The Norman Transcript


February 28, 2014

University of Oklahoma honored with Davis Cup award



“An outstanding amount of growth happens during those two years at UWC and at OU,” he said.

Dr. Phil Geier, executive director of the Davis UWC Scholars Program, said in the last 15 years, you could not find an educational leader who would not say the most important thing for students is to be globally sensitive, culturally engaged and linguistically skilled and that the UWC Scholars Program maximizes this potential in each student.

“It’s been a privilege for me to have a hand, a very small hand, in bringing the footprint of globalization into the daily lives of all of you (UWC Scholars) and into the daily lives of all the students here at OU,” Geier said.

Shelby Davis, founder of the Davis United World College Scholars Program, presented the Davis Cup to OU President David L. Boren. Davis donated more than $4 million in funds for UWC scholars at OU.

Davis said he believes his donations help invest in the leaders of the future.

“I grew up with parents who were internationalists ... my father was a realist and preferred to be called a doer. My mother was an idealist, but she wouldn’t mind being called a dreamer,” he said, adding that he came from a family of “dreamers that do.”

Davis said he continues to invest in the UWC Scholars Program because of his upbringing.

“In my family, we had a road map for life of sorts. The first 30 years are for learning. The next 30 years are for earning. And the last 30 years are for returning.”

Davis said UWC students are change makers and quoted a UWC student who said that a change maker is someone who “helps make the difference between what the world is and what the world deserves to be.”

Boren said receiving the Davis Cup was a special moment that stands out in his mind after 20 years at OU and that the award meant more to him than Heisman trophies, Sugar Bowls and large numbers of National Merit scholars because the Davis Cup represents future possibilities for the world through the enriching discussions and challenges UWC students bring forth during and after their studies.

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