The Norman Transcript

June 23, 2013

The reality of a dream

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Growing up in the country, I always dreamed about having a sidewalk outside of our house.

Silly dream, I know, but my mother would never let me ride my bike or walk to the nearest comrade because we lived on a dangerous highway that only had a suggested speed limit.

Being an independent child, I usually didn’t have time to wait until mom could chauffeur me around the neighborhood. I figured if we had a sidewalk, I’d be free to roam the neighborhood at my own leisure.

As a kid, I also always dreamed of moving to town so I could be spider free. For some reason, back in the day, I only thought that spiders lived in the country. I suppose, in my child brain, my thoughts were those little spider legs would never make the long trip to the big city. Little did I know that was false.

I think I was 20 when I finally got to move out on my own to college. There were many shocking moment’s of life that I had to learn, and one of them was that even though the city has sidewalks, they also have spiders.

As I grew older, I got my sidewalks. We have a lot of them in my neighborhood. Now I realize it’s not as fabulous as I had dreamed of all those many years ago. Sidewalks are a place for grass to grow through the cracks. They need to be swept a lot. And they can be a breading ground for spiders.

I’ve never really had an issue with spiders. I always look at it as I’m bigger than they are and I’m usually always wearing a shoe. Being tall also allows you to have big feet. Although its not a very desirable one, it is a perk, nonetheless. Some spiders I don’t mind sharing living space with. However, the dogs and the husband feel differently.

The dogs will usually try to eat the spiders and the husband usually runs the other way. City slickers and their fear of spiders.

Of course, I say that now. But I’ve never encountered the mother of all spiders, the one that’s the size of a small dog and too big to stomp. I’m sure then my country attitude will dissolve and I’ll be running in the opposite direction, too.

So maybe being a country mouse is the way to be. You have more spiders, yes, but there’s more room to run away from the big ones.

Shana Adkisson