The Norman Transcript

July 23, 2013

Commissioners approve medical cards for dispatch

By Jessica Bruha
The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Business moved quickly on Monday as foremen sat in for Cleveland County commissioners Rusty Sullivan and Darry Stacy.

All items of business were approved, including a license and service agreement for Emergency Medical Dispatch cards to assist dispatchers providing medical assistance to 911 callers.

Cleveland County Undersheriff Rhett Burnett said the cards help dispatch instruct callers on what to do until EMSStat or fire arrives.

“When somebody calls up dispatch and says, ‘I think my husband’s having a heart attack, what do I do,’ my dispatcher, who doesn’t necessarily have medical training, can flip to the particular card, actually they’re computerized, and it will tell her step-by-step-by-step questions to ask in order to provide medical assistance until EMSStat or fire gets there,” Burnett said.

The agreement is between the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office and Priority Dispatch Corp. and is valid through June 30, 2014.

The Sheriff’s Office also had a resolution approved for the transfer of a 2004 Ford Crown Victoria from the sheriff’s office to the Lexington Police Department. Burnett said it is one of their reserve vehicles that is not fit for the geographical distance they cover.

Lexington will return the car to them when they’re done, he said.

District 1 Commissioner Rod Cleveland introduced the pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church to lead the prayer and pledge of allegiance before the meeting was called to order.

Cleveland said they share constituents with the church, which is on Southeast 149th Street and Fishmarket Road. The church has been taking care of many of those affected by the storms in Cleveland and Pottawatomie counties, he said.

Pastor James Bond said they have had 235 “newbies” come into the church. He also thanked the county for all the work they have done.

“We’re cleaning up tornado debris still,” District 2 foreman Paul Meyer said during discussions regarding county business.

Other business items the board approved were the cancellation of a service agreement and approval of another to replace it with a cheaper alternative through a different company.

The cancellation was for Financial Equipment Company. The board replaced the contract with Technique Data Systems Inc.

The service agreement with Financial Equipment Company stated that service would be provided for 11 currency discriminators at $373 per unit. The service for seven printers was $70 per unit. Service for Glory Teller Counts Software was $94 per unit.

The cancellation with Financial Equipment Company was effective immediately.

The new service agreement with Technique Data Systems Inc. is for the maintenance of 12 currency discriminators at $350 per unit and eight printers at $60 per unit. No maintenance for software was listed.

In other business, bids were opened for two items. Four bids were received for a three-month, non-encumbered contract to provide materials and installation of a 42-inch-wide sod for roadside erosion.

Four bids also were received for a six-month, non-encumbered contract to provide asphalt material. All bids will be reviewed and either awarded or rejected at a later date.

Other business items approved were monthly reports of county officers, cash fund appropriations and purchase orders.

Commissioners approved the following blanket purchase orders:

· District 1 — Badger Valley Investments $1,000; Super Clean Solutions $500

· District 2 — Action Safety Supply Co. $1,000; Palace Auto Supply Inc. $2,000; Jim Johnson Oil Co. $2,000; Clark Oil Distributors Inc. $2,000

· District 3 — P&K Equipment Inc. $1,500

· County Commissioner’s Office — Thomson West $1,387.30

· IT Department — CDW Government $2,000

· Health Department — Theresa Lujan $100; Cameron Manaugh $100

· OSU Extension Center — Bernina of OKC South $400

Commissioners also approved the following purchase orders for Fiscal Year 2013-2014: General Fund $717,639; Highway Fund $232,759.66; Health Fund $5,452.66; Sheriff Cleveland County Justice Center Fund $260,063.33; Sheriff Revolving Fund $5,345.94; Treasurer Certification Fee Fund $240; County Clerk Preservation Fee Fund $29,838.69; STOP Violence Against Women Fund $5,412; and Fair Board Fund $9,501.80.