The Norman Transcript

June 16, 2013

Everyone’s hopping on the fitness bandwagon

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — I’ve shared before my struggle with my weight. It’s a story most of us have to tell.

On my wedding day, I weighed more than my husband-to-be. After years of struggling, I decided once again the fight was over. I shed well over 100 pounds and it was the biggest accomplishment of my life. Well, if you don’t consider the fact that I landed me one of those Okie boys I’d heard so many wonderful things about while growing up in Kansas.

Over the years, I’ve had a few of life’s obstacles beat me down. The pounds crept back on and, all of a sudden, I found myself in a drastic situation of losing weight and losing it as quickly and as healthy as I can.

For starters, that Okie husband and myself joined a gym. Every evening for a week, we’ve manipulated our original routine of sitting on the very comfortable furniture in the cool, air-conditioned house and we’ve gone out to hit the uncomfortable equipment in the sort-of-air-conditioned gym. It’s been a tough road these last few days and I admit my husband is into the whole gym thing more than me. I ... well, I miss my couch.

Two members of my household also have enjoyed the soft, cushy lifestyle we lead all winter of sitting on the sofa. My laziness has allowed them to enjoyed belly rubs and treats. I’m talking about the dogs — although Okie husbands like belly rubs and treats, too.

For the past week, the dogs have watched me come home, eat dinner and go slip into something a little more stretchy, which hasn’t been too far from our normal winter routine. Except now, I shake it up a bit and put on my gym shoes.

Just when I start to think that my dogs don’t pay any attention to me, they throw me a curveball. I figured they never noticed what shoes I put on. They never offer critiques in the mornings.

But lately I’ve noticed they get really excited when I lace up my walking shoes. At first I thought the dogs were just happy that I was taking charge of my weight. I’m sure they, too, thought I could lose a few pounds. But then I realized they thought this meant they were going on a walk, too. Unfortunately, it’s hard to convince dogs they are not allowed at all public venues, gyms included.

To compromise, I’ve included them in my workout routine. They get a 10-minute walk in the evenings, too. They seem to enjoy their workouts more than I do. They like to scope the neighborhood for rabbits, cats and the occasional friendly human. They’ve sniffed every square inch of our streets, too. But hopefully soon, all we Adkissons will be back in shape.

Shana Adkisson