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April 27, 2014

We need to find a silver lining in our dark cloud

By Chris Edge
The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — The first anniversary of the Newtown, Conn., incident has come and gone.

It was the Newtown shooting that prompted me to ask the following question: “Why did we as a nation, of people from various backgrounds and beliefs, become so upset and enraged over the death of these children with whom we had no personal history and yet apparently feel nothing for the 57 million, yes million, “electively” aborted children of America?”

The only answer I could discern that seemed remotely reasonable, but not acceptable, is that we were exposed over and over to pictures of the victims at happier times in their young lives when smiles filled their faces. Those images were contrasted with images of grieving parents, siblings, relatives and friends, but their faces were filled with sadness.

Obviously, these terrible images brought directly into our homes and lives remind all of us of the reality that those once living and beautiful children are now gone. How could we not help but feel the pain of their loss?

The children of Newtown who were so violently taken from us are not unlike the electively aborted children of America who also are violently taken from us.

If one were to make a comparison of these unfortunate children whose ultimate destiny is wrongfully chosen for them — one by the hand of “fate” and one by the hand of “man” — then the following would apply.

Both possessed a physical form. Both held within them a beating heart. Both were full of unlimited potential. Both responded to the sounds of life. Both “cried out” in that moment. Both needed our protection. Both deserved a chance at life. Both were priceless. Both are irreplaceable. “All” are children of God.

In comparison, they are not so different after all and were merely at different ages and stages of development, as we all are throughout the process we call “life.” We all failed to save them and, therefore, in some way, we all will be held responsible, not only for their destruction but for our failure of not reacting to end the slaughter.

However, an opportunity awaits us. The anniversary of “Roe v. Wade” just passed. If a moral, ethical and even scientific argument cannot prevent the killing of innocent children, then perhaps at the moment conception is confirmed, we simply do one or all of the following: 1) take an intrauterine image, 2) record the heartbeat, 3) assign the date of life and the expected date of birth and 4) produce a computer-generated picture of what he or she will look like at approximately nine lunar months later.

Maybe then we will see if, as a nation of people who proclaim “In God We Trust,” we are capable of allowing the continued “manslaughter” of children in America. This idea may seem extreme to some and ridiculous to others, but it would provide an opportunity for these apparently unwanted, unloved and inconvenient accidents of life a “chance” to take their first breath, leaving the rest up to God.

According to the Bible, James 1:17, “All that is good, all that is perfect, is given us from above; it comes down from the Father of all light; with him there is no such thing as alteration, no shadow caused by change.”

If this is true, we now have a ”chance” to resurrect something noble and good from the Newtown tragedy.

A “chance” to “find a silver lining” in what has become a very dark cloud. A “chance” to reverse “Roe v. Wade.” A “chance” to put a smile back on the face of our God. “Then” just think of the possibilities.

This is offered in reverence to the families, especially to the children, who have been lost to mankind but fortunately saved by God.

Dr. Chris Edge is a longtime Norman physician.

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