The Norman Transcript

August 31, 2013

Wanted: Newspapers in Education sponsors

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — For generations, people have referred to the youth of the world as our future. Year after year, this has been proven to be true. We at The Norman Transcript not only believe the youth are our future, but also believe it is our responsibility to invest time, attention and faith in today’s youth.

The Norman Transcript is proud to announce our increased commitment to area students, kindergarten through college, via our Newspapers In Education program. This is not a new program, but we intend to give it new meaning and life.

Newspapers In Education (NIE) dates back to the early 1900s. At one point, it was referred to as the “Living Textbook” program because of the abundance of current local information a newspaper offers.

With more than 66 schools, this program is a huge undertaking. We are asking the community and area business to partner with The Norman Transcript in providing newspapers to teachers and students. With your sponsorship, we commit to providing teachers with beneficial curriculum ideas as well as newspapers. Every student deserves recognition and, although it seems to be an impossible task, we are committed to recognizing as many students as possible.

Soon, we will be contacting area businesses with additional information. Individuals interested in supporting our program can contact our office at 366-3573 and speak with Jake. All sponsors will be recognized as partners in education and literacy.

The Norman Transcript’s Newspapers In Education program is exceedingly beneficial to area businesses and the community as a whole. This program can help give young people a sense of belonging. If the youth truly are our future, they must be aware, informed and feel a part of our community.