The Norman Transcript


November 6, 2013

Four Norman elementaries receive D in A-F report card amid criticism of state formula



Dr. Joe Siano, NPS superintendent, said NPS was disappointed that the State Board of Education continued to endorse the current formula for grading schools.

“Researchers at the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, the University of North Carolina and the University of Southern California have found (the current formula) to be an invalid and extremely flawed measure of school performance,” Siano said. “The reality is that a school grading system that renders nine different grades for our schools in two weeks ... and that takes a manual to explain to our community isn’t credible or valuable to school improvement efforts.”

The three NPS schools that received C’s last year and dropped to D’s this year have actually made impressive academic gains.

According to academic records, Adams Elementary had a 3 percent math pass rate and an 8 percent reading pass rate increase from 2012. Kennedy Elementary had a 5 percent math pass rate and a 12 percent reading pass rate increase from 2012. Lakeview Elementary had a 2 percent math pass rate and a 8 percent reading pass rate increase from 2012.

Reagan Elementary was a new school in 2012, so comparison pass rates are not available.

Heather DeLaCruz, whose daughter is a kindergartner at Adams Elementary, said when she first enrolled her daughter, she knew of the schools’ 2012 rating and was a little concerned, but since then, DeLaCruz did not believe her daughter’s education was any different than students at other elementaries.

“We were in the McKinley school district and then moved, so originally I applied for a transfer and didn’t get it,” DeLaCruz said. “But Stella’s teachers are great. They work so hard. And Stella hasn’t fallen behind. I know parents who have kids at McKinley, and I don’t feel like their education is better than what Stella is receiving. Stella really loves Adams.”

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