The Norman Transcript

September 6, 2012

Parties should embrace a compromise

By Vince Orza
The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — I’m not sure why the Democrat and Republican conventions meet, since they already have their platforms and candidates.

Both parties think they have all the answers and the other party has none. Compromise isn’t even a consideration, which is why they haven’t created a budget in three years.

In politics, unlike everywhere else in life, “compromise” is a dirty word. The Israelis and Egyptians compromised and signed a peace treaty. A Soviet/American compromise kept the world from nuclear war. Husbands and wives compromise or they wind up divorced.

Nations at war even compromise and take days off from fighting to celebrate holidays like Christmas. Yet, the Republicans and Democrats can’t find common ground on virtually any important subject.

A compromise of sorts occurred at the GOP convention. Vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan’s wife is a cousin to Oklahoma’s Democratic dynasties headed by the Little and Boren families. 

Ironically, the parties agree on all the wrong things. Both have kept us in Afghanistan too long, spent more money than they have the courage to raise in taxes and taken America to the brink of financial disaster. 

It would be helpful if the two parties decided to do what we pay them to do: compromise and accomplish something for the good of America. But if you listen to the convention speeches, you’ll fast realize the parties are more concerned about their future than the future of America.

Vince Orza is president and CEO of KSBI television.