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November 6, 2013

Four Norman elementaries receive D in A-F report card amid criticism of state formula

By Katherine Parker
The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Three Norman schools dropped in their letter-grade report from C’s in 2012 to D’s, state education officials announced Wednesday.

Adams, Kennedy and Lakeview elementaries received lower letter-grade reports than they did last year. Additionally, new school Ronald Reagan Elementary received a D-.

The State Department of Education released newly revised A-F letter-grade report cards Wednesday for every public school in Oklahoma.

This A-F letter grade system was signed into law by Gov. Mary Fallin in 2011, but the formula used to determine the grades has drawn criticism from superintendents across the state.

The grading formula for letter-grade reports underwent changes as the result of House Bill 1658. Under the bill, school’s grades are based on 50 percent whole school performance, 25 percent whole school growth and 25 percent growth in the bottom quartile of students. The scale is as follows, based on percentages:

· A+: 97 to 100

· A: 93 to 96

· A-: 90 to 92

· B+: 87 to 89

· B: 83 to 86

· B-: 80 to 82

· C+: 77 to 79

· C: 73 to 76

· C-: 70 to 72

· D+: 67 to 69

· D: 63 to 66

· D-: 60 to 62

· F: 59 and below

Cleveland Elementary and Norman High School received A’s. Roosevelt Elementary received an A-, as did Norman North High School and McKinley Elementary.

Jan Astani, who has a son at Whittier and a son at Norman North (both of which attended Truman Elementary when it was one school), said she was happy to see the ratings of her sons’ schools, but she doesn’t put a lot of value on the grading system because she wasn’t sure of the formula used to determine grades.

“My sons have only gone to Norman schools, and from our experience, the teachers are doing the best they can,” Astani said.

Other grades were Lakeview Elementary D-, Adams Elementary D+, Jackson C-, Jefferson Elementary B, Kennedy Elementary D+, Lincoln Elementary B, Madison Elementary B-, Eisenhower C+, Wilson Elementary B-, Monroe Elementary C, Reagan Elementary D-, Truman Elementary B+, Washington Elementary B+, Truman Primary B+, Dimensions Academy NA, Irving Middle School C+, Alcott Middle School B+, Longfellow Middle School B+ and Whittier Middle School B+.

Dr. Joe Siano, NPS superintendent, said NPS was disappointed that the State Board of Education continued to endorse the current formula for grading schools.

“Researchers at the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, the University of North Carolina and the University of Southern California have found (the current formula) to be an invalid and extremely flawed measure of school performance,” Siano said. “The reality is that a school grading system that renders nine different grades for our schools in two weeks ... and that takes a manual to explain to our community isn’t credible or valuable to school improvement efforts.”

The three NPS schools that received C’s last year and dropped to D’s this year have actually made impressive academic gains.

According to academic records, Adams Elementary had a 3 percent math pass rate and an 8 percent reading pass rate increase from 2012. Kennedy Elementary had a 5 percent math pass rate and a 12 percent reading pass rate increase from 2012. Lakeview Elementary had a 2 percent math pass rate and a 8 percent reading pass rate increase from 2012.

Reagan Elementary was a new school in 2012, so comparison pass rates are not available.

Heather DeLaCruz, whose daughter is a kindergartner at Adams Elementary, said when she first enrolled her daughter, she knew of the schools’ 2012 rating and was a little concerned, but since then, DeLaCruz did not believe her daughter’s education was any different than students at other elementaries.

“We were in the McKinley school district and then moved, so originally I applied for a transfer and didn’t get it,” DeLaCruz said. “But Stella’s teachers are great. They work so hard. And Stella hasn’t fallen behind. I know parents who have kids at McKinley, and I don’t feel like their education is better than what Stella is receiving. Stella really loves Adams.”

Little Axe scores included Little Axe Elementary D-, Little Axe Middle School D+ and Little Axe High School B+.

Moore scores include Central Elementary C+, Fairview Elementary C-, Kelly Elementary B-, Northmoor Elementary B, Southgate-Rippetoe Elementary C-, Plaza Towers Elementary C+, Sky Ranch Elementary D, Kingsgate Elementary B+, Houchins Elementary B-, Winding Creek Elementary A-, Santa Fe Elementary B-, Apple Creek Elementary B, Red Oak Elementary B, Briarwood Elementary B, Fisher Elementary A+, Sooner Elementary C+, Earlywine Elementary A-, Broadmoore Elementary A-, Eastlake Elementary A, Bryant Elementary C+, Wayland Bonds Elementary A+, Oakridge Elementary A+ and Heritage Trails Elementary A+.

Other Moore schools and their grades include Brink Junior High A, Highland East Junior High B-, Highland West Junior High B, West Junior High B, Central Junior High B+, Moore High School A-, Westmoore High School A and Southmoore High School A-.



In Noble, scores included Katherine I. Daily elementary, B-, Pioneer Intermediate B-, John K. Hubbard Elementary A-, Curtis Inge Middle School C, Noble High School A.

In Lexington, scores included Lexington elementary school, C+, Lexington Intermediate School, B-, Lexington Junior High C- and Lexington High School B-.

High School A-, Westmoore High School A, Southmoore High School A-.

In McClain County, Washington elementary B-, Washington Middle School C, Washington High School A. Blanchard elementary C; Blanchard Intermediate C, Blanchard Middle School A- and Blanchard High School A.

In Cleveland County, Robin Hill Public School got a B+.

To view a comprehensive list of all Oklahoma schools’ annual report cards, visit


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