The Norman Transcript

November 11, 2012

Are we reaching in or out to one another?

By Joe Ted Miller
The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — When I read and hear what people say about what or whom they believe or want to believe, I wonder how we could do better in the way we learn and work and play together.

Shouldn’t we reach out more to learn from others what’s on their minds and in their hearts? Wouldn’t that increase the possibility that others would reach in to us to learn what we think and wonder about?

Wouldn’t it make for a good discussion if everyone reached out to another to share what questions they ask themselves? I’ll bet more of us than we realize ask the same questions. Why not share what we learn from ourselves so we can learn what others learn from theirselves?

In this time of so many having their own opinions but not being interested in what others think, wouldn’t there be a better opportunity for understanding and for building community if we reached out to show our interest in what others think and feel?

We don’t have many campfires to gather around, but we do live near one another. Why not try to bridge the different opinions and insights we all have by getting together now and then learning from one another’s wisdom? There are so many people in Norman to choose from. Why not choose those you’d like to learn with and invite them over for an hour of care and share.

I am amazed at how when people of differing interests and professions and backgrounds and foregrounds get together and really say what’s on their minds and listen to what others think about, they learn from one another. We learn from one another and sometimes even change our minds about what we thought was our absolute truth.

Our forbearers in our democracy and republic came together in the midst of a lot of differences. Gradually, they came up with a way they felt and believed would be more representative of everyone than a monarchical form of government. They were way ahead of the times, and it worked. Everyone counts.

They wanted us each to do our part and vote for what we each think is best, but they also set up a system of governing for the people as well as by the people. Even though we finished voting, we each still count and so do our individual opinions. Those we elect represent us, but they need us to help them do so.

Let’s keep on reaching out to learn and to share with one another to become even better.

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