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September 1, 2013

Verify contractor registration before hiring

Transcript Staff
The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — The Construction Industries Board is reminding Oklahoma homeowners and business owners to verify a roofing contractor’s registration is in good standing before hiring for roofing work.

Properly registered roofing contractors are required to renew their registration by June 30. If they did not timely renew their roofing contractor registration, their status was changed to “not in good standing.”

Second letters were mailed to those registered roofing contractors who did not timely renew, notifying them that they must renew their registration by Aug. 30 or their status would be changed from “not in good standing” to “suspended.”

Not only is a roofing contractor required to be registered, but the status of the registration must be in good standing before engaging in roofing contractor work.

A person may not engage in the roofing business nor act in the capacity of a roofing contractor without a valid Oklahoma roofing contractor registration. Before soliciting, advertising, signing contracts and acting as a roofing contractor, a roofing worker must be registered; and plumbing, electrical and mechanical (heat and air/HVAC) workers must be licensed in Oklahoma.

There may be limited exceptions described in the law, which is provided on CIB’s web page: State license or registration numbers are required on all vehicles, bids, proposals and advertisements.

“Property owners need to be vigilant and protect themselves and their property by obtaining current information on roofing contractors. Verifying roofing registration is an important and easy step toward reducing the risk of ‘let the buyer beware,’” said Janis Hubbard, CIB administrator. Consumers should verify a contractor’s CIB license or registration at or 521-6550.

The CIB is the state agency licensing and registering more than 11,000 roofing, electrical and mechanical (heat and air/HVAC) contractors. Anyone who is paid to perform plumbing, electrical and mechanical (heat and air/HVAC) repair on a home must be licensed by the CIB and registered for roofing work.

Additional information is available at the CIB’s website,, and 521-6550.