The Norman Transcript

September 18, 2012

Speaking of Democratic (Luddite) Party

By Bruce Kessler
The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — The Democratic Party has become the Luddites of our day. 

Call them the Luddite Party. The name is based on a British social movement formed during the 19th century. The movement was named after Ned Ludd, a young man who destroyed several massive mechanical looms in protest of the Industrial Revolution. Later, he was given an imaginary status and was known as King Ludd who lived in Sherwood Forest.

The Luddites were characterized by the practice of destroying private property as a means of protest. Sound familiar?

The Democratic Party, led by the Obama administration, has embraced the Luddite movement. The Democrats’ spin on this movement includes the destruction of the Constitution, marriage, individual exceptionalism, natural gas and oil exploration, unborn babies, Medicare and health care.

In fact, the voices we heard echoing down the halls of the Democratic (Luddite) Party’s Convention was one of extremism, not Americanism.

Did you notice the floor vote to reinstate to the platform the single mention of God and the mention of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel? That was extreme.

Not just once but over and over the convention speakers kept comparing all Republicans to Nazis. That was extreme.

One speech after another conveyed the idea that government makes up our community and solves our problems: Basically, we are all special but no one is really unique. That is extreme.

Rarely was there any mention of our children’s education needs and struggles. Why did we need to hear people like Sandra Fluke shout and rail about the need for taxpayers to pay for contraceptives and abortions when people can hardly afford to buy gas or decent clothes for their children? That is extreme. Yet, she is the face of this modern Luddite party.

The Occupy Wall Street and environmentalist are an essential component to this new Luddite Party, as they, too, have adopted the concept of “collective bargaining by riot.”

Take the OWS who denigrate, ridicule, destroy private property, who are absolutely clueless to what they are really stand for with rants like, “The marriage between capitalism and democracy is over,” and who hate an evil empire called the “1 percent.”

Take the environmentalists who gleefully are shutting down one coal plant after another (more than 600 so far) and, in the process, are happily destroying real families in a time when every job counts.

Sacrifices must be made. 

These folks attack fracking (the proven, safe process that is needed to drill miles into the earth to reach massive amounts of natural gas) with unsupported claims, slanders, distortions and insults against companies made up of hard-working people. Contrary to popular belief, the EPA acknowledges that no drinking water has been polluted by fracking in any findings to date.

Yet, the chant from this new, modern-day Luddite Party is still ringing off the walls (or peeling the paint off the walls) of the Democratic Party’s Convention: “Corporations are not people. No more profits.” Now, that’s extreme.

Bruce Kessler lives in Norman.