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December 22, 2013

A Christmas to remember

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — I always look forward to the time of year when readers submit their writings for The Transcript’s annual Christmas story contest.

I want to thank each writer for taking the time to send in a story. Every year, your stories always spark Christmas memories for myself. Growing up in a middle class family, we never had a lot of extras. Until Christmas morning. It was on that day that our living room looked like Santa’s toy shop. I don’t know how my parents did it but they always made sure that we had the most amazing Christmas morning. Something I’m forever grateful for.

The winner of this year’s contest is Lisbeth L. McCarty. Lisbeth’s story of how her entire family was excited about her brother’s gift reminded me of the year shortly after my own brother turned 16.

I’m not sure what I got that year, but I know what I wanted. It wasn’t the latest Barbie, and it wasn’t a cool video game. I just knew Santa was going to bring my brother a car. He had to. That’s what Santa does.

I was so excited of the possibility that I jumped out of bed that Christmas morning and ran to the kitchen window to look for something sharp on four wheels. Apparently, there wasn’t room in the sleigh as Santa didn’t bring a car that year. Disappointment at its best.


During the month of December there were two questions that I always asked as a child — usually on a regular basis. The first question always was “Can I open at least one present early?” I’d beg and plead with my mother. I’d even open the presents that I knew were socks and or underwear. I just wanted to open one thing. The anticipation of ripping open that colorful paper had gotten the best of me.

The answer my mother would always give was a firm no. And trust me, I tried my hardest to wear that woman down.

The other question I would always ask was is there really a Santa. This was a question that I started asking around the fourth or fifth grade as the hot topic on the playground was that Santa didn’t exist.

I’ve always been leery of the rumor mill, so after hearing it for the first time, I went to a source I knew was honest. Dear old Mom. And here’s the answer I always got “If you believe in Santa than he does exist.”

As an adult, I think that is a beautiful answer. But as a pesky little kid, I found it aggravating. Yes or no was the answer I so desperately thought I needed. Again, I’d beg and plead. But the answer was always the same. Thanks to some quick thinking by my mom and her don’t cave attitude, I still believe Santa exists. To this day if I asked her the same question, I know I’d get the same exact answer.

I certainly hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday season. I hope everyone is able to spend this special time of year with their family and friends. May the magic of the season bless your family and the new year bring nothing but brightness and cheer.

Shana Adkisson


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