The Norman Transcript

September 8, 2013

Fast friends must part ways

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Two things about me that I don’t enjoy. First is getting up early in the morning. I really don’t think the day should start until the sun is fully up. If one of the most powerful things in the universe is still asleep, I think that gives me the right to keep on snoozing, too.

The second thing I’m not very fond of is saying goodbye. Usually saying goodbye means the end of fun. I like fun.

So, this week when I had to combine both of the things I hate the most, not only once but twice, I would chalk the week up as one sad event after another.

A week ago today, I had to not only get up at 6 a.m., I also had to drive my brother and niece to the airport for them to go back home after a two week visit. Airport goodbyes quite possibly might be the worst ones. I usually cry and then I usually get stares. I know I’m not the first to cry in an airport, but every time I tell myself that this time I’m going to be strong. This time I’m going to hold myself together, at least until I get back in the car. Well, I’m here to say that this time wasn’t this time. I cried at the curbside drop off. I cried leaving the airport parking lot. I even cried when I got home and crawled back into bed to sleep off my sadness.

My second tearful good-bye this week allowed me to sleep in until 7 a.m. and didn’t require a long commute. I just had to stand in my dinning room and hug a new friend as she went on her next journey.

About three months ago I got a call from my high school speech teacher. I’ll admit that I still call her Mrs. Young and I’ll also admit when she called me I panicked a bit and thought maybe I didn’t turn in my homework or I was late to class.

After a few minutes of conversation I calmed down and realized I hadn’t been in her class in about 20 years. Instead she was seeking out a place to stay for her daughter while she did a six week clinical for her physical therapy degree. Before I consulted with my husband I pretty much agreed to lend out our spare bedroom to a girl I’d not seen since she was about 13. I’ll admit that night’s dinner conversation was a little unusual. He’s used to me bringing home animals, but this was the first person I ever took in.

Over the six weeks that Amanda was here, we managed to pack in a lot. She taught me about such exotic things as Greek yogurt and cooking with quinoa. I taught her about fried foods and different ways to eat Nutella. We became quick friends and although I know she was ready to get back to her real life of two dogs a couple of cats and a husband, I sure was sad to see her leave.

Now, it’s unusually quiet in our house. The dogs miss their third human parent as Amanda was quite generous when it came down to handing out treats. Although she might have left at just the right time, as one evening she disclosed to me that this Kansas girl wasn’t a Sooner fan. We don’t hold it against her and would welcome her back anytime.

Shana Adkisson