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December 22, 2013

Another attack on the working people of Oklahoma

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Editor, The Transcript:

Reading in Tuesday’s Transcript about how happy the Republicans and our governor are about the Oklahoma Supreme Court upholding the new workers compensation law, I couldn’t help but see this as another attack on the working people of Oklahoma.  Just like the fiasco of “Right to Work” that Republicans  passed by many years ago, it is another corporate scheme to enrich the rich and stick it to the working man and woman.

When Right to Work passed, we were told that companies were lined up at the border to rush into Oklahoma and begin manufacturing stuff. As I recall, Dayton Tire, General Motors, Mercury Marine, and many other manufacturers closed up shop and left the state. Although I have asked many times for a list of companies that had RTW as a major consideration in moving here, I have yet to see a list . The same is going to be true with this Corporate Welfare Workers Comp law. We won’t see businesses falling over each other to move to Oklahoma. What we will see is business’ deciding; if someone is injured on the job, how severe that injury is, and what doctor or clinic they can go to to be treated. Right! Corporations concerned only with their bottom line will look at the cost first and health of their employees last.

The people of Oklahoma have just been sold land they were told is in prime territory but in reality is on the side wall of a canyon. How gullible we are to think that by enriching Corporations we can do more for our citizens than by improving our schools and universities in the state.

Remember, ruling that a law is legal and declaring that a law is good for the people is two different things. It may be legal but the Workers Comp law is nothing but another corporate handout for the wealthy that the workers of this state will pay for in pain and suffering over the next few years. Perhaps this is what these workers want since many voted Republican in the last few elections. Be careful what you ask for, cause you might just get it!

Larry Steele


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