The Norman Transcript

July 19, 2013

Moore Norman Technology Center builds house for elderly couple

By Caitlin Schudalla
The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — A brief but productive meeting of the Moore Norman Technology Center saw some routine purchases, hirings and good news for board members Thursday.

Superintendent Jane Bowen announced during her superintendent’s report that a project of MNTC’s carpentry class known as the “roll-away house” recently was sold to an elderly couple who lost their home in the May storms.

“It’s a really wonderful program, carpentry students build a fully functional wood frame house and whoever purchases the house has it transported to their property,” Bowen said.

MNTC administrators said the couple had previously been living out of a camper that was destroyed in the storms and since then, had been effectively camping for shelter.

“Moore Norman usually sells the house for the cost to produce it, so we sold the house to the couple for $42,000; they were the only bidders and we were so excited to turn this product over to them,” Bowen said.

The board approved hiring an assistant director for BIT career majors, pre-nursing instructor, marketing assistant, and part-time employees. Additionally, the board approved the purchasing of software and an annual support contract for the digital video production class in the amount of $25,878.

Moore Norman’s tobacco-free policy was implemented this month, and though many personnel and most students won’t return to MNTC campuses until August, Bowen said so far, enforcement has gone over without a hitch.

“We have a free smoking cessation class for Moore Norman employees and students, and it leaves to be seen if the new policy will cause higher attendance for those classes, but so far, we haven’t had any issues with the new policy,” Bowen said.