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October 13, 2006

A road, and Web, map to finding heritage

There is so much interest in DNA testing in family research that every genealogical magazine I subscribe to has an article telling me everything I ever wanted to know about the process.?

The Family Tree Magazine for October 2006 has a good article titled "Adventures in Genetic Genealogy," written by Maureen A. Taylor.?

Lots of definitions were included for the various tests, however the more I read the more confusing it all sounds. I did know that to check my paternal line I must use my brother's DNA, and my mother's paternal line can be proven by using her brother's DNA.

According to the above article, the Family Tree DNA site has the only public database of mtDNA test results. That Web site is

The mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is the genetic material mothers pass on to their children. The cost of this test begins at approximately $129, but can be as expensive as $495 for the mt Full Sequence test.?

The mtDNA test can identify our ethnic and geographic origins and this can be our recent ancestors as well as those in the distant past. If you have Native-American ancestry in your lineage this can be identified down to five major groups. In researching this test I found the definitions for Eve's Daughters at

Females who have contributed to my mtDNA would have been my mother, my grandmother, Lucinda Opal Smith, Mary Leticia Marker, Margaret Bever, Mary Blair and Margaret Weeks, my great-great-great-great-grandmother.?

Margaret Weeks Blair was born in New Jersey and her parents are unknown at this time. By matching mtDNA to another researcher it could show we have a common ancestor at some point in our lineage. If releases are signed and there is a match the applicable individuals would be notified of the match.

The SuperDNA Test, which cost $839, provides information about the direct paternal and maternal lines. It is a combination of the Y-DNA67 (a male test only) and the mtDNA Full Sequence test and offers a better picture of your genealogy.

There are many tests offered online with definitions of each. If this is a project you plan to pursue in the future you definitely will want to check out the Web sites and ensure you are getting the most for your money.


Cleveland County Genealogical Society

Dave Lollis will be the speaker at the Cleveland County Genealogical Society's 7 p.m. meeting Tuesday at in the CSBI Classroom at East Main Street and 12th Avenue northeast. Visitors are welcome.

Dr. Lollis will speak on "Family History DVD Production," with accompanying handout materials that will be useful information for everyone. It is important to family researchers to become familiar with new technological possibilities even if we do not plan to get involved.

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