The Norman Transcript

March 15, 2013

Man should receive citation

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Editor, The Transcript:

I am outraged by the events on Flood Street on Wednesday evening. A person fires a gun twice on a public street in a neighborhood where children are, attempting to do what? Execute somebody that supposedly committed petty larceny?

With all that is going on today with guns and laws and open carry, this and crazy people with assault weapons and kids with guns in schools, it’s OK to fire guns off in the street? Did not a child get killed in Noble from a stray bullet?

Will this man even get a citation? Are our police going to at least make a statement that this is not OK? This does not fall under any sort of stand your ground law. This man’s life was not threatened. Am I really having to write this letter?

The Norman Transcript referred to one set of suspects in this event. There are two sets of suspects, one of them being the person that fired a gun twice, illegally, irresponsibly and with complete disregard for life.

Lorna B. Caraway, R.N.


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