The Norman Transcript


June 26, 2013

Time for clean slate for Moore Medical Center



“Now fast forward to May 20, once again that confirmation came out very loud and clear. We’re committed, we are going to be here. Will it be exactly like this? Probably not.”

Whitaker hoped that Tuesday’s ceremony and demolition process would help MMC employees begin the healing process.

“The backbone to this organization and its success and what it’s brought to the health system isn’t about the bricks and mortar that you see standing there, it’s about you. What you did what you brought to this organization, that’s what made Moore Medical Center Moore Medical Center, and that will never change,” Whitaker said. “If you walk away with one thing today, please remember that.

“Buildings can be replaced, and this building will be replaced, but what can’t be replaced, again those three words that keep popping into my mind, the heart, the courage and the preparation. You guys did it all that day.”

During the demolition process, Eddy said he was glad NRHS wanted to build another facility in Moore.

“It took a lot of years to get the hospital here. Norman came in and rescued it when it was having some difficulties. A hospital is such an important part of a community in terms of service that is provided and just community life, really. It is sad to see what’s happened to it, but it also means new life and new things. That’s true with everything in town here. It’s sad, sad, sad to see but out of it will come new and better and bigger. We’ve done that two times now with storms in the past and it gets better every time,” Eddy said.


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