The Norman Transcript

October 20, 2012

Seniors, keep your guard up

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — As we travel the long winding road of a senior citizen there are many twists and turns to get to those pearly gates. Anyone who’s not tough will be by the time they get there.

Every day you turn on the news there’s something new that might kill you. Yesterday I awoke with my usual aches and pains. Went to the bathroom where I undressed and looking in the mirror wondered what’s happened to my drooping body? Then I was suddenly attacked by one of those West Nile virus mosquitoes while preparing for my shower. I failed to put on my glasses and so this encounter closely resembled a cage fight. My only defense was my towel. Later that day I went to the mail box, I had received a letter from the local hospital while reading the letter I noticed it had an option to designate them in my will. I thought you’ve got to be kidding who in their right mind would do that? That’s an open invitation to get knocked off. Its starts with a DNR (do not resuscitate) soon they will want your banking information and what funeral home to send you to. Now I’m getting older and not as sharp as I once was but I’m no dummy either.

I’m writing this letter to alert seniors to keep your guard up.



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