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March 24, 2013

Jumping the gun on seasonal clothing changes isn’t best idea

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — This week’s little tidbit about me is I tend to have a way of jumping the gun when it comes to seasonal changes of clothing.

I’m embarrassed to admit that my closet is overfilled. I donate many items, but it just seems like the more I take out, the more that somehow finds its way back in. I know how lucky I am every morning when I open up that closet door and see all that there is to offer, and I don’t take that for granted.

I particularly enjoy wearing summer skirts, dresses and flip flops. So when the temperature took a bit of a spike last weekend, I got a little excited. I started putting away the sweaters, the sweatshirts and the boots. I brought out the short sleeves and the rest of the warm-weather regalia.

Part of me knew that my excitement would be in vain as the other part of me knew that winter weather would wave its ugly head at least one more time before the real spring weather came. But I didn’t care.

My husband tried to warn me, too. He was smart and kept a few long-sleeved items out. But not me. I stood firmly by my decision. “Out with the cold, in with the warm” was my motto. After all, it was spring break for those who were lucky enough to have one.

I even got the dog ready for warmth with her annual March haircut. It’s always a task giving a four-legged squirm machine a haircut, but with lots of bribes — for the dog, of course — we somehow made it through. She was happy to shed her layer of warm fur, too. And to further my quest for spring, I placed the ceremonial summer wreath on the front door. Then reality set in.

I grew up in Kansas and, like Oklahoma, the weather is unpredictable. So really, I have only myself to blame for sitting at my desk later in the week freezing while wearing a short-sleeved shirt. By Thursday afternoon, I was missing those sweaters and sweatshirts I had so gingerly placed in plastic totes and stored in my garage.

It’s a problem I have at the change of each season, so you would think I would someday learn.

To be perfectly honest, I get the most excited about the arrival of spring. I was married in the spring. Outdoors even. I was surrounded by nature and warm sunshine. And I prayed for weeks that there would be no rain, since I didn’t have a Plan B. I wore a strapless dress and wanted to wear flip flops. However, mom’s protest in the matter won over my desire for informal footwear.

I know soon I’ll be soaking up real spring sun. And I’m not backing down from my short-sleeved spring fling — no matter how cold I get.

Shana Adkisson



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