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May 4, 2012

‘How now Mad Cow’



And while he does (or doesn’t) travel to New Orleans, to see a once-believed dead trumpeter, and does (or doesn’t) travel to a teenage cult focused on being happy, and does (or doesn’t) crash the biggest spring break party in, like, ever, he has an adventure to be envied.

Cameron’s witty, and slightly snarky, view of life, mixed up with his life-and-death situation, makes for a “never forget me” read. And by the end, the reader is right there with Cameron, wondering if they too had reached their demise or their cure.

And why read a book where the hero is more than likely going to die? Because maybe it’s not all just a mad hallucination? Because maybe we need to learn to live just like Cameron does? Or maybe, just like the Norse god gnome, Balder, says, “Cameron is our brother, our friend, and we do not abandon our friends. ... This is a quest. I pledged my loyalty to Cameron back on the cul-de-sac. I shall see it through to the end.”

Plus, this book reads like someone shoved Kurt Vonnegut, Douglas Adams, and John Irving into the blender and hit puree.

This book will definitely make you appreciate the world around you, and, at the same time, make you question it and your place in it. This isn’t a simple “why am I here” book. This is a complex “why on earth does life feel like a poorly made fun house?” book.

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