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March 9, 2014

What really happend at the Norman City Council meeting

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Editor, The Transcript:

I was blindsided in a recent letter by Lea Greenleaf in the Norman Transcript. We had never met in the past and I don’t know anything about the man.

My phone started ringing at 7:30 Sunday morning. The following are some examples of what I heard.

“Lungren — what is he talking about?”

“It sounds as though he is rebutting you but we can’t find anything you wrote.”

“I was at the City Council Oversight Committee meeting and you talked about Fair Housing - not alcohol, students or parking.”

“It does not sound like you.”

“I searched through my pile of past Transcripts and you did not say anything about Nuisance Houses.”

“Was Lea Greenleaf at the meeting? — because you did not say anything he said you said.”

The list goes on ...

So, upset and perplexed, I went to Lea Greenleaf’s home on Sunday. I rang the doorbell and he answered politely and he asked “Who are you and may I help you?”

I told him my name is John Lungren and he became angry and started talking about alcohol, parking, and nuisance houses, etc. I listened and said, “I did not address any of these items at the Oversight Council Meeting two weeks ago.

I addressed the Federal Fair Housing Laws and how it conflicts with the local ordinance of “No more than three (three) unrelated persons.” (Our group of property managers/landlords have been asking the Federal government and the state of Oklahoma to help us determine what words and/or phrases we can use to determine relationship with regard to blood and marriage — the government in Fort Worth has requested some additional information that has been sent to them.)

Then I asked Mr. Greenleaf if he was at the City Council Oversight committee meeting and he did not respond. I then asked if he would like to listen to the audiotape of the meeting together and it will show the subject I addressed. He said he listened to the audio tape and then asked me to leave his property.

As I was walking away, I wondered why did he ask my name? If he was at the meeting, wouldn’t he know what I look like? It seems to me that Mr. Greenleaf owes me a public apology.

Any interested party can obtain a complete audio recording taken at the City Council Oversight committee meeting and it will show I never mentioned: OU students, alcohol poisoning, the Greek community, alcohol-free zone, dump, utilities being cut off, mini-dorms, freshmen training, all students, rescinding a recently enacted ordinance (the ordinance I addressed was enacted in 1954).



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