The Norman Transcript

May 26, 2013

Money best way to help right now

By Jed Dembowski
The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — After a week like this, it’s tough trying to find a place to start. The tornadoes that tore through central Oklahoma on May 19 and 20 were devastating to many communities. 

I was on the way to pick my boys up early from school in Norman on Monday when the sirens went off.  So I rushed back to my house while my boys took cover from the storm, one in a locker room, the other under a desk.

My wife and I watched in horror as the tornado grew stronger as it headed for Moore. The destruction and devastation were hard to comprehend. As we learned that schools were leveled by the storm, I couldn’t help but think about my boys and be so thankful that they would be coming home safe.

Almost everyone who lives in this area has a personal connection to the storms. The people affected are our co-workers, friends, family members and neighbors. That is why we all want so badly to help any way we can.

There will be lots of help needed in the weeks and months to come, but the best way to help right now is to donate money. Let the relief organizations decide the best way to help the victims of the storms. If you want to donate items, make sure they are specifically requested by a relief agency. Many times, in situations like this, clothes and other items linger for months without a place to go.

United Way of Norman is collecting funds to help our partners working on the relief efforts in Moore, Little Axe, Bethel Acres and other communities. You can give online at Those donations will be distributed without administrative fees to our partners at the American Red Cross and Salvation Army.

You can also donate directly to those agencies through text message:

· American Red Cross: Text REDCROSS to 90999 for a $10 donation

· The Salvation Army: Text STORM to 80888 for a $10 donation