The Norman Transcript

September 8, 2013

real estate transactions

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Seller(s): Texten Homes LLC; Buyer(s): Pendulum Properties LLC; Amount: $129,000; East Ridge Add 19 Blks 1-5; Lot 2; Block3

Seller(s): Martin, Chad B. and Cassie A.; Buyer(s): Caldwell, Lester; Amount: $120,000; STR: 14-10N-1E Bounds: Part Descript: SW

Seller(s): Baker Melessa Ann Revocable Trust, Aug. 8, 2013; Buyer(s): Haider, Junnaid and Hamdani, Najma; Amount: $435,000; Vineyard Phase II PUD Blks 3-7, D-F; Lot 9; Block6

Seller(s): Bachman, Bruce A. and Evelyn K.; Buyer(s): Wilson, Michael Tyler; Amount: $226,000; Lakeridge Run 01 Blk 01-07; Lot 8; Block5

Seller(s): EZ Living Homes Inc.; Buyer(s): Leggett, Jehan; Amount: $325,000; Williamson Farms Add 01 PUD (Blk 1-17); Lot 8; Block12

Seller(s): Hazelton, John E.; Buyer(s): El Harif, Amine; Amount: $166,000; Greenbriar Eastlake Estates 16 Blk 74-76; Lot 5; Block74

Seller(s): Regional Ventures Inc.; Buyer(s): O'Neil, Terrence Michael Patrick John and Carol Lynn; Amount: $326,750; Foxmor Estates Phase Two; Lot 10; Block5

Seller(s): Champion, Robert Guerry; Buyer(s): Prior, Bradley D. and Heather M.; Amount: $209,900; Russell Estates Blk 01-02; Lot 4; Block1

Seller(s): Ideal Homes Of Norman LP; Buyer(s): Marcussen, Ole M. and Jo Anne; Amount: $233,401; Red Canyon Ranch 03 (Blk 1-4); Lot 9; Block2

Seller(s): Loflin, John W. Jr. and Malinda N.; Buyer(s): Webster, Terry E.; Amount: $127,450; Mayfield Add 02 Blk 06-12; Lot 2; Block9

Seller(s): Mashburn Faires Homes LLC; Buyer(s): Walline, Chad J. and Rebecca A.; Amount: $312,392; Rock Creek 05 (Blk 8-11); Lot 5; Block8

Seller(s): Ideal Homes Of Norman LP; Buyer(s): Rhodes, Leslie Ann; Amount: $156,194; Trailwoods Addition 06 PUD (Blk 1-2); Lot 19; Block1

Seller(s): TGV Investments LLC; Buyer(s): Han, Cynthia Denise; Amount: $136,900; Park Hill Add PUD; Lot 3; Block2

Seller(s): Elmore, Tim and Lana; Buyer(s): Breeden, Gerald and Toscani, Wendy; Amount: $315,000; STR: 27-10N-2W Bounds: Tract # 8 and 9 Rustic Creek Descript: SW

Seller(s): Cornwell Lisa M. Living Trust, Jan. 12, 2011; Buyer(s): Carrel, Aaron L.; Amount: $107,500; STR: 8-8N-1E Bounds: Tract 10 HandL #9 Descript: N SE SE NW

Seller(s): Hughes, Robbie Lee, by Attorney In Fact; Buyer(s): Dunn, Jeffrey O.; Amount: $103,000; Blue Lakes Add Blk 01-07; Lot 2; Block7

Seller(s): Highlands LLC; Buyer(s): Horstkoetter, Terry and Iris; Amount: $227,900; St James Park 04 (Blks 1-5 Common Areas A-B); Lot 3; Block2

Seller(s): Taber Built Homes LLC; Buyer(s): Linck, Russell L. and Teesha L.; Amount: $326,000; Olde Rockwell Estates 02; Lot 9; Block5

Seller(s): Green Hill Builders LLC; Buyer(s): Jenkins, Dakota A.; Amount: $136,089; Tecumseh Meadows Addition 03 (Final Plat); Lot 11; Block1

Seller(s): Cedarland Homes LLC; Buyer(s): Stice, Bryan; Amount: $185,580; Williamson Farms Add 02 (Blk 18-21); Lot 1; Block19

Seller(s): Vesta Homes Inc.; Buyer(s): Benshoof, Brent A. and Paula D.; Amount: $191,500; Winfield II Sec 09 (Blks 51-54); Lot 19; Block53

Seller(s): Jackson, Alan Scott Jr. and Leah A.; Buyer(s): Kelly, Joseph Bryan and Joan Marie; Amount: $268,000; Brookhaven 04 Blk 01-07; Lot 1; Block7

Seller(s): Ideal Homes Of Norman LP; Buyer(s): Lind, Christopher and Blaine Rae; Amount: $230,949; Red Canyon Ranch 03 (Blk 1-4); Lot 4; Block2

Seller(s): Avance, Jeremy D. and Carey; Buyer(s): Corrales, Michael J.; Amount: $345,000; Brookhaven 32 Blk 01-05; Lot 9; Block2

Seller(s): Harbor Homes Inc.; Buyer(s): Yuthas, Jennifer J.; Amount: $219,578; Cedar Lane 01; Lot 27; Block1

Seller(s): Winkler, David E.; Buyer(s): Murray, Ryan C. and Hunt, Jamie L.; Amount: $157,000; STR: 36-10N-1W Bounds: Part Descript: N SW NW SW

Seller(s): Morgan, Cody Ryan and Kayla; Buyer(s): Humphrey, Travis S.; Amount: $129,000; Crystal Heights 03 Blk 01-04; Lot 7; Block2

Seller(s): Hurlbut, Phillip R. Jr. and Kimberly; Buyer(s): Gable, Michael; Amount: $115,000; Eastmoor Add Blk 01-29, A-C; Lot 10; Block8

Seller(s): Williamson, Bonnie J.; Buyer(s): Ratcliffe, Stephanie C.; Amount: $155,900; Winfield II Sec 03 Blks 22-26; Lot 7; Block26

Seller(s): Bryan, Robert I. and Cloma L., Harrison, N. Gene and Lily T., Karm, Dwight and Cynthia S., Mahaffey, Kenda S., Rutledge, Charles E. and Maxine Harrison, FKA Harrison, Maxine Theresa Broussard, Harrison, Tommy C. and Louise and Harrison, Ronnie J. and Sandra; Buyer(s): Burns, Jeffery Ray and Candace Renee; Amount: $118,000; Cherry Creek 02 Blk 01-06; Lot 6; Block6

Seller(s): STK Financials LLC; Buyer(s): Bridge, Richard and Mankins, Jennifer; Amount: $199,900; Brentwood Addition; Lot 26; Block1

Seller(s): Bales, Adam C. and Stacy Christine; Buyer(s): Deewall, Kent and Stover, Mary E.; Amount: $137,000; STR: 12-8N-1W; Bounds: Part Tract 18 Whispering Oaks; Descript: E

Seller(s): Secretary Of Veterans Affairs; Buyer(s): Jacobson, Janie E.; Amount: $128,000; Deerfield Addition 04; Lot 7; Block3

Seller(s): Colony Homes LLC, FKA Colony Homes Inc.; Buyer(s): Sorrells, C. Leroy and Kaylee R.; Amount: $165,805; Apple Valley 08 (Blk 14-17); Lot 14; Block16

Seller(s): DSW/LAF-2 LLC, By Manager; Buyer(s): Fitness International LLC; Amount: $2,891,764; Fritts Addition 02; Lot 1; Block1

Seller(s): Waller Homes LLC; Buyer(s): Alexander, Joseph D. OKC 119th LLC; Amount: $279,935; Rio Toscano 02 (Blk 8-12); Lot 1; Block9

Seller(s): Torbati Family Revocable Trust, Jan. 26, 2005; Buyer(s): McClay, Wilfred Mark and Julie Holt; Amount: $393,000; Blue Creek Est 01 Blk,A-E (Lot 14, 15 and 16 Blue Creek Add); Lot 9; Block1

Seller(s): Abney, Danny Ray and Glenda Kay; Buyer(s): Taylor, David and Judy; Amount: $197,000; Greenbriar Kingsbrook 02 Blk 03-04; Lot 7; Block4

Seller(s): Ezell, Travis Lee and Dana Susanne, AKA Stevens, Dana Susanne, AKA; Buyer(s): Miller, Joshua Kyle and Lori Kathleen; Amount: $242,500; Lake Woods Sec. 04 (Blks 10-13); Lot 22; Block10

Seller(s): Vesta Homes Inc.; Buyer(s): Eckerd, Annette M. and Linens, Constance A.; Amount: $181,400; Williamson Farms Add 02 (Blk 18-21); Lot 16; Block21

Seller(s): Vesta Homes Inc.; Buyer(s): Hoffman, Lisa E.; Amount: $190,600; Williamson Farms Add 02 (Blk 18-21); Lot 4; Block21

Seller(s): Slusher, Matthew N. and Sherrill Solomon; Buyer(s): Lile Revocable Living Trust; Amount: $212,950; Bergamo; Lot 6; Block4

Seller(s): Wyers, Dustin R. and Summer L.; Buyer(s): Buckley, John D. and Melissa S.; Amount: $143,000; Apple Valley 06; Lot 1; Block3

Seller(s): Beckham, Mike and Heather; Buyer(s): Cody, DeAnn L.; Amount: $131,000; Prairie Creek Add 02 Blk 01-10; Lot 5; Block8

Seller(s): Florida Construction Inc.; Buyer(s): Hall, Matthew Wayne and April D.; Amount: $257,000; Cobblestone Creek III Blks 3-5; Lot 9; Block3

Seller(s): Thompson, Kate C.; Buyer(s): Thompson, James J. and Patricia S.; Amount: $147,500; Smoking Oaks South 02 Blk 01-04; Lot 11; Block2

Seller(s): Da Vinci Enterprises Inc.; Buyer(s): Marks, Thomas R. and Amy; Amount: $376,525; Hallbrooke Add Sec 04 (Blk 1-6); Lot 10; Block3

Seller(s): 4 Corners Construction LLC; Buyer(s): Affleck, Kim; Amount: $193,587; Hunter's Bluff (Lot 1-28); Lot 5; Block1

Seller(s): Hartman, Nathan W., by Attorney In Fact; Buyer(s): Jarski, Scott M.; Amount: $159,900; Katie Ridge Add 03; Lot 40; Block3

Seller(s): Morehead, Patricia M.; Buyer(s): Merritt, Michael A. and Kimberlee A.; Amount: $230,000; Cambridge Add 07th Blk 01-02; Lot 17; Block2

Seller(s): Thompson, Tyson L. and Micha R.; Buyer(s): Studley, Lisa M.; Amount: $203,000; Park Hill Add PUD; Lot 13; Block8

Seller(s): Scott, Steven and Catherine G., FKA Nededog, Catherine; Buyer(s): Wells, Michael L. and Shannon D.; Amount: $218,500; Castlerock Add 04 Blk 01-03; Lot 4; Block3

Seller(s): Wilson, James Allen and Shari D.; Buyer(s): Gilbert, Angela Katie; Amount: $111,000; Silver Leaf Manor 00 Blk 01-09 and Blk E; Lot 6; Block6

Seller(s): Postlethwaite, Jeffrey and Jennifer; Buyer(s): Baker, Esther Viginia; Amount: $177,000; Talavera 02; Lot 18; Block12

Seller(s): RAK Investments Inc.; Buyer(s): Cook, Kristi; Amount: $140,000; Highland Park 05 Blk 05-07; Lot 1; Block7

Seller(s): Cedar Lane LLC; Buyer(s): Horton D. R. Texas LTD OK; Amount: $119,700; Cedar Lane 01; Lot 3; Block2; Cedar Lane 01; Lot 6; Block2; Cedar Lane 01; Lot 44; Block3

Seller(s): Taylor, Terry N. and Eather E.; Buyer(s): Flynn, Kelly M.; Amount: $169,900; Greenbriar Kingspark 00 Blk 01-04, 06, 08, 09; Lot 8; Block2

Seller(s): Ross, Paul F. and Christina; Buyer(s): Kappler, Zachary S.; Amount: $112,000; Dublin Bay Add 02; Lot 5; Block6

Seller(s): Vaughn, Roland II and Leighanne; Buyer(s): Cannon, Jonathan Kyle; Amount: $175,000; Prairie Creek Add 03 Blk 01-06; Lot 29; Block5

Seller(s): Jacob, Roy G. and Reena; Buyer(s): Berry, Keith R. and Verna L.; Amount: $184,900; Apple Valley 06; Lot 6; Block2

Seller(s): Romanello, Lona Dee; Buyer(s): Rowland, Todd N. and Sara L.; Amount: $250,800; Rock Creek 04; Lot 4; Block1

Seller(s): Guertin, Kevin L. and Keri D.; Buyer(s): Smith, Brandt K. and Angela B.; Amount: $280,000; Westermier Farm Est; Lot 24; Block1

Seller(s): Julian, Jason P. and Victoria E.; Buyer(s): Cummins, Chris and Sharice; Amount: $201,400; Woodlake Estates 02 Blk 01-02; Lot 6; Block1

Seller(s): Schuermann, David and Emily; Buyer(s): Beale, Joshua and Leanne; Amount: $205,000; Hall Park 06 Blk 01-08; Lot 11; Block3

Seller(s): Tucker, Randal G.; Buyer(s): Prescott, Anthony L.; Amount: $172,000; Hall Park 03 Blk 04-16; Lot 9; Block4; Bounds: Less S 5'

Seller(s): Hervey, Frank A. Jr. and Michelle A.; Buyer(s): Burgos-Fernandez, Francisco; Amount: $155,000; Briarwood Creek 05 Blk 11-13; Lot 1; Block13

Seller(s): Thompson, Jason Eric and Jill; Buyer(s): Neeley, Franklin and Vernona; Amount: $100,000; Ramblin Oaks 02 Blk 03-09; Lot 2; Block7

Seller(s): Phillips, Patricia Louise; Buyer(s): McKinney, Wayne D. and Kelley K.; Amount: $185,000; Oak Ridge 03 (Moore) Blks 10-13; Lot 8; Block12

Seller(s): JW Mashburn Development Inc; Buyer(s): Burns, Gregory A. and Blanca C.; Amount: $235,500; Legacy, The 06 (Blk 25-29); Lot 2; Block27

Seller(s): Baer Hall Homes Corp.; Buyer(s): Larkin, Brandon John and Elizabeth Ann; Amount: $217,690; Talavera Section 4 (Blk 28-33); Lot 7; Block32

Seller(s): Gander, Christopher A. and Lindsay R.; Buyer(s): Steward, J. Trent L. and Ashley Ann; Amount: $164,000; Country Place Add 05 (Blks 15-21); Lot 1; Block18

Seller(s): Dowling, Richard and Burla; Buyer(s): Evans, Jerry and Stella V.; Amount: $173,000; Pennsylvania South 07 Blk 01, 03-05; Lot 23; Block3

Seller(s): Young, Wanda L.; Buyer(s): Terrill, Angela R.; Amount: $133,000; Pennsylvania South 04 Blk 01-05, 07-10; Lot 16; Block9

Seller(s): Braun, Lyle and Kathleen; Buyer(s): Holguin, Aristeo S. and Mabel E.; Amount: $115,300; Newmoor Addition Blk 01-14; Lot 6; Block2

Seller(s): Providence Investment Group LLC; Buyer(s): Lemons, Johnny Len; Amount: $179,900; Lake Woods Sec. 06 (Blk 16-19); Lot 3; Block16

Seller(s): 4 Corners Construction LLC; Buyer(s): Dean, Corey; Amount: $374,716; STR: 29-10N-1W Bounds: Lot 13 Timbers At Black Stone #3 Descript: SW

Seller(s): Johnson, Gregory K. and Mary Paige; Buyer(s): Summers, Marty L. and Stephanie L.; Amount: $574,500; Rio De Bella Add 01; Lot 11; Block6

Seller(s): Johnson, Dustin R. and Diana R.; Buyer(s): Tran, Vinh Q. and Thuy T.; Amount: $110,000; Alameda Park Add 02 Blk 01-07; Lot 13; Block2

Seller(s): Herter Ellis and Shirley Living Trust, July 5, 2000 By Trustee and Oklahoma City Storage and Mgt. Facility LLC; Buyer(s): Marsh, Kathy; Amount: $247,500; Williamson Farms Add 01 PUD (Blk 1-17); Lot 20; Block16

Seller(s): Battle, Brandon F. and Darla J.; Buyer(s): Chlouber, Keith V. and Shannon M.; Amount: $313,000; Southern Preserve The, Phase I; Lot 7; Block7

Seller(s): Garrison, Lisa; Buyer(s): Minney, Jacki K.; Amount: $126,000; Greenbriar Kingsbrook 04 Blk 07-10; Lot 6; Block19

Seller(s): Hudgins, David L. and Abigail J.; Buyer(s): Attia, Alan I. and Gerlinde R.; Amount: $135,000; Tecumseh Meadows Addition 02; Lot 7; Block1

Seller(s): Far Ridge Inc.; Buyer(s): Sandhu, Iftikhar A. and Saeeda S.; Amount: $100,000; Brookhaven 42 Blk 1-2; Lot 5; Block1

Seller(s): Haws, Alan and Deloros; Buyer(s): Loman, Sherie; Amount: $150,000; Crossroads West 06 Blk 01-05; Lot 3; Block1

Seller(s): Patton, Wilson T.; Buyer(s): Kerley, Jordan B. and Tiffany M.; Amount: $149,950; Royal Oaks Add 06 Blk 01-03; Lot 24; Block2

Seller(s): Lohman Investments LLC; Buyer(s): Wright, Aaron B. and Natalie Paige; Amount: $175,000; Blue Lakes Add Blk 01-07; Lot 7; Block4

Seller(s): Gray, Curtis Lee and Danielle; Buyer(s): Wieden, Christina; Amount: $234,500; Westwood Estates Blk 10-16; Lot 10; Block11

Seller(s): Mashburn Faires Homes LLC; Buyer(s): Crain, Anthony and Lauren; Amount: $265,313; Legacy, The 04 (Blk16-20); Lot 12; Block17

Seller(s): Vogel Thomas E. Revocable Trust, Sept. 26, 2007; Buyer(s): Knight, Dallas W. and Booth, Amanda L.; Amount: $139,900; Greenbriar Kingspark 03 Blk 11-15, 17; Lot 1; Block14

Seller(s): Ideal Homes Of Norman L P; Buyer(s): Beatty, Matthew Wesley and Yukie; Amount: $191,998; Country Place Add 10 (Blk 32-34); Lot 6; Block32

Seller(s): Braun, William K. G. and Ruth E.; Buyer(s): Dinan, Jerome Dario Aldo; Amount: $256,500; Oakridge Estates 02 Blk 01-03; Lot 2; Block2

Seller(s): Foreman, Billy Joe and Dana D.; Buyer(s): Nguyen, Linda K.; Amount: $174,000; Northridge Addition; Lot 64; Block1

Seller(s): Ideal Homes Of Norman L P; Buyer(s): McCabe, Klanci; Amount: $173,603; Trailwoods Addition 06 PUD (Blk 1-2); Lot 16; Block1

Seller(s): Murrow, David and Louisia; Buyer(s): Woody, Christopher Ray and Levonna M.; Amount: $203,000; Lake Woods Sec. 06 (Blk 16-19); Lot 1; Block18

Seller(s): Studley, Lisa Marie; Buyer(s): Jump, Kevin S.; Amount: $168,000; Hall Park 03 Blk 04-16; Lot 3; Block4

Seller(s): Chastain, Dennis L. Jr. and Elizabeth A.; Buyer(s): Santos, Elizabeth; Amount: $140,250; Greenbriar Kingspark 02 Blk 04-05, 07, 10; Lot 9; Block5

Seller(s): Rhea, Joseph David; Buyer(s): Smith, Brenda; Amount: $200,000; Oak Ridge 03 (Moore) Blks 10-13; Lot 23; Block11

Seller(s): Taber Built Homes LLC; Buyer(s): Martin, Susan; Amount: $261,990; Rock Creek 06 and (Replat 16 and 17 Blk 8 and 16 Blk 11Rock Creek 5); Lot 13; Block4

Seller(s): Quantum Development LLC; Buyer(s): Lawson James and Linda L. Revocable Trust, Oct. 18, 1996; Amount: $142,000; Oakhurst Add 02 Blk 05-08; Lot 13; Block5

Seller(s): Bradley Stephen Edward Living Trust, Nov. 10, 2005; Buyer(s): Fleming, Cindy; Amount: $144,900; Steeplechase Condo; Lot 33

Seller(s): Sanders, Stephen Thomas and Kristy; Buyer(s): Smith, James D. and Phyllis A.; Amount: $162,500; Estells Country Club Estates Blk 01-02, A; Lot 27; Block2

Seller(s): Martin, Gregory A.; Buyer(s): Tanksley, Quinn E.; Amount: $131,500; East Hills Add 04 Blk 01-06; Lot 5; Block4

Seller(s): Campbell, Vance N. and Julia M.; Buyer(s): Casey, Patricia S.; Amount: $125,000; Greenbriar East Lake Estates 04 Blk 07-09, 11-16, 18, C; Lot 2; Block9

Seller(s): 89th & Bryant LLC; Buyer(s): Goff, Robyn L.; Amount: $128,401; Bryant Place 01 (Blk 1-6); Lot 15; Block1

Seller(s): Hamilton, Robert D. and Jamey D.; Buyer(s): Crosby, Gary L. and Mary Jane; Amount: $112,000; Prairie Creek Add 00 Blk 01-08, 10; Lot 19; Block7

Seller(s): Gass, Lanette D.; Buyer(s): Morris, Lynn H. and Karen Hood; Amount: $339,000; Vineyard Phase III Final Plat; Lot 5; Block12

Seller(s): Werning, Maria; Buyer(s): Risinger, Theron A. and Edwards, Chelsea R.; Amount: $262,500; Carrington Place Add 01 Blk 01-05 Lot A; Lot 4; Block1

Seller(s): Heitz, Philip Marc and Pamela Louise; Buyer(s): Wallace, Ronald Lee; Amount: $1,281,000; STR: 4-8N-1W Bounds: Part Descript: E

Seller(s): Ryan, Andrew J. III and Bernadean R.; Buyer(s): Dale, John V. and Rawls, Mary K.; Amount: $135,000; Prairie Creek Add 03 Blk 01-06; Lot 4; Block6

Seller(s): Mengers, Karl A. and Dea A.; Buyer(s): Valentine, Christina C.; Amount: $114,900; Alameda Park Add 01 Blk 01-05; Lot 5; Block1

Seller(s): Swami, Angela, AKA Veitch, Angela N.; Buyer(s): Sutter, Craig; Amount: $238,000; Highland Village Add 03 (Blks 1-4); Lot 10; Block3

Seller(s): Cies Properties Inc.; Buyer(s): JCM Enterprises LLC; Amount: $400,000; Brookhaven 41 Blk 1-2; Lot 1, 2, 3, 14, 15; Block1

Seller(s): Nash, William Larry and Robyn Renee; Buyer(s): O'Neal John P. Living Trust, July 29, 1992; Amount: $135,000; Lakewood Terrace Blk 01-04; Lot 29; Block4

Seller(s): HKM LLC; Buyer(s): Greenlee, Robert and Julie A.; Amount: $177,000; Winfield II Sec 09 (Blks 51-54); Lot 15; Block53

Seller(s): Schrems, Edward G. and Schrems, Dallas A.; Buyer(s): McAllister, Darrell and Lisa Kay; Amount: $124,000; Hilltop Add Blk 01-11, A, B and Replat; Lot 20; Block4

Seller(s): Black Oak Properties LLC; Buyer(s): Bolt, David Jason and Audrey; Amount: $149,000; Bel-Aire Add 03 Blk 01-05, A; Lot 11; Block3

Seller(s): Ellison, John and Dawn; Buyer(s): Bill and Ann Harris Family LLC; Amount: $112,900; Prairie Creek Add 00 Blk 01-08, 10; Lot 4; Block8

Seller(s): Chiles, Stephen and Mary Jane; Buyer(s): Campbell, Vance N. and Julia M.; Amount: $233,000; Oak Ridge 02 (Moore) Blks 05-09; Lot 1; Block7

Seller(s): Cullwell, Aaron James and Watts, Shelby Dawn, AKA Graham, Shelby Dawn and Lightfoot, Tom L. and Bonnie; Buyer(s): Kinzer, David S. and Paulette J.; Amount: $247,000; Rock Creek 04; Lot 7; Block1

Seller(s): Del Sordo, Carol R.; Buyer(s): Rendon, Noe and Lupe V.; Amount: $154,150; Woods, The; Lot 5; Block2

Seller(s): Lopez Rancho Grande LLC; Buyer(s): Long, Christopher B.; Amount: $105,000; STR: 25-10N-4W Bounds: Part Descript: E SE SE NE

Seller(s): A-List Construction Inc.; Buyer(s): Hnes, Dennis Wade and Tami Jo; Amount: $225,000; Brentwood Addition; Lot 27; Block1

Seller(s): Danrich LLC; Buyer(s): Tuschmann, Sean and Laura; Amount: $170,000; Heatherwood Add 03; Lot 11; Block4

Seller(s): Nguyen, Alphonso Deo Campo and Tung and Caldwell, Troy T. and Nguyen, Rosetta M.; Buyer(s): Ayer, Herley J.; Amount: $170,500; Winfield II Sec 09 (Blks 51-54); Lot 2; Block51

Seller(s): Miller, Marcus Wayne and Christy L.; Buyer(s): Newberry, Grant D. and Amanda L.; Amount: $168,000; Winfield II Sec 07 (Blks 42-47); Lot 10; Block47

Seller(s): Kinzer, David S. and Paulette; Buyer(s): Pierce, Eric; Amount: $120,000; Amber Ridge 01 Blk 01-03; Lot 4; Block2

Seller(s): Velazquez, Alberto B. Jr. and Lindsey Marie; Buyer(s): Seeley, Jadrea A.; Amount: $196,000; Landing The; Lot 39; Block1

Seller(s): Gay, Larry R. and Brenda Suzette; Buyer(s): Garcia, Tony L.; Amount: $161,700; Royal Oaks Add 04 Blk 01-02 (Replat); Lot 23; Block2

Seller(s): Bachman, Samantha R. and Bachman, Stephen D. and Tamara A.; Buyer(s): Barrow, Jonathan J. and Jessica L.; Amount: $219,900; Summit Lakes Add 09; Lot 15; Block2

Seller(s): Herron, Bryan A. and Rikki L.; Buyer(s): Campbell, Patrick and Amanda; Amount: $163,000; Meadow Run 3rd Add; Lot 1; Block10

Seller(s): Loft 401 LP; Buyer(s): Juraszek, Joseph D.; Amount: $167,000; Loft 401 Condo; Lot 307

Seller(s): Black Oak Properties LLC; Buyer(s): Farzaneh, Vahid and Sarah; Amount: $133,900; Eagle Cliff South Add 02; Lot 7; Block2

Seller(s): Bhagat, Navnit G. and Smita N.; Buyer(s): City Park Rentals LLC; Amount: $149,000; Woodcreek Add 05 Blk 01-03 A,B; Lot 20; Block2

Seller(s): Tylka, Daniel F. and Vanessa R.; Buyer(s): Clark, Derek M. and Carrie A.; Amount: $273,500; Brookhaven 21B Blk 01-05; Lot 14; Block3

Seller(s): Sisco, Pauline W.; Buyer(s): Lyon, Keith R. and Shaver, Shanna Michelle; Amount: $175,000; Hansmeyer Heights 01 Blk 01-03 (Correction); Lot 9; Block3

Seller(s): Infinity Homes LLC; Buyer(s): Chabiel, Ronald A. and Karen C.; Amount: $150,000; Country Place Add 05 (Blks 15-21); Lot 9; Block17

Seller(s): Madden, Samuel G. and Darla L.; Buyer(s): Bryant, Chad and Rebekah; Amount: $147,500; Royal Oaks Add 03 Blk 01-02; Lot 6; Block1

Seller(s): Wolf, Jaci Lynn, by Attorney In Fact and Ivins, William E., by Attorney In Fact; Buyer(s): Elzi, William and Jessica; Amount: $113,250; Sky Ranch Add 02 Blk 12-19; Lot 22; Block13

Seller(s): Lloyd, Chris and Rachael Lynn; Buyer(s): Montgomery, Whitney Dee; Amount: $225,500; Talavera 03; Lot 17; Block23

Seller(s): Conner, Linda F.; Buyer(s): Strudgeon, Garrett; Amount: $112,000; Baers Westmore Add 05 Blk 20-26; Lot 1A; Block20

Seller(s): Williams, Chad and Crystal G.; Buyer(s): Coyner, Brandi S.; Amount: $121,500; Meadow Lake Add 03 Phase 02 (Replat Blk 8,10,11,12); Lot 10; Block13