The Norman Transcript

December 28, 2012

Fallin’s rejection makes no sense

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Editor, The Transcript:

Thank you for your recent editorial concerning the lack of the governor’s transparency in regard to her rejection of the federal financing of the health exchange and the millions of dollars for Medicaid. The added Medicaid money would not cost the state additional money for several years, and then only a minimum contribution, but would give some thousands of needy Oklahomans the kind of health care they are denied now.

By rejecting the federal money for the health insurance exchanges, the federal government will take over that supposed state function under federal law. I thought we were against the feds taking over a state function. The Tax Foundation reports that for every dollar Oklahoma sends to the feds, the state receives back $1.35. There is little opposition, so long as it is for defense, FAA and other non-social programs and the 20,000 employed in those areas.

Why as a state, and assumed caring people, is it so difficult to focus on the needy children, the thousands lacking health care and many working people not making enough to feed their families, requiring the huge food banks for their survival, etc.? Oklahoma is one of the neediest states in these areas of human concerns.



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