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May 2, 2014

Musical moments

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NORMAN — Life is a continuous adventure. Sometimes the adventure is uneventful, but every so often the adventure is great and better than you hoped it would be. In either case, it is possible to connect a song or two to every event and/or adventure in your life, including the least appreciated adventure, the daily commute.

Sunday: Granted not everyone rushes around to get on the road on a Sunday. However, if you happen to be out there on the way to and from church, shopping or just on a leisurely drive, “Asleep at the Wheel” would be perfect.

Why? Because of the Sunday trifecta (1) some folks are terrified of driving on the highway, (2) some are too short to see over the steering wheel and (3) there are those who simply take their sweet time in no hurry whatsoever. In fact, ignoring the posted speed limit signs is a prerequisite for earning the “Sunday Driver” title.

Monday: The weekend is fading fast in the rearview mirror as we begin the work week. An appropriate tune for Monday would be “On the Road Again.” However, this also happens to be the day that landscaping companies clog the roads. Their pickup trucks tow mower-filled trailers, swaying from one lane to another like a voluptuous woman. In honor of those unsung landscaping heroes, how about a rousing rendition of “Green Grass” or “Green, Green Grass of Home”?

Tuesday: Some people took an extra-long weekend and finally decided to check in at work, which explains the extra heavy traffic. For these four-day-week folks “I’m Back in the Saddle Again” may be appropriate.

Wednesday: This is a mixed bag day. During the summer traffic is light because children are home sleeping in and moms are not free to run around. Of course, during the school year, mothers drop the kiddos off at school and shop until they drop, or until it is time to pick up their little urchins and take them home. There is an old song “Wednesday’s Child is Full of Woe” with slight alteration could be appropriate.

Thursday: The roads are covered with a ribbon of those unmistakable and huge tractor trailer trucks, carrying their loads from one end of the country to the other. “Roll on 18 Wheeler” or “Convoy” might work.

This also is the day that the volume of traffic accident reports tends to increase. In many cases, a truck has either creamed another vehicle or jackknifed. Such accidents are frequently caused by clueless drivers of the smaller and not so smart vehicles by pulling directly in front of the truck, which brings the laws of physics to center stage. If the three second rule of keeping as many car lengths between vehicles is important for cars, think how much more weight is in that truck hurdling at you, breaks notwithstanding.

Friday: “Dazed and Confused” is an excellent tune for Friday. How else can we explain the perplexed mental state of drivers who breeze to work on nearly deserted roads but have to crawl home in bumper-to-bumper traffic at the end of the day? Where did all those people and cars come from? Where were they in the morning?

Saturday: This is the day to declare your freedom from the daily grind. Jump on a Harley or any other two-wheel vehicle you feel comfortable riding. The perfect tune, reflecting the song in your heart, the dust and fumes in your nostrils and the wind in your hair (unless your noggin resembles a cue ball and you must wear a bandana or cap) is “Born to be Wild.”

The choice of music depends on your personal preferences and the only things which remain constant in this experiment are the days of the week.

“Rock On!”

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