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January 25, 2013

Did you notice? Men and Women are different

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — In the midst of dealing with our busy, busy lives it is understandable if some folks have overlooked a glaring fact. Men and women are different — in appearance (that you might have noticed), in thinking (how they approach problems), in their ideas of clean versus dirty, and their willingness to touch yucky things.

For the sake of this discussion, perhaps you could pretend to be a visitor from another world or a parallel universe, and you know nothing (insert heavy European accent and say “nassing.”)

Let us begin with appearance.

Women seem to be formed by a sculptor of great skill, with special attention to their curves. Thank goodness he did not follow his usual penchant for obscenely muscular bodies while he worked his magic.

Men, on the other hand, bear the touch of a mathematician. More than likely a dude well versed in geometry. One may speculate further that the planes and angles of the male body were a collaborative effort between Euclid and Archimedes.

Generally speaking, women seem to care about their appearance more than men. Now, don’t get all in a dither if you happen to be a male who takes pride in his appearance at all times or if you are a female with slovenly tendencies. There is always room for a few anomalies in the universe.

This brings to mind a college classmate, a cherished friend, who was a tad bit overweight. But for my wedding, she decided to lose some weight and looked lovely. However, a comment she made once still haunts me. “I can hardly wait until I’m old and don’t have to care about my appearance.”

Don’t know about you, but I’ll have one toe dangling over the edge of the grave and will still want my hair combed and look stunning. Interesting how life brings together such opposite souls and allows them to be close friends.

When it comes to problem solving, men are the champions. Let’s pretend a woman wants to talk (now guys, it’s not as scary as you may think). She simply had a bad day with a few problems thrown in and wants to vent. But that is not all that will happen.

The guy will half listen while part of his brain is seeking and finding solutions to her problems. In other words, guys are naturally fixers. Unfortunately, she does not want anything fixed. She just wants to talk without an actual problem solving goal in mind. Poor guy will not see the blow until it lands. “I just wanted to talk,” she wails, frustrated by his lack of understanding.

On the other hand, when women talk with women everyone listens. Well …most everyone listens. Unfortunately, I must have passed too close to the fixer line before I was hatched because when you tell me your problem, I will have a solution. Yep. I confess. I am a fixer. What can I say? It’s a genetic flaw I happen to enjoy having.

Now let us move on to cleanliness. And please note that a clean freak is telling you this tale.

Women use gloves or something besides their hands to touch a yucky clog in the sink. But a man is different. I watched in abject horror as one of the suits in our office kept poking the clog with his bear finger until he had some of the gunk in his hand and the rest went down the drain. I nearly tossed my cookies, but that would have clogged the drain again.

All I can say is vive la différence.

Elizabeth Cowan is a freelance writer and author. Check out her suspense novel “The Dionysus Connection” available on Amazon. Visit her website

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