03; Lot 21; Block1

Seller(s): Chastain Family Trust; Buyer(s): Webb, David W.; Amount: $310,000; Brookhaven 12 Blk 01-02; Lot 21; Block2

Seller(s): Berkenbile, Charles A. and Amy L.; Buyer(s): Federal National Mortgage Association; Amount: $208,500; Villas at Cascata Lakes Sec 01; Lot 6; Block2

Seller(s): Monroe, Lisa Ann and Langenbach, Amy Louise; Buyer(s): Childress, Michael Jay and Laura K.; Amount: $175,000; Smoking Oaks South 00 Blk 01-02; Lot 17; Block2

Seller(s): T G V Investment III L L C; Buyer(s): Kueter, Ryan E.; Amount: $148,900; Park Hill Add PUD; Lot 11; Block1

Seller(s): Vintage Custom Homes L L C; Buyer(s): Foster, Stephen J. and Kari; Amount: $245,250; STR: 29-10N-1W; Bounds: Lot 3, Timbers at Black Stone, Section #3; Descript: SW

Seller(s): Kelley, Calvin Dale and Jennifer R.; Buyer(s): Brannon, Brad A.; Amount: $138,000; Eagle Cliff Add 06 Blk 01-03; Lot 8; Block2

Seller(s): Mashburn Faires Homes L L C; Buyer(s): Banky, David Todd and Traci; Amount: $206,342; South Lake Manor Sec 02 (Blk 6); Lot 8; Block6

Seller(s): High Strive Constructions L P; Buyer(s): Huang, Liwen; Amount: $113,500; Apple Village 03 (Blk 1-2); Lot 28; Block2

Seller(s): Beurer, Daniel V. III; Buyer(s): Jones, Andrew Nicholas; Amount: $126,000; Leafcrest Estates Add 00 Blk 01-07; Lot 24; Block2

Seller(s): Thompson Richard G. Irrevocable Trust; Buyer(s): Peck, Levi and Billie Sue; Amount: $137,900; Lakewood Terrace Blk 01-04; Lot 10; Block3

Seller(s): Holleyman, Kerri; Buyer(s): Nguyen, Long Tan and Minh Hanh Thi; Amount: $152,000; Stonegate Manor 01 Blk 01-03; Lot 12; Block2

Seller(s): Venter, Robert A. and Rebecca A.; Buyer(s): Chatham Cecil C. and Lillie M. Living Rev Trust, December 29 2008; Amount: $170,000; Highland Park 06 Blk 08-12; Lot 2; Block8

Seller(s): Rice, Sabrina S.; Buyer(s): Wood, Larry Brandon and Sara K.; Amount: $145,000; Royal Oaks Add 00 Blk 01-07and(Replat); Lot 8; Block4

Seller(s): Merten, Michael D. and Andrea M., AKA Borela, Andrea M.; Buyer(s): Blackwell, Marcus Craig and Amber Renae; Amount: $164,000; Blue Stem Ridge Add 02 Blks 3-8; Lot 9; Block7

Seller(s): Draper, Ronald W. and Melanie; Buyer(s): Thompson-Clark, Stephanie A.; Amount: $229,500; Rivendell 04 Blk 02, 03, 09, 15, 16; Lot 3; Block16

Seller(s): Yi, Yong Cha; Buyer(s): Robinson, Tyler J.; Amount: $144,500; Stone Meadows South 04; Lot 26; Block23

Seller(s): Fowlkes, Jerry and Rhonda; Buyer(s): Guy, John Claud and Jeanie J.; Amount: $146,000; Shadowlake Village 02 Blk 08-18; Lot 7; Block13

Seller(s): Brady's Plaza L L C; Buyer(s): Macody Properties L L C; Amount: $347,500; Greenbriar Office Park 00 Blk 01-02; Lot 9; Block1

Seller(s): Chilson, Phillip B. and Christa; Buyer(s): Barnes, Jonathan Kelly and Evan J.; Amount: $265,000; College Manor Add Blk 01-13; Lot 5; Block12

Seller(s): Campbell, Anjelea B.; Buyer(s): Rowell, Mason D. and Ellen M.; Amount: $126,000; Deerfield Addition 05 Final Plat; Lot 2; Block1

Seller(s): Hornbeek, Richard E., Amy S., Hornbeek, R. Thomas and Hornbeek, Mark E.; Buyer(s): Vanderburg, Denny Gene and LeFlore, Leah E.; Amount: $128,900; Classen-Miller Add (All); Lot 19, 20; Block9

Seller(s): Gann, Kerry Dale and Susan Victoria; Buyer(s): Ryal VanHoose Investments L L C; Amount: $230,000; Ross Add Blk 01-03; Lot 16; Block1

Seller(s): Morris, Rick L. and Kimberly A.; Buyer(s): Divine, David A. and Ashley; Amount: $156,000; Prairie Creek Add 02 Blk 01-10; Lot 10; Block6

Seller(s): Fallen Arches L L C; Buyer(s): 1972 Properties L L C; Amount: $191,500; Larshs D L 01st Add Blk 02-08, 10-12, 69-70(&Replat); Lot 8; Block8; Larshs D L 01st Add Blk 02-08, 10-12, 69-70(&Replat); Lot 9; Block8 Bounds: E 17'

Seller(s): Robson, Kenneth F. and Louella Leigh; Buyer(s): Stockton, Keith and Valerie; Amount: $198,500; Brookside Add Blk 01-03 and (Amended Plat) Norman; Lot 7; Block1; Brookside Add Blk 01-03 and (Amended Plat) Norman; Lot 8; Block1 Bounds: W 40'

Seller(s): Huchteman, Martin K. and B. Jeanne; Buyer(s): Hill, Crag A. and Schneider, Laurie B.; Amount: $246,000; Cambridge Add 08 Blk 01-03; Lot 13; Block1

Seller(s): Haynes, Janice P.; Buyer(s): Samaniego, Ronald and Sylvia; Amount: $155,500; Katie Ridge Add 01 Blks 1-3; Lot 14; Block1

Seller(s): Mendel, Kevin J. and Wendy L.; Buyer(s): Chapman, Matthew D. and Amber D.; Amount: $189,000; Rock Creek 01; Lot 3; Block3

Seller(s): Fisher, Sean and Erin, FKA Hamilton, Erin; Buyer(s): Woods, Joshua Blake and Laura E.; Amount: $129,900; Crestland Est 00 Blk 01-10; Lot 8; Block1

Seller(s): Willa Construction Co Inc; Buyer(s): Ives, Ryan T.; Amount: $308,113; Legacy, The 05 (Blk 21-24); Lot 10; Block23

Seller(s): Hale, Richard D. and JoAnn D.; Buyer(s): Forinash, Brette L.; Amount: $140,000; Boyd View 02 Blk1-5 and (Revised Plat); Lot 13; Block1

Seller(s): Hanchett, Daniel T. and Lee, Shannon R.; Buyer(s): Dennis, Daniel and Lindsay; Amount: $108,500; South Gate Blk 01-87; Lot 2; Block71

Seller(s): Lance, Scott; Buyer(s): Baldwin, Kevin M. and Robbi G.; Amount: $122,500; Greenbriar East Lake Estates 06 Blk 23-30; Lot 29; Block27

Seller(s): Dorman, Dianna M. and Claborn, Sandra L.; Buyer(s): Moore, Jeffery D. and Stephanie Dawn; Amount: $333,500; Hoffman Heights Lot 01-16; Lot 16

Seller(s): Noble, Dana S.; Buyer(s): Porter, Robert H. and Sandra Lynn; Amount: $135,000; Winfield II Sec 05 (Blks 34-37); Lot 7; Block36

Seller(s): Alford, Marvin D. and Jennifer; Buyer(s): SC Holding Series LLC-Series U; Amount: $122,500; Wildflower Add 04 (Blks 16-20); Lot 4; Block20

Seller(s): Morris, Matthew E. and Tracy E., by Attorney In Fact; Buyer(s): Kimes, John R. and Carissa; Amount: $200,000; Hawthorne Place 02nd Blk 01-02 (Lot A Open Space); Lot 7; Block2

Seller(s): Wilkos, Christopher T.; Buyer(s): Christman, Josef A. and Johnson, Brenna F.; Amount: $155,000; Meadow Run 3rd Add; Lot 13; Block11

Seller(s): Weaver, Clois S., Jr. and Lisa M.; Buyer(s): Brace, Mark L. and Sandra; Amount: $164,000; Greenleaf Trails Add 03; Lot 4; Block3

Seller(s): Montgomery, Brian F.; Buyer(s): SD Lake L L C and SD GWF L L C; Amount: $109,000; Americana Estates Add 00 Blk 01-02; Lot 11; Block2

Seller(s): Hill, Ryan S. and Peggy F.; Buyer(s): Ulrich, Rebecca E.; Amount: $157,500; Pearson Estates 01 Blk 01-04; Lot 26; Block3

Seller(s): R & R Dream Homes L L C; Buyer(s): Outlaw, Patrick J.; Amount: $264,385; STR: 5-7N-1W; Bounds: Tract 13 Ridgeview Estates Sec 2; Descript: SW NE

Seller(s): Mountaineer Investments L L C; Buyer(s): Morris, David L.; Amount: $125,000; Heatherwood Add 01 Blk 01-06; Lot 1; Block4

Seller(s): Sutton, Lewis and Santiago, Hailey, FKA Sutton, Hailey, AKA Sutton, Haley E. Santiago; Buyer(s): Rodriguez, Josue; Amount: $140,000; Wingspread Add 02 Blk 09-16; Lot 14; Block15

Seller(s): Starly, Binil and Sam, Nidhi; Buyer(s): Pratt, Kimball and Barbara; Amount: $265,000; Highland Village Add 02 (Blks 1-2); Lot 12; Block2

Seller(s): Phillips, Deanna; Buyer(s): Lee, Shannon Nicole; Amount: $135,000; Pennsylvania South 04 Blk 01-05, 07-10; Lot 9; Block9

Seller(s): Voss, Daryle D. and Sherri R.; Buyer(s): Ross, Lee A. and Sharolyn K.; Amount: $472,000; Brookhaven 37 Blk 1-3; Lot 21; Block3

Seller(s): Blackwell, Marcus C. and Amber; Buyer(s): Cochran, David; Amount: $129,900; Regency Park 05 Blk 44-53; Lot 8; Block50; Bounds: E 56'

Seller(s): Knudsen, Richard C. and Joan G.; Buyer(s): McKinney, Richard S. and Sharon L.; Amount: $105,250; Westfield Manor Add Blk 01-08; Lot 3; Block6; Bounds: W 35'; Westfield Manor Add Blk 01-08; Lot 4; Block6; Bounds: E 40'

Seller(s): McFall, Westbury Roth and Darby Katherine; Buyer(s): Cline, Thomas J. Jr; Amount: $167,000; Berry Estates Add 00 Blk 01-05, and Lot 6 Blk "A"; Lot 1; Block3

Seller(s): Jannsco L L C; Buyer(s): Loeffelholz, Phyllis; Amount: $115,000; Colonial Estates 08th Blk 01-09; Lot 12; Block7

Seller(s): Hummel, Nathanial J. and Jennifer; Buyer(s): Kilgore, Brandon S.; Amount: $148,000; Tecumseh Ridge 02; Lot 4; Block2

Seller(s): Gemini Development Corporation; Buyer(s): Nath, Pravin and Beaverson, Amy B.; Amount: $387,500; Arbor Lake Add 04; Lot 3; Block1

Seller(s): Maxey Kenneth L. Living Trust; Buyer(s): Draper, Ronald W. and Melanie K.; Amount: $416,500; Greenbriar Kingswood 03 Blk 26, 27, 29, 31, Common Area G-H; Lot 6; Block29

Seller(s): Shubert-Trissel, Julie; Buyer(s): Perkins, Rebecca A.; Amount: $153,000; Country Place Add 03 Blk 06-08; Lot 8; Block7

Seller(s): Norman Land Investment Co L L C; Buyer(s): Capricine Investment Group; Amount: $3,848,000; Colonial Estates 03rd Blk 01; Lot 1; Block1; Bounds: Part

Seller(s): Spears, Travis K. and Couts-Spears, Koni L.; Buyer(s): Bias, Chad; Amount: $200,000; STR: 5-9N-1W; Bounds: Part; Descript: NE

Seller(s): Home First Inc; Buyer(s): Harris, Randolph and Bonnie and Harris, Sandra J; Amount: $437,000; Turtle Lake 01 (Blks 1-3 Common Lot A); Lot 6; Block2

Seller(s): Plowman, Dolores A., by Attorney In Fact; Buyer(s): Cochran, Sharon; Amount: $109,900; Ranchwood Villas 02 Blk 06-11; Lot 20; Block11; Bounds: Less W 4'

Seller(s): Nakagawara, Van Bern and Janice Verner; Buyer(s): Lowery, Charles G. and Bobbie A.; Amount: $235,000; Lakeridge Run 04 Blk 01-17, Common Lot A-C; Lot 6; Block13

Seller(s): Hostetter, Mark Earl and Bonnie; Buyer(s): Gilliland, Afton; Amount: $112,500; Shadowlake Village 04 Blk 19-22; Lot 7; Block20

Seller(s): Rabon, John Jacob III and Pritchard, Kim Phuong; Buyer(s): Crall, Joseph and Kasie; Amount: $187,000; Stone Meadows South 02; Lot 8; Block12

Seller(s): Crowdis, Casey and Jennifer; Buyer(s): Smith, Russell D. and Meeley-Smith, Marjorie A.; Amount: $125,500; Silver Leaf Manor 02 Blk 01-07, Blk A - B and Replat; Lot 4; Block1

Seller(s): Huizar, Juvenal, by Attorney In Fact; Buyer(s): Endsley, Keith W. II; Amount: $122,250; STR: 18-10N-1E; Bounds: Part - Tr 13 Deer Creek Estates; Descript: E SW

Seller(s): Williamson, Stan G. and White, Theresa A.; Buyer(s): TTS and H L L C; Amount: $124,500; Hollywood Add Blk 01-03, A; Lot 13; Block1

Seller(s): First Oklahoma Construction Inc; Buyer(s): Girdner, Donna; Amount: $237,252; Summit Lakes Add 10; Lot 2; Block2

Seller(s): Whalen, Brian C.; Buyer(s): Jones, Thomas J.; Amount: $188,750; Creeks At Wimberley Add 02; Lot 31; Block7

Seller(s): Johnson, Charles M. and Teresa A. Tyra; Buyer(s): Wyman, Mark T. and Kirstin M.; Amount: $159,000; Cambridge Add 03rd Blk 01-03; Lot 30; Block1

Seller(s): Winchester, Curtis and Margaret L.; Buyer(s): Kumher, David and Clara; Amount: $159,000; WindRidge Estates Lots 01-34; Lot 34; Block1; Bounds: Part

Seller(s): Lynch, Michael J. and Mindy C.; Buyer(s): Horning, Gary J.; Amount: $192,000; Rock Creek 03 Final Plat; Lot 28; Block7

Seller(s): Craftsmanship Homes Co Inc; Buyer(s): Rosenstein, Edward Allen and Penny M.; Amount: $305,000; Foxmor Estates Phase One; Lot 4; Block1

Seller(s): High Strive Construction L P; Buyer(s): Ellithorp, Brian D.; Amount: $130,662; Apple Village 03 (Blk 1-2); Lot 48; Block2