The Norman Transcript

September 5, 2013

Man charged with rape lived in victim’s neighborhood

By Jessica Bruha
The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — A Norman man with several aliases and several dates of birth was charged Wednesday in Cleveland County District Court with first-degree rape and first-degree burglary.

Elmer Jehovanny Fagoaga, 30, allegedly committed the crimes in May 2012. The victim lived in Fagoaga’s neighborhood in southeast Norman, according to the affidavit filed with charges.

Fagoaga also has been known as Elmer Geovani Veltran-Oritz, Giovanny Leo Gonzalez and Elmer Giovanny Guerro, all with birth dates on Dec. 18 but varied years — 1987, 1985 and 1982.

Fagoaga was most recently booked Aug. 29 into Cleveland County jail as Giovanny Gonzalez and is still in custody, said Meghan McCormick, Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson.

According to the affidavit, Fagoaga forced himself on the victim until she eventually screamed and kicked at him.

During the act, he asked the victim if she remembered him from the neighborhood. As he gathered his clothing and fled the room, the victim used her cell phone to illuminate the room and identified him as someone in her neighborhood, the affidavit said.

The victim told police that she didn’t have any kind of relationship with Fagoaga but frequently saw him in front of her home and feeding her dogs treats, the affidavit said.

When police investigated the incident, other residents living with Fagoaga said he had suddenly and unexpectedly removed his belongings from the home but did not know he had fled until they were contacted by police.

Fagoaga also did not show up for work the morning of the crime, the affidavit said.

Further investigation revealed that he had used multiple aliases and identifications during his time in the United States and he was in the country illegally. Fingerprint comparisons also revealed that he had been arrested under several other names, the affidavit said.

He used both bogus Permanent Resident and Social Security cards in his employment, and at the time of his most recent arrest in Tulsa, he possessed an identification card with the name Juan Lopez, the affidavit said.