The Norman Transcript


June 7, 2014

Superintendent candidates discuss education issues at Cooperative council conference



About how she stood out from the other candidates, Deskin said “Experience counts. In the last election people apparently didn’t think that; at least they didn’t vote that way. And I think leadership counts, but I think successful leadership and successful experience counts more. And I have a track record in both of those areas.”

“We haven’t had any leadership,” Herron said about why he was running, adding that he was ready to provide leadership through collaboration if elected.

Holmes said he was different from the other candidates. After hearing the horror stories of the current state of education, Holmes said he decided to find out for himself and drove to and visited with 399 superintendents.

“Every one of told me the same thing: ‘I could write a book about what’s going on in education.’ And it was much worse than I thought it was,” he said. “We’re living in a state where we’re last in funding. Living in a state where teachers are quitting and don’t control the classroom. We’re in a crisis ... We can’t let the current superintendent remain in office.”

2. Do you oppose or support House Bill 3399?

Gov. Mary Fallin signed House Bill 3399 on Thursday. The bill repealed and replaced Common Core standards in English and math and directed the State Board of Education to create new, more rigorous standards by August 2016.

Hofmeister told debate attendees that she had written a letter to Fallin to repeal Common Core.

“Oklahomans have to have confidence that they’re vetted with standards that reflect Oklahoma values,” she said. “It’s time to come together and exceed what is common.”

Cox said he saw opportunity in HB 3399.

“Six months from now, we will have the opportunity to bring everyone together. We will bring together teachers in every area, every grade level and every discipline and rebuild what we had.”

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