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January 18, 2013

The book cover model

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — The most interesting part of being authors is the people we meet.

When folks discover you are an author, be it published or unpublished, they inundate you with questions.

“I have led a very interesting life and want to write a book about my experiences. Then without taking a breath, they transition into recounting their life adventures. The truth is if you have been on this planet for a while, then you have experienced both interesting and dull moments. Some of which would make a great book or movie.

The caveat being that even though your adventures were interesting and exciting, your target audience may be too small for a blockbuster. However, if you write your story as fiction, with embellishments which will appeal to a larger readership, you may have a winner.

The most frequently asked question? “How do I go about writing a book?”

Once the author manages to tug his or her chin off the floor, the answer is simple, “Just sit down and start writing.”

There are so many things an author must do before his or her book lands in your hands or in your eReader. For example, those pesky little publishers expect your spelling and punctuation to be correct. Imagine that.

Both publishers and agents have submission guidelines and sometimes the two groups’ guidelines are similar and sometimes they are not. That’s just to keep the authors on their toes. Never mind they are already on pins and needles hoping for a positive reply.

Getting accepted by an agent is like an evening in Las Vegas — pure luck. If the agent had a bad day by the time he or she picks up your precious manuscript or query letter, you may receive a rejection letter. But most writers keep on trucking until someone sees the light and agree to represent them.

Part of the process is choosing the perfect cover. The designer looks at your work and creates a cover. Some covers appeal to the author or the editor, but if you want the potential reader to be intrigued enough to pick up the book, a small demographic study is helpful.

The first cover this author liked looked classy. However, some people liked it while others found it boring. Could it be that classy is less appealing than earthy?

Cover No. 2 was a hit with all ages. In fact, fans and smelling salts were provided to revive the study group members.

Some even wanted a life size version delivered to their homes.

One could never have imagined that a group of serious corporate guys would make the final cover choice worthwhile.

The first and usual male reaction was “Holy cow” or, a less sanitized version of same, followed by bobbing Adams apples as their minds processed the full impact of the picture.

A few bosses, speculated as to which of their handsome male workers was the cover model.

Several co-workers as well as a few suits volunteered the information sotto voce (that’s a stage whisper), “Did you know that I’m the cover model?” The statement/question varied, but the claim was always the same, frequently followed by the claimant striking The Pose as proof.

Mind you, some claimants of the cover crown maybe shorter than the chosen one, but all of them have consumed more than one biggie sized meal in their lives. Therefore, to find the amazing six-pack abs would require a bit of digging or poking on the part of the v

The highlight of many a day is when some mild mannered, serious fellow stops by the author’s desk and whispers. “I have to confess, I’m the cover model.”

Will the real cover model please step forward and strike The Pose?

Elizabeth is a freelance writer and author. Check out her novel "The Dionysus Connection" on Amazon. Visit her website

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