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April 28, 2013

I love finding perfect pairs of shoes

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — My little something about me this week is I like the simple things in life.

I like to sleep late on the weekends. I like sitting on the couch on a Friday night with my dogs and a blanket. If I could, I’d have ice cream for every meal. And I like to buy new shoes.

Every move I’ve ever made, and there have been several, I’ve always had lots and lots of boxes. Most of them were shoe boxes. At one point, it got so bad that my dad threatened to rent a trailer specifically for my shoes. Two pairs of shoes, he’d say, that’s all you need. One for work. One for play. My dad and I see eye-to-eye on a lot of things, but shoe ownership is not one of them.

I’m constantly in search of a new pair of shoes. So this week, I was pleased as punch when my long search for a pair of sensational shoes ended. I even think there was a little happy dance in the corner of one of Norman’s biggest department stores.

I was just about to give up my quest, too. I’d been to countless stores. I’d looked online. I’d even ventured out of town. No matter how many online miles I logged or gallons of gas it took, I was determined to find my dream shoes. But store after store, my hands, or feet I guess I should say, kept coming up empty. That is until Wednesday evening at about 7:45.

I called my husband as I left the office that night to tell him not to wait up for me. I was determined that night I was going to find something pretty to wrap around my tootsies. And I didn’t care how long it took. I was even willing to go without dinner. I was serious.

My dream was to find shoes in either turquoise or orange. Not your typical shoe colors, but I’d read in some magazine that those were the “hot colors for spring.” And I had a little black dress in the closet that would look amazing with either color.

Truth be told, I actually had my heart set on turquoise shoes. They couldn’t be too high of a heel, as I’m pushing 6 feet tall as it is. And they had to be shoes that I could wear for the entire day. But, being a graduate of Oklahoma State University, I was secretly hoping for shoes that were Pistol Pete orange.

I was about to throw in the towel and give up on a dream. I found some sassy sparkly shoes that caught my eye. They were on sale, too. Two things a Thrifty Thelma like myself just adores. But I started out this search with something in mind. I had to keep my eyes on the prize. And then there they were, sitting on a shelf just waiting for me. For a moment I thought I could hear harp music playing. I was instantly in love and I didn’t care about the price tag.

They are not sensible shoes and I know when my mother sees them she’ll tell me that I’ll fall and break my ankle. And it’s very possible that I might just do that, but I don’t care. They are orange. They are mine. And they are fabulous. The only thing now is I think they need a friend — in turquoise.

Shana Adkisson



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