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February 10, 2013

Amendment needs to be fully deployed

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Editor, The Transcript:

It is not often that I find myself in agreement with Bruce Kessler, but his “The right to bear firearms” in “Your View” in Wednesday’s Transcript is spot on.

But I think that Bruce and the NRA wimps aren’t going far enough in allowing our Sacred Second Amendment to be totally deployed. As Bruce so aptly quoted our Second Amendment and even sourced a legal precedent, “an individual has a right to possess and carry a firearm.” I say we have distorted our Second Amendment with excessive regulations.

Kids can’t carry their derringers to pre-school. What about their Second Amendment rights? It says nowhere in our Sacred Amendment about the age of “the people” in that Blessed Document.

My cousin has undergone treatment for those voices he hears and says they don’t talk to him as often, so why can’t he pack heat? It says nothing about the mental competence of “the people” in the Second Amendment.

My nephew has served his time for that murder and kidnapping and is now on parole. The Sacred Text says nothing about him, as a convicted felon, losing his “God-given” right as a part of “the people” to have several assault weapons. What hypocrites are keeping the Second Amendment from being applied as it was written?

I say the NRA wimps are to blame.

I myself am in the market for several Second Amendment-guaranteed firearms, but I cannot obtain them because of the outrageous regulations that have perverted our Sacred Amendment. I am shopping for a small grenade launcher, an RPG, a .50-caliber machine gun, a .50-cal. Sniper rifle, a few Hellfire missiles, a mini Gatling gun, a small mortar launcher with mortars and an 88 mm Howitzer cannon for the front yard.

I need these weapons to protect my family and myself so I can prepare for when the “jack booted thugs” come to take my regular hunting rifles. I am not allowed to buy or possess these because of the perversion of our Blessed Amendment and the refusal of the NRA to campaign for absolute freedom to bear any and as many arms as I want to, as the Second Amendment says I have a right to own them. What’s up with that?

Urge your congressman to remove all regulations now in force to the Sacred Second Amendment. An armed people are a free people.

P.S. I’m OK with the Third Amendment. In time of war, they can quarter soldiers in my house. This is too important to ignore in Our Sacred Document.

Larry Steele


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