The Norman Transcript

June 15, 2008

County real estate

Real Estate sales of $100,000 and above, as recorded by the office of Cleveland County Clerk Tammy Howard

June 2-6

Lot 5, Block 8, Wingspread, $111,500. Buyer, Steven and Amber Martin. Seller, Jeremy and Rebekah Hamel.

Lot 12, Block 3, East Ridge, $122,000. Buyer, Yolanda Guerva. Seller, Scott and Jennifer Bedigrew.

Lot 22, Block 10, PB Odom Santa Fe North, $174,000. Buyer, Eddie and Gayle Downs. Seller, Mike Metcalf Construction LLC.

Lot 1, Block 10, The Legacy, $231,000. Buyer, Allen and Susan Smmot. Seller, John and Debbie Harper.

Lots 5A and 5B, Block 10, Briarwood Creek, $152,000. Buyer, Keith Locklear. Seller, Major and Shirley Hudson.

Lot 3, Block 10, The Legacy, $225,000. Buyer, Trinh Nguyen. Seller, CH Construction LLC.

Lot 12, Block 10, Meadow Lake, $132,500. Buyer, William and Rita Greeson. Seller, Brian and Michelle Pendarvis.

Lot 10, Block 3, Berkeley, $177,000. Buyer, Gary and Lori Clark. Seller, Mark and Kristina Vagedes.

Lot 3, Block 4, Eagle Cliff, $168,500. Buyer, Taylor Artman. Seller, Farzaneh Properties Inc.

Lot 11, Block 34, Oakhurst, $100,000. Buyer, Carolyn Yback. Seller, Richard and Ruby Wagner.

Lot 14, Block 16, Westmoor, $140,000. Buyer, Donald and Roseanne Truelove. Seller, Paul and Jerorgean Pickett.

Lot 8B, Block 42, Southwinds, $110,000. Buyer, Kwadwo Agyapong. Seller, David and Jacquelyn Meyer.

NW/4, Section 14, T10N, R3W, $130,000. Buyer, Ed and Gloria McCreary. Seller, Pro Tint Inc.

Lot 10, Block 1, Brookhaven Village, $163,000. Buyer, Kyle and Ann Lackey. Seller, Doyle Argo.

Lot 3, Block 17, Skyview Village, $101,000. Buyer, Corey Williams and Deandra Weeks. Seller, David and Amy Jones.

Lot 14, Block 14, Williamson Farms Addition, $248,000. Buyer, William and Sharon Bryles. Seller, Bridgeport Development Group LLC.

Lot 13, Block 20, Stone Meadows, $128,000. Buyer, Deryal Colbert and Loritta Black. Seller, Gary and Connie Russell.

Lot 21, Block 7, Eagle Cliff, $105,500. Buyer, Mark and Candace Shaw. Seller, Matthew Hensley.

Lot 16, Block 29, Oakhurst, $121,650. Buyer, Bryson Maxwell and John Ballard. Seller, Frank and Lee Little.

Lot 17, Block 27, Shadowlake, $143,500. Buyer, Robinson Investments Inc. Seller, Ell Properties LP.

Lot 1, Block 21, The Fountains, $239,900. Buyer, Ben and Elaina Glover. Seller, Floyd and Linda Rogers.

Lots 8 and 9, Block 59, Greenbriar Eastlake, $167,500. Buyer, Shawn and Kate Berry. Seller, John Isacco.

Lot 25, Block 220, Eastmoor, $115,000. Buyer, Roderick and Shelly Black. Seller, Allen and Rebecca DeLisle.

Lots 121 and 122, Pecan Creek Northeast, $149,000. Buyer, Prudential Relocation. Seller, Cherokee and Donna Baker.

Lots 121 and 122, Pecan Creek Northeast, $149,000. Buyer, Anthony and Pamela Tantillo. Seller, Prudential Relocation Inc.

Lot 2, Block 3, Tecumseh Ridge, $172,988. Buyer, Divyesh and Megha Mehta. Seller, Colony Homes Inc.

Lot 14, Block 4, Summit Ridge, $163,500. Buyer, Richard Smith. Seller, Patrick and Terry Coffey.

NE/4 NW/4 SE/4 NE/4, Section 19, T9N, R3W, $156,000. Buyer, Kevin and Julie Lawson. Seller, Kenneth and Phyllis Butler.

Lot 8, Block 1, Tecumseh Ridge, $180,905. Buyer, Jason and Elizabeth Olsen. Seller, Colony Homes Inc.

Lot 7, Block 1, Tecumseh Meadows, $140,548. Buyer, David and Abigail Hudgins. Seller, Green Hill Builders LLC.

Lot 8, Block 5, Sutton Place, $135,000. Buyer, Kimberly Williams. Seller, Robert Wells C DDS Inc.

SE/4, Section 9, T10N, R1W, $125,000. Buyer, Robert and Bernadine Marvel. Seller, Kevin and Annissa Huckabee.

Lots 25-27, Block 12, Noble OT, $118,000. Buyer, Kenneth Maddin. Seller, Walter and Carolyn Grayson.

Lot 2, Oakridge, $242,000. Buyer, Maverick Development Inc. Seller, John and Denise Dillow.

Lots 12-27, Block 22, Classen-Miller, $1,175,000. Buyer, Paramount Investment Management LLC. Seller, Stephen Teel.

Lots 15 and 16, Block 4, Valley View, $110,000. Buyer, Dustin DeCroo. Seller, Kimberly Osgood.

Lot 1, Block 3, Brookhaven, $339,900. Buyer, Joseph McCarty. Seller, Konstantin Khandros.

Lot 20, Block 1, Rolling Meadows, $150,000. Buyer, Ezra and Stephanie Roesler. Seller, Timothy and Sherry Pair.

Lot 6, Block 2, Hawthorne Place, $155,500. Buyer, Leon and Patricia Schroder. Seller, Kenneth Heald.

Lot 4, Block 1, Royal Oaks, $157,500. Buyer, Brett and Dorothy Gause. Seller, Mahmood and Nazzie Bigdely.

Lot 15, Block 1, Northridge, $150,205. Buyer, Andrew and Brenda Curby. Seller, R&R; Homes LLC.

Lots 7 and 8, Block 3, Bradburys, $150,000. Buyer, Carol West. Seller, Sooner Closings LLC.

Lot 10, Block 3, Sieter Farms, $176,900. Buyer, Jeremiah and Elizabeth Biswell. Seller, Haworth Homes LLC.

Lot 18, Block 1, Brookhaven, $178,800. Buyer, Patricia Kittinger. Seller, Mark and Eileen Hotze.

Lot 5, Block 21, Westmoor, $100,000. Buyer, Kurt and Janet Steeby. Seller, Helen Porteck.

Lot 2, Block 26, Stone Meadows, $175,000. Buyer, Erik and Maryann Brandt. Seller, Skyview Homes LLC.

Lot 25, Block 3, Pearson Estates, $186,000. Buyer, Dogleg Development LLC. Seller, Tommy Blankenship.

Lot 12, Block 9, PB Odom Santa Fe North, $166,500. Buyer, Hau Pham and Hong Le. Seller, Central Oklahoma Builders Group Inc.

Lot 6, Block 8, Foxfire, $114,000. Buyer, Gregory and Cynthia Davis. Seller, Mark Jernigan.

Lot 25, Block 15, Wingspread, $120,000. Buyer, Leigha Self. Seller, Seth and Tami Bearden.

Lot 2, Block 2, The Woods, $150,000. Buyer, Scott and Mindy Aynes. Seller, John Craft and Courtney Herndon.

Lot 21, Block 4, Sterling Canyon, $261,500. Buyer, Steven and Christina Bailey. Seller, Vintage Custom Homes LLC.

Lot 1, Block 5, Rockport, $269,500. Buyer, Dennis and Kristina Berglan. Seller, WR Moore Brokerage Inc.

Lot 25, Block 26, Santa Fe Sunset, $289,500. Buyer, Clenith and Madeline Ewers. Seller, WR Moore Brokerage Inc.

Lot 6, Block 6, Santa Fe Sunset, $194,000. Buyer, Gene and Karon Austin. Seller, Donald and Ruth Brooks.

Lot 6, Block 2, Westmoor, $125,000. Buyer, WR Moore Brokerage Inc. Seller, Clenith and Madeline Ewers.

Lot 8, Block 7, Vintage Farms, $212,000. Buyer, Mark Jernigan and Susan Darvin. Seller, Larry and Cheryl Littlejohn.

Lot 10, Block 11, Greenbriar Kingsbrook, $201,000. Buyer, Jacqueline Risinger. Seller, Sidney Risinger.

Lot 10, Block 14, Green Valley, $148,500. Buyer, Jared and Amanda Todd. Seller, Waddel Trust.

Lot 2, Block 2, East Hills, $128,000. Buyer, Kristopher Earl. Seller, Linda Lewis.

Lot 9, Block 87, Greenbriar Eastlake, $162,500. Buyer, Michael Norman and Lynette Gerton. Seller, Harold James.

Lot 4, Block 2, Williamson Farm, $134,000. Buyer, Jonathan Lambert. Seller, Oakbrooke Homes LLC.

Lot 20, Block 2, Creeks at Wimberly, $175,000. Buyer, Brandon and Misty Byrd. Seller, Earhart Investments LLC.

Lot 7, Block 2, Hetherington Heights, $123,000. Buyer, Emma Jahnke. Seller, Anthony and Robin Stewart.

Lot 14, Block 2, Meadow Run, $161,000. Buyer, Timothy and Tina Lamb. Seller, C-Jay Management Inc.

Lot 5, Block 2, Highland Village, $215,000. Buyer, Damon Bearden. Seller, William Pain.

Lot 9, Block 12, Cascata Lakes, $370,000. Buyer, Willa Construction Co. Inc. Seller, Ryan and Courtney Fisher.

Lot 32, Block 1, Renaissance Crossing, $130,000. Buyer, Traye and Mary Ross. Seller, First Oklahoma Construction Inc.

Lot 10, Block 1, Apple Valley, $110,000. Buyer, David Porter. Seller, Frederick and Sandra Porter.

Lot 20, Block 12, JD Estates, $113,500. Buyer, James Rose. Seller, Russell and Viola Jensen.

Lot 19, Block 2, Vineyard Phase I, $250,000. Buyer, Larry Grissom. Seller, Marty and Ladeana Cummins.

Lot 2, Block 1, Tecumseh Meadows, $130,705. Buyer, James and Jennifer Crossland. Seller, Green Hill Builders LLC.

Lot 9, Block 6, Briarwood Creek, $127,500. Buyer, Arnold Toquothy. Seller, Hellar Enterprises LLC.

Lot 16, Block 6, Rock Creek, $240,000. Buyer, Helen Detweiler. Seller, Sooner Homebuilders LLC.

Lot 16, Block 6, Cross Timbers, $113,900. Buyer, John and Jennifer Hornbeck. Seller, Mark and Krsity Huffer.

Lots 5A and 4B, Block 37, Southwinds, $114,900. Buyer, Tracy Meadows. Seller, Shaw Reynard.

Lot 4, Block 1, Hilltop Lake, $600,000. Buyer, Grace Community Southern Baptist Church. Seller, Covenant Fellowship Church Inc.

NE/4 SE/4 SW/4 NE/4 Section 29, T10N, R1W and SE/4 NE/4 SW/4 NE/4, Section 29, T10N, R1W, $138,000. Buyer, Dennis and Hayley Kaufman. Seller, Thomas and Nancy Eustice.

Lot 4, Block 4, Wyndemere, $220,000. Buyer, Milton and Nancy Bartling. Seller, Joshua and Daniela Sowers.

Lot 2, Block 1, Bel-Aire, $170,000. Buyer, Scott Jones. Seller, Dane Zaslaw.

Lot 33, Block 1, Renaissance Crossing, $130,000. Buyer, Elizabeth Kniffen. Seller, Skyline Homes LLC.

Lot 3, Block 17, Regency Park, $122,500. Buyer, Matthew Ratcliff. Seller, Andrew and Brenda Curby.

Lot 19, Block 1, Apple Gardens, $133,000. Buyer, Tina Crimson. Seller, Cesar and Carmen Palacios-Maya.

Lot 20, Block 3, Hickory Creek, $147,500. Buyer, Catarino Ruiz. Seller, Mourshed Arafetma.

Lots 20-22, Block 26, Mashburns Gold Medal, $165,000. Buyer, Hubert and Ramona Black. Seller, Jeffrey and Elizabeth Brammer.

Lot 3, Block 5, Stone Meadows, $184,000. Buyer, Walton and Kristie Morris. Seller, Roberta and Robert Abel.

Lot 39, Block 3, Southridge, $110,000. Buyer, Mario Balderrama. Seller, Cesar and Chantel Castro.

Lot 4, Block 9, Vintage Farms, $209,500. Buyer, Jean Tran. Seller, TLP Custom Homes LLC.

Lot 47, Block 1, East Ridge, $130,500. Buyer, Matthew Cammon. Seller, John Gleghorn.

Lot 18, Block 2, Stonegate Manor, $140,000. Buyer, Steven and Lisa Tresca. Seller, Christian and Carissa Egan.

Lot 23, Block 27, Stone Meadows, $179,500. Buyer, Harold James. Seller, Dub Stone Construction Co.

Lots 12 and 13, Block 8, Norman Heights, $113,000. Buyer, Gerri Lacour. Seller, IIWWII LLC.

Lot 9, Block 67, South Gate, $130,500. Buyer, Richard Yeo. Seller, Rebecca Turnbow.

Lot 4, Block 3, Poppy Grove, $109,000. Buyer, Samantha Harding. Seller, Lynn Tiefenthaler.

Lot 1, Block 9, Kensington Place, $139,500. Buyer, Justin and Laura Coleman. Seller, Marquis Homes Inc.

Lot 1, Block 1, Deerfield, $155,000. Buyer, Samuel Adeoye. Seller, Farzaneh Properties Inc.

Lot 10, Block 5, Apple Valley, $119,000. Buyer, Michelle Samp. Seller, Judy Cregan.

Lot 4, Block 22, Apple, $299,500. Buyer, Tony and Darla Smith. Seller, Reflection Homes LP.

Lot 19, Block 3, Sterling Canyon Addition, $262,000. Buyer, Philip and Marilyn Steele. Seller, David and Cynthia Stewart.

Lot 26, Block 2, Hansmeyer Heights, $210,000. Buyer, Robert and Karen Liles. Seller, Ryan and Amy Shepherd.

Lot 8, Block 5, Valley View, $130,000. Buyer, Hunter Miller Family LLC. Seller, Dale and Sallie Ciambella.

Lot 7, Block 3, Gateway Gardens, $146,000. Buyer, Tony Ridle. Seller, Karen Wolf.

Lot 8, Block 1, Colonial Estates, $120,000. Buyer, Garrett and Carissa King. Seller, Jennifer Page.

NE/4, Section 33, T10N, R2W, $375,000. Buyer, Bryan Meek. Seller, Jackie and Cynthia McAlister.

N/2 NE/4, Section 13, T9N, R2W, $128,000. Buyer, Lawren Meridith. Seller, Sherry Barnard.

Lot 15, Block 1, Summit Lakes, $289,000. Buyer, Leeanne Crain. Seller, Luxury Living Homes LLC.

Lot 25, Whispering Lakes, $230,000. Buyer, Dennis and Allison Richardson. Seller, Lea Custom Homes LLC.

NE/4, Section 30, T8N, R1W, $318,000. Buyer, Brian Pendarvis. Seller, William and Rita Greeson.

Lot 13, Block 44, Winfield II, $153,500. Buyer, William and Sonja Davis. Seller, C-Jay Management.

Lot 8, Block 2, Sterling Canyon, $301,000. Buyer, Jackie and Cynthia McAlister. Seller, McAlister Construction Inc.

Lot 7, Block 1, Carrington Place, $374,500. Buyer, Jon and Lane Straughn. Seller, Landmark Fine Homes LP.

Lot 10, Block 7, Pennsylvania South, $165,000. Buyer, Abuderexti Aimaiti. Seller, Best Homes Inc.

Lot 7, Block 4, The Villages at Greenbriar, $135,000. Buyer, Victor Corredor. Seller, Carol Ralli.

Lot 9, Block 10, Wingspread, $120,000. Buyer, Scott Fuller. Seller, Thomas and Courtney Belding.

Lot 13, Block 6, Briarwood Creek, $140,000. Buyer, Jeffrey Blood. Seller, Roy and Nancy Lyle.

Lot 9, Block 2, Brookhaven, $200,000. Buyer, Jacob Larson and Joy Nelson. Seller, Stanley and Barbara Clemens.

Lot 4, Block 6, Hetherington Heights, $152,000. Buyer, Robert Rennie and Debbie Kelley. Seller, Denise and Donna Meyer.

Lot 36, Block 4, Northridge, $142,000. Buyer, John and Janice Rosch. Seller, Joe and Nancy Flynn.

Lot 12, Block 1, Cascade, $276,500. Buyer, Matthew and Carolina Jensen. Seller, Southwest Capital Group LLC.

Lot 1, Block 6, Creeks at Wimberly, $166,700. Buyer, Roger and Dawn Layne. Seller, Ron Walter Construction Services Inc.

Lot 6, Block 4, Skyridge, $120,000. Buyer, David and Joyce Rowe. Seller, Edwin and Jacquline Akerson.

Lot 14, Block 4, Classen-Miller, $143,000. Buyer, Laura Ramsay. Seller, Scott and Cynthia West.

Lot 22, Block 1, Cascade, $164,000. Buyer, Justin and Sara Edwards. Seller, Dan and Ann Chisholm.

Lot 16, Block 3, Crossroads West, $161,500. Buyer, Brad and Megan Sagowitz. Seller, Sharon Boyd.

Lot 6, Block 1, Jamestown, $109,900. Buyer, Dustin Young. Seller, Brandon and Autumn Craig.

Lot 19, Block 9, Meadow Run, $151,750. Buyer, Kendal Hopkins. Seller, Marquis Homes Inc.

Lot 4, Block 1, St. James Park, $163,000. Buyer, Robert Brown and Mary Whiteneck. Seller, Gary Lyles.

L1 (Ne/4 NE/4), Section 4, T10N, R2W, L2 (NW/4 NE/4), Section 4, T10N, R2W, L3 (NE/4 NW/4), Section 4, T10N, R2W, L4 (NW/4 NW/4), Section 4, T10N, R2W, S/2 N/2, Section 4, T10N, R2W, $390,000. Buyer, James and Patricia Bode. Seller, Kristi Saul and Bryan Post.

Lot 5, Block 30, Rivendell, $710,000. Buyer, Floyd and Danielle Fisher. Seller, Classic Builders LLC.

Lots 25-27, Block 8, Parsons, $205,000. Buyer, Tammy Graham and Bonnie Lightfoot. Seller, Gerard Redmond and Marie Redmond.

Lot 2, Block 3, Williamson Farms, $150,000. Buyer, Vicki Crocker. Seller, BK Best Homes LLC.

Lot 25, Block 7, Pennsylvania South, $169,000. Buyer, Alice Roy. Seller, Edward and Gladys Johnson.

Lot 19, The Woodlands, $133,000. Buyer, Chad and Twyla Molenhour. Seller, 2K Country Homes LLC.

Lot 10, Block 2, Rolling Meadows, $190,000. Buyer, Hammons Trust. Seller, Thomas Paige Homes LLC.

Lot 19, Collonade at the Oaks, $197,500. Buyer, Justin Kent. Seller, David and Glenda Talbot.

Lot 12, Block 1, Arbor Lake, $295,000. Buyer, Perry Treva. Seller, David and Ramona Cossey.

Lot 17, Block 22, Winfield, $147,000. Buyer, Jason Lokey and Michael Lokey. Seller, Brian and Kimberlea Edwards.

Lot 1, Block 2, St. James Park, $183,500. Buyer, GMAC Global Relocation Services LLC. Seller, Rocky Harrell.

Lot 1, Block 2, St. James Park, $183,500. Buyer, Allen and Colleen Milhan. Seller, GMAC Global Relocation Services LLC.

Lot 3, Block 1, Tecumseh Ridge, $140,000. Buyer, Ronnie Delozier. Seller, Colony Homes Inc.

Lot 13, Block 2, Forest Brook, $150,000. Buyer, M&R; Development. Seller, Asher Investment LLC.

SE/4, Section 27, T9N, R1E, $152,500. Buyer, James Hill. Seller, Tony and Kimberly Watts.

Lot 17, Block 1, Trailwoods, $147,000. Buyer, Douglas Williams. Seller, Ideal Homes LP.

Lot 10, Block 11, Woodcrest, $120,000. Buyer, Vincent and Brenda Gomez. Seller, Alfonso and Luz Castro.

Lot 7, Block 1, Park Hill, $144,500. Buyer, Vincent and Brenda Gomez. Seller, Ideal Homes LP.

Lot 13, Block 2, Trailwoods, $124,000. Buyer, Amy Sullivan. Seller, Ideal Homes LP.