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May 10, 2013




Walking is as distinctive as a fingerprint, just not as scientific. Years ago we had an employee whose favorite shoe was a slipper in appearance — flat and backless. This person could be heard halfway down the hall because of her schlep, schlep shuffle walk.

The sound always brought to mind the mother in the old movie musical “Bye Bye Birdie.” She wore a mink coat and squeaky brown shoes. It was neither a good visual nor an appealing sound.

Another curious walking style we observed was a woman wearing high heels. The clop, clop sounds implied that the shoes are too big and she is walking on tiptoes to keep them on.

People of girth have a rolling walk because they are unable to put one foot in front of the other. It is an interesting undulation of the entire body.

Some folks walk just like toddlers with full diapers, with their legs set wide apart. The proper term is bowlegged. In either case, whether the image in your mind is of a toddler with full diapers or someone used to straddling a horse, the gait tends to be a tipsy type of wobble from one foot to the other. This method of walking is particularly interesting when a female executes it in a short skirt.

The shimmy/wiggle walk has been known to catch many a gentleman’s eye because either the entire body or the lower half of the walker (usually a female) is in motion. Sometimes the visual is “poetry in motion” and at other times it is more of the “two pigs in a poke” variety.

Did you know the pressure per square inch produced by a 100 pound woman walking in high heels is 1500 psi whereas a 6000 pound elephant’s is only 75 psi? Well, no wonder shoes with tall, skinny heels kill our feet. With that kind of pounding, is there a danger of brain damage as the brain sloshes around in the skull?

Keeping the foregoing in mind, are you just a bit curious how you look when you walk?

Elizabeth is a freelance writer and author. Check out her novel “The Dionysus Connection” on Amazon or ask your bookstore to order it for you. Visit her website.

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