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February 23, 2014

Prom is better than expected

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — It’s not every day that a 40-year-old woman gets asked to prom. In fact, I should consider calling the people at Ripley’s Believe It or Not because I’m almost certain I’m the only one.

I didn’t go to prom in high school and neither did my husband. So when he asked me, after I told him he had to ask me, to Bridges Prom 2.0, I said yes.

Growing up in a small town, prom was one of the biggest things that happened all year. It was a community event with fundraising efforts and decorating on the day of.

It seemed that in high school the first day of school was always about getting acclimated with teachers and classes and the second day of school was talking about what you were going to wear to prom and who you hoped would ask you.

But, for whatever reason, back then I thought I was too cool for prom. Trust me though, I wasn’t too cool for anything in high school. I don’t even think I was room temperature.

The day of prom, girls would get their hair and nails done like it was their wedding day. Both sets of parents took 100 pictures. Limos were even rented in some circumstances and the prom couple went to a fancy dinner, usually out of town. For whatever reason, a meaningful prom date wasn’t going to the Pizza Hut, which was the classiest place my hometown had to offer.

My pre-prom experience wasn’t that glamorous. I ended up having my husband shoehorn me into a 2-year-old bridesmaid dress. I couldn’t breath very well when I sat, but that sucker still fit. I wore comfortable shoes and I didn’t get a corsage.

I didn’t get my hair done or my nails and we didn’t go to Pizza Hut. Instead, I spent most of Prom Saturday asleep on the couch and woke up just in time to run a curling iron through my hair and put on some lip gloss. That’s how 40-year-olds rock prom.

In fact, when you’re 40 and driving to prom interesting things go through your head. Did I pay the electric bill? Did we feed the dogs before we left the house? What happens if we get in an accident on the way to prom and first responders wonder why I’ve poured myself into a pink taffeta gown? Thankfully, that didn’t happen and the electric bill did indeed get paid and the dogs were fed.

Not that I have a lot to base past proms on, but those folks at Bridges and the members of Norman Next know how to put on a good party. There was food, great music and a lively crowd. It almost makes me wish that everyone at Prom 2.0 was actually in my high school class. There were no fights, everyone was nice and nobody, that I know of, defaced any school property within the city limits.

Although I didn’t get the full prom experience I would have gotten 22 years ago, I didn’t have to worry about curfew and I knew that my parents weren’t going to be waiting up for me when I got home. I also know that I had a better date than I would have in high school, even if I had to be asked to be asked and he didn’t take me to Pizza Hut.

Shana Adkisson


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