The Norman Transcript

July 11, 2013

People packing in Illinois

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Illinois joined the rest of the U.S. this week in voting to allow licensed owners to carry concealed weapons. It comes as the state endures severe gun violence. The state had more than 70 shootings, 12 of them fatal, just during the July 4 weekend.

Oklahoma’s enacting of a concealed and now open-carry permit has been less than spectacular. Police report few instances of trouble with concealed or open carry laws. The problems seem to be processing the large number of permit applicants.

Illinois lawmakers were up against a deadline to pass some legislation. The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals set July 10 as a deadline for ending what it ruled was an unconstitutional ban on carrying concealed weapons.

Without legislation, the previous gun law would be invalidated and there would be no rules on carrying weapons.

Gov. Pat Quinn wanted changes in the law that would have prevented weapons in restaurants that serve alcohol and limiting citizens to carrying one firearm at a time. Both amendments seem reasonable.