The Norman Transcript

September 28, 2012

Politics no longer rewards compromise

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — CNN political correspondent Candy Crowley wasted little time in acknowledging Oklahoma’s position among the reddest states in the nation.

“That’s why you’re not seeing any political ads on television,” she told an OU audience.

Indeed, Oklahoma hasn’t supported a Democrat for president since Lyndon Johnson’s landslide win in 1968. Crowley concluded that Oklahoma’s a “safe state” in Republican Mitt Romney’s camp.

But in politics, anything can happen, she said. President Obama is leading in the polls, but the race could come down to one of compassion versus competence.

Romney must overcome his “47 percent” gaffe while convincing Americans he can do a better job of managing the economy. Meanwhile, she said Obama must be able to rekindle the enthusiasm that swept him into office four years ago.

Crowley’s shared insight into what has caused the partisan gridlock was similar to thoughts penned by OU President David L. Boren. Redistricting has created too many “safe” seats in Congress, where there is no reward for members who are willing to compromise.

Boren, in a recent interview, said it seemed like Congress pushed the same stone up the hill every year and never got to the top.

Crowley doesn’t believe in term limits but does advocate for braver elected officials who are willing to compromise and go back home and sell it to the voters.

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