The Norman Transcript

June 2, 2013

Newspaper is assaulting Republican Party

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Editor, The Transcript:

I have detected a disturbing pattern developing in The Norman Transcript, in which current events are used as a launching pad for assaults upon the Republican Party and conservatives.

First example is your use of the death of former County Commissioner George Skinner: “He changed his registration from Democrat to Republican a few years ago, but his compassion and caring attitude for people never changed.”

The insinuation is quite clear, but it is insulting. The editorial implies that Republicans are less compassionate and caring for people than Democrats and assure the reader that even though Skinner became a Republican in name and registration, don’t worry, he just changed his registration to get re-elected, but he had not become a “typical,” uncaring Republican.

I have never questioned whether Mr. Skinner was compassionate or caring, either before or after his party switch. Your assertion that Republicans are uncaring is as mean-spirited as it is untrue. It is safe to say that many of those who have gone into Moore to help out our unfortunate neighbors to the north are card-carrying Republicans. As a matter of fact, Republicans give a larger portion of their incomes to charity than do Democrats.

Then, you run a letter to the editor in the space for the paper’s editorials. I read the letter, agreeing with everything for the first three paragraphs, as the writer praised the efforts of public school teachers in risking their own lives in the fact of an EF-5 tornado for the children under their care.

Having taught in the public schools of this state for 28 years, I was not one bit surprised that they did this. Of course, I actually had some Democrats argue that I wasn’t a “real” teacher because I was a conservative Republican, much like I heard a Democrat say J.C. Watts was not a “real” black person, because he was a Republican. Their idea of diversity is a liberal white man, a liberal white woman, a liberal black person, a liberal teacher, a liberal whatever.

After three paragraphs, the writer turned the horrific tragedy of the May 20 Moore tornado into a political issue, asserting that Republican legislators do not spend enough on public schools. Associating the Republican Party with the deaths of 24 human beings and the loss of 13,000 homes is about as low as one can get.

I can well recall when I ran for state representative my Democratic opponent even stooped to using the Murrah bombing against me, falsely contending that I believed the U.S. government had blown up the federal building. I won a libel suit, but that did not erase the emotional pain.

That seems to be the Democratic Party method of operation. Associate the Republicans with acts of terrorism, tornadoes and other tragedies. Sadly, The Transcript has chosen to become the mouthpiece for these hate-filled tirades.

Steve Byas