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January 12, 2014

Will and choice

By Chris Edge
The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Nov. 24 marked the anniversary of my mother’s passing. It was years ago. Mom was the true writer in the family, but from time to time in her absence and in an effort to honor her memory, I will pick up a pen and attempt to be a writer.

We all gather on the occasion, not to grieve but to celebrate life — particularly her life. We reminisce about the good times and are thankful for the joy she brought to our lives and the lives of others.

Life is truly a precious and divine gift. If you ask 10 people “what is the meaning of life?” you will hear 10 different opinions. One thing is certain, much about life only applies if you assume the existence of God.

Our human nature, coupled with an awareness of “self,” differentiates us from all other living creatures. God’s grace expressed through free will empowers us to choose how we will traverse life’s rugged and unpredictable landscape.

Free will allows us to choose to touch the lives of others, some of whom are less fortunate than ourselves.

We build upon a foundation established by our forefathers and pray our efforts lead to a stronger union and a more compassionate nation whose people understand the importance of a generous heart. We choose to believe in one nation, built by one people, under the direction of one true God.

It is our good fortune as Americans to be the caretakers of a Constitution, the declaration and Bill of Rights, documents written more than two centuries ago. Documents that contain the basic values and principles upon which our country was built. The right to life is boldly and unequivocally stated in these manuscripts, and they have stood the test of time.

Our belief in these principles is why we represent freedom to an imprisoned world and why the presence of our flag signifies a safe harbor for those who find themselves in harm’s way.

President John F. Kennedy once stated, “Although children may be the victims of fate, they will not be the victims of neglect.”

Our failure to address the social decay that leads to unintended and unwanted pregnancies, conceived by men and women with little moral fortitude or sense of responsibility, has given the world and its people the wrong message and, in itself, is neglectful.

Correcting this injustice to those not yet born will reassure all of our commitment to the preservation of every life as if it were our very own.

The forces required to drive the universe are immense. As for me, this is proof enough of the existence of a power far greater than ourselves. With this knowledge, we should realize it is our uniqueness that binds us together, and we should not let our petty differences tear us apart.

Perhaps now is the time to assert your free will and make a choice about the gift of life, but before doing so, ask yourself a few questions:

1. Do I believe that life is priceless?

2. Do I believe in freewill and the sanctity of life?

3. Do I believe in moral integrity?

4. Do I believe in good or evil?

5. Do I believe in one true God?

Before you choose, remember one very important fact. Christ began his life in the fetal state for a reason, developed into a precious child and grew to become a man and a prophet who ultimately fulfilled his own divine destiny.

As recorded by scripture, Christ: 1) believed in the sanctity of life, especially the lives of children;

2) believed in the free will of mankind to choose to follow him or choose to reject him;

3) believed in the moral integrity necessary to see his passion come to fruition;

4) believed in the goodness of his people being more powerful than the evil of his enemies; and most importantly,

5) believed in God, his father.

By God’s design, we possess the gift of free will to choose what we believe to be true or false, right or wrong, good or evil.

The inappropriate choice within the vision of our creator may very well cost one their soul. So choose wisely.

Dr. Christopher A. Edge is a primary care physician in Norman.

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