The Norman Transcript

August 7, 2013

Jobs with health benefits

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Oklahoma’s governor, backed by many elected legislators, continues to oppose expansion of federal Medicaid health care benefits to low-income residents. Gov. Mary Fallin is among a handful of governors still in opposition to the expansion, which begins in 2014.

In Oklahoma, it amounts to about 470,000 Oklahomans, all with incomes of less than $14,959 a year, or 133 percent, of the federal poverty level.

Oklahoma Watch reports that Mrs. Fallin and her family, as well as most elected state officials surveyed, are enrolled in the health care plans provided for them and their families as part of their benefit packages.

We’re not surprised that statewide elected officials enroll in the offered plans. Their jobs are considered full-time positions. Citizen legislators are a different story. Most lawmakers consider the positions part-time, as many have other jobs, too. But of the 149 members of the Oklahoma House and Senate, 143 are enrolled in the health plan.